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    Welcome to the NFL Booth — Andrew Catalon Playfully Ribs Matt Ryan During Broadcasting Debut

    Former NFL QB Matt Ryan receives his "Welcome to the NFL" moment as his broadcasting partner Andrew Catalon mentions '28-3' at halftime.

    Former NFL QB Matt Ryan made his NFL broadcasting debut on Sunday, and his partners took little time before hazing the rookie. Ryan had many NFL highlights, including NFL MVP, but is most known for losing Super Bowl LI after leading 28-3 at halftime.

    The epic collapse has marred what otherwise was a stellar career. Unfortunately for Ryan, he never made another trip to the Super Bowl. Ryan began his debut in the broadcasting booth, and his teammates couldn’t wait to welcome him with open arms.

    What Did Andrew Catalon Say to Matt Ryan?

    “This game feels like it should be 28-3 at halftime.”

    Catalon had to know what he was saying, and Ryan displayed professionalism beyond his experience in the booth and shrugged off the comment, keeping his cool under pressure.

    What Did Social Media Have to Say About Catalon’s Playful Slight?

    Some immediately pointed to the fact that sometimes it’s the closest people to you that sling the daggers.

    Some on social media couldn’t believe what Catalon said.

    Some on social media were calling for assault charges against his broadcasting partner.

    The outcome of Super Bowl LI has to haunt Matt Ryan to this day. Some on social media said it looked like Matt Ryan saw a ghost when Catalon mentioned “28-3.”

    Ryan’s nickname is ‘Matty Ice,’ and he earned the moniker on Sunday as he kept his cool with his broadcast partner slinging a dagger in his direction. Hopefully, Catalon and Barber take it easy on Ryan next week.

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