Where Will Cooper DeJean Get Drafted? Exploring DB’s Draft Stock and Potential Landing Spots

    Cooper DeJean was considered by many to be a first-round lock in the 2024 NFL Draft. Now, which teams could be likely landing spots on Day 2?

    Throughout the pre-draft process, Iowa Hawkeyes defensive back Cooper DeJean was considered a lock to be one of the first cornerbacks to be taken in the 2024 NFL Draft.

    After not hearing his name called on Day 1, DeJean’s versatility could bring plenty of organizations interest early on in the second round.

    Today, we break down the reason why DeJean fell in the first place, and the teams expected to have interest in the Iowa star.

    Why Did Cooper DeJean Fall to the Second Round?

    DeJean, like many defensive players, appeared to be a victim of overall circumstance in the first round.

    While the defensive class this year is full of prominent talent, the overwhelming skill set of the offensive group made it so the first defensive player wasn’t picked until the 15th overall selection — an NFL record.

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    As defensive players began to slowly get picked, the first cornerback didn’t end up getting drafted until the Philadelphia Eagles selected Quinyon Mitchell at 22. By that point, DeJean’s fall in draft boards continued through the rest of the night.

    If a run on defensive players went earlier in the first round, there is a good chance DeJean would have already heard his name called.

    Now, he should expect to be one of the top available players in the second round.

    Cooper DeJean Scouting Report

    According to Pro Football Network Draft Analyst Ian Cummings, DeJean actually graded out as a top-25 prospect in the entire draft class.

    While the run on defensive players pushed DeJean’s stock into the second round, an interested team could find one of the more athletic players in the draft falling into their laps.

    “DeJean projects especially well as a field safety with slot and boundary versatility. As a safety, DeJean would be able to play with his eyes to the ball most often,” Cummings said. “He manages and plays in space with proficiency, has universal alignment versatility in zone and off-man coverage, and is a playmaking force at multiple levels.”

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    PFN’s top draft expert further explained that while DeJean’s versatility will make him a commodity, he’ll need to improve his fluidity and sideline-to-sideline motion.

    That being said, there’s a reason he is a top overall prospect and why many teams will be interested in him.

    Likely Landing Spots

    It’s very safe to assume that DeJean will hear his name called within the first 10 picks of the second round. There are plenty of teams picking in the 30s and 40s that need help in the secondary.

    Let’s go through a few of those teams that could add some extra help and get the Iowa stud.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    While the Eagles own the 50th and 53rd overall picks this year, a trade up cannot be overlooked.

    Philadelphia has shown to be aggressive at all times for players they like, and they have a legitimate need at safety that DeJean could fill.

    Yes, the team already drafted Mitchell with the 22nd pick, but that selection was the first time Philadelphia drafted a corner in the first round since 2002. In that class, they used three of their first four picks on defensive backs.

    History could repeat itself tonight.

    New York Giants

    The New York Giants let Xavier McKinney walk in free agency, and while they should be high on the Jalen Mills-Jason Pinnock duo, they are in desperate need of some versatile players in the secondary.

    With A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith signing extensions, getting safeties who are as fast as All-Pros would be an incredibly important need for the Giants.

    It could also be a stepping stone for New York’s improved defensive line to feast on the rest of the division.

    Washington Commanders

    The Washington Commanders, like many teams in the NFC East, have had a historically bad secondary in recent years.

    With Jayden Daniels now the future of the franchise, it would be wise for the Commanders to address the defense, especially given they don’t have any quality edge rushers or top players in the secondary.

    Dan Quinn’s specialty may be the secondary, but that’s why DeJean would make a lot of sense here.

    Tennessee Titans

    The Tennessee Titans have a solid defensive line core, but their entire secondary has been bad for multiple seasons now.

    Adding DeJean would give the Titans a versatile player in the back end who can play multiple positions and add an identity to their unit.

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    Think of DeJean like a younger and faster Kevin Byard in his prime. Either way, the Titans would be smart to move quickly on DeJean here.

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