What Happened During Super Bowl 57? Revisiting the Kelce Bowl

Super Bowl 57, otherwise known as the Kelce Bowl, featured a matchup of the Kelce Brothers. But what actually happened in the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 57 saw the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles face off in State Farm Stadium, Arizona, in a matchup of a pair of No. 1 seeds. But how did their Super Bowl encounter go down?

Undoubtedly, the Chiefs and the Eagles were the best teams in their respective conferences, leading to an entertaining Super Bowl in Arizona.

The two teams have continued their dominance into the 2023 season and are both favorites to get to Super Bowl 58. They got off to quick starts — the Chiefs sit at 7-2 and the Eagles at 8-1.

What Happened in Super Bowl 57?

The Chiefs won Super Bowl 57 38-35 in an entertaining clash.

The Eagles looked to be the better team in the first half and were winning at halftime, up 24-14. Philly seemed destined to go on and control the game.

After the Super Bowl halftime show (headlined by Rihanna), the Chiefs came out hot and started to see a change in momentum towards the Chiefs. Mahomes was completing more of his passes, and the Chiefs’ defense was starting to hold out.

The fourth quarter saw Kansas City put up 17 points, but the end of the game was not without controversy.

The end of the game was marred by a debatable defensive holding call against Philadelphia. Eagles cornerback James Bradberry drew a flag for defensive holding, a decision that was heavily criticized in the aftermath of the game. The flag led to an automatic first down and allowed the Chiefs to eke out the victory.

With a game-winning 27-yard field goal from Harrison Butker with just eight seconds left in the game, the Chiefs rallied back to lift the Lombardi Trophy, and Mahomes claimed MVP.

Why Was It Nicknamed the Kelce Bowl?

Super Bowl 57 saw Travis and Jason Kelce face each other and led to some nicknaming the Super Bowl, the ‘Kelce Bowl.’

The game was the first Super Bowl where brothers were competing for a Super Bowl title on opposite sidelines, making Super Bowl history in the process.

Travis Kelce and his Chiefs ended up defeating Jason Kelce and his Eagles.

The brothers are two of the most famous players in the NFL, and you could make arguments for both being one of the best of all time at their positions. Travis Kelce is Patrick Mahomes’ go-to weapon at tight end, while Jason Kelce has been a linchpin at center for the Eagles’ offensive line.

Their fame continues to grow, and the pair even host their own New Heights Podcast. It has also seen Travis Kelce join his brother on a new Christmas album.

The matchup saw their mother Donna Kelce take center stage as she sported a split jersey to the game.

Travis Kelce has found himself in the spotlight even more this season, entering into a relationship with mega pop star Taylor Swift.

The Monday Night Football matchup will be the first time the two brothers have faced off since the Super Bowl.

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