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    WATCH: Packers and Texans Provide Two of the Worst Plays of the Year so Far

    Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers may have just given us a real "worst play of 2023" candidate with this botched attempt at a trick play.

    As much as we see some absolutely amazing plays on what feels like a weekly basis in the NFL, there are also some major duds. Week 3 is off to a great start with two candidates for worst plays of the year so far.

    Credit should be given to the Green Bay Packers for at least trying to get creative early in their Week 3 matchup against the New Orleans Saints. However, this one may need to be put back deep into the playbook for a while.

    In all fairness, it looked as if it had a chance to be successful on the pure design of the play — but Jordan Love was unable to stop himself from fumbling around the football and slipping as he sailed the pass over his intended target’s head while almost doing a full split that was very much reminiscent of something you would see from Charlie Brown or the Little Giants.

    Worst Play of the Year Candidate?

    Trick plays are some of the most exciting plays in a football game. However, this one simply was not. If given another chance to execute, one would think that Love would fare much better the next time around.

    But due to the disaster that unfolded the first time, it may be a while before head coach Matt LaFleur and company decide to try something creative like that again. It may not have been a shining moment for Love and the Packers, but for us watching, it’s an early contender for worst play of the year so far in 2023.

    Deshaun Watson One Ups Jordan Love?

    Meanwhile, over in Cleveland, Deshaun Watson decided he wanted to compete with Love for one of the worst decisions in Week 3. Locked in a defensive battle with the Tennessee Titans, field position could ultimately decide this AFC battle. Well, someone should let Watson know that.

    In a broken play, Watson gets pressure from the Titans’ defensive line and decides to throw the ball to his running back. The result was a whopping 25-yard loss.

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