The live streaming of football games has become a global phenomenon. Significant improvements in broadband and fiber optic connectivity have enabled homes across the globe to watch live action in a host of football leagues you may have never even heard of. Online sportsbooks are increasingly securing deals with leagues to broadcast games weekly to their customers via live streaming software. It’s the latest facet of the online betting industry to utilize live streaming, taking bettors closer to the action than ever before with more in-game data at their fingertips than they can shake a stick at.

From a purely punting perspective, what are the real benefits of being able to watch a football match – or indeed any other sporting event you wish to bet on? Can’t you just use the in-play indicators and stats displayed on your bookie’s website or app?

Here are four reasons why live streaming can transform your in-play betting profitability in the NFL and potentially even your approach to the futures markets.

Find out if the favorites are living up to their pre-match tag

If you’re a regular football bettor, then chances are you’ll relate to this scenario. You’ve logged on to your chosen betting site that offers in-play markets and popped a quick ten bucks on a home favorite with low odds just to make an ‘easy few bucks’ back. However, the game unfolds and at half time the match is still tied, leaving your bet looking a little exposed.

Those that have access to a live stream of the game can see whether the home favorite is living up to their pre-match billing, playing to the best of their ability and looking like beating the points spread. They may have played well in the opening two quarters but just didn’t get the rub of the green. If you didn’t see the action unfold, you will be more inclined to cash-out your bet for a loss at this point.

Get a feel for the tempo of the match

If you are a football bettor that prefers to bet on how many points will be scored in a match, live streaming is a vital tool in your betting arsenal. Although you can use your bookmaker’s in-play statistics to get a feel for how many offensive plays there are, by watching a live stream you can see how fast the game’s tempo is. Is it end-to-end akin to a basketball game? Or is one team dominating possession while their opponent looks to park the bus and waste time? Without those live pictures of the game, you’ll never know for sure!

Have player ejections really affected the game?

One area where in-play football bettors can utilize live streaming to find value in the markets is after a player is ejected – perhaps after a flagrant helmet clash. Normally, the team that goes loses a player will see their price drift out significantly and their opponent’s price will come in.

However, the live stream may prove that the team with fewer men is comfortably holding out the team with the extra man. In which case, the value bet would be on a low-scoring affair or a handicap selection in favor of the underdog.

On-screen statistics can’t tell you this information. In fact, it can sometimes lead you into thinking the opposite. Say, for example, the team with more men had all the possession but the team with ejected men were more than happy to let them have it as they were creating nothing. Using the in-play stats, it can appear that the team with more men is dominating the ball and their opponents are just aiming to survive when, in reality, it’s not the case.

Spot when a team is looking vulnerable late on

One final area in which in-play football bettors can use live streams to get an edge on the markets is late points. If you do witness one team literally banging down the door trying to get a late winner, there is genuine intent for another touchdown to be scored. In which case, bettors might choose to bet on there being a flurry of points during the closing stages, which can pay out juicy odds in most instances!

Although in-play statistics do a great job in telling some of the story of a football game, you can’t beat having the real picture in front of you. Live streaming gives you a chance to watch a match with your own eyes and judge it on its merits.