Which teams have completed a perfect regular season in the NFL?

Remaining perfect throughout the regular season is something that all sports teams aim for. However, very few are able to actually do it.

Remaining perfect throughout the course of the regular season is something that all sports teams aim for. However, very few are able to actually achieve the feat because it is so difficult. A perfect season in any sport is hard to achieve, but in the NFL it is harder than most. The intensity that is involved with every game means that to complete a perfect season, a team must have the right temperament for every situation. There are still teams that are undefeated this season that could achieve the feat, and you can get the best insights on these NFL picks here.

However, while it may mean that a side ends up in the record books for completing a perfect season, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Super Bowl glory awaits them. Here are the teams that have achieved a perfect regular season in the NFL-era, and how they have performed in the postseason.

Chicago Bears (1934 & 1942)

This may make for difficult reading for Chicago Bears fans, as they have achieved a perfect season on two occasions. The first of which came in the 1934 season, before they repeated the feat eight years later. However, on both occasions, they failed to win the game that really mattered. They lost the NFL Championship game in 1934 against the New York Giants before the Washington Redskins beat them in the Championship game in 1942. In the first perfect season, the Bears enjoyed a record of 13-0, while in 1942 they had a record of 11-0.

Miami Dolphins (1972)

It would be 30 years before a team would be able to go the whole regular season undefeated again, as the Miami Dolphins achieved that feat in 1972. They enjoyed a record of 14-0 in the regular season, but unlike the Bears, they also took it to the next levels. The Dolphins won two playoff games before reaching the Super Bowl, as they beat the Cleveland Browns in the Divisional playoffs, before beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Conference championship game.

The Super Bowl victory over the Washington Redskins ensured that they became the first and only team to have won every single game during the NFL season. This Dolphins team was so special because of the grit and character of the players that played for it. Players such as Dick Anderson, Jake Scott, and Nick Buoniconti will forever be icons in the sport, and example of the dedication that must be shown by aspiring players.

New England Patriots (2007)

The New England Patriots have dominated the Super Bowl this Millennium, but the 2007 season will always be the season of ‘what if?’ Led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the Patriots won more games than any other NFL side in history. They were dominant throughout the regular season as they won all 16 games, and it seemed destined that they would match the feat accomplished by the Miami Dolphins 35 years prior when they reached the Super Bowl.

The Patriots were dominant against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Diego Chargers in their two post-season games before the playoffs but were stunned in the big game itself.

The Patriots fell to a season record of 18-1 after a shocking victory for the New York Giants. They remain the only team in the modern Super Bowl era to have gone through the season with a perfect record and not win the Super Bowl.


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