Washington State 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Renard Bell, Derrick Langford Jr., and Daiyan Henley

    It's a small NFL Draft class for the Washington State Cougars -- who are the top prospects, and what do the scouting reports reveal about them?

    The Washington State Cougars have a smaller group than usual for the 2023 NFL Draft. Who are the top Washington State prospects, and what do the scouting reports reveal about their NFL pros and cons?

    Washington State 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

    Daiyan Henley, LB

    Strengths: Athletic pursuit linebacker whose draft stock is soaring. Quick, explosive, and shows a lot of athleticism in his game. Gets depth on pass drops and displayed outstanding skill in coverage during Senior Bowl practices, consistently shutting down running backs as well as tight ends. Breaks down well and effectively uses his hands to protect himself.

    Stays with responsibilities, quickly locates the ball handler, and takes proper angles. Fires upfield to fill gaps, plays to his 40 time, and has a closing burst. Flows well laterally and immediately gets into space and catches ball handlers from the back side. Adjusts off blocks and quickly gets back to playing form. Quarterbacks the defense and makes the calls for the unit.

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    Weaknesses: Not forceful on the blitz. Lacks size and gets caught up in the trash or easily blocked from the action.

    Overall: Henley entered the season with little fanfare in the scouting community, but he topped off a terrific senior campaign with a fantastic showing during Senior Bowl practices and a terrific Combine workout. He’s an undersized run-and-chase LB who can line up on the inside of a 3-4 alignment or be used as a weakside linebacker in a traditional scheme.

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    Derrick Langford Jr., CB

    Strengths: Tall, physical corner who is rough around the edges. Effective facing the action, shows good route recognition, and quickly picks up assignments. Quick flipping his hips in transition, physical, and mixes it up with receivers. Can drive to the ball out of his plant and wraps up tackling. Uses his large frame as an advantage.

    Weaknesses: Bites on receivers’ moves, which results in big plays for the opposition. Almost never gets his head back around and consistently face-guards.

    Overall: Langford possesses next-level size and has shown some improvement in his game over the past two seasons. He must play in a system that allows him to face the action but comes with special-teams potential.

    Renard Bell, WR

    Strengths: Small, but super-quick receiver who releases quickly off the snap, immediately gets to top speed, and displays good route discipline. Comes back to the ball and easily adjusts or gets down to scoop up low throws. Extends his hands and snatches the ball from the air. Tracks the pass in the air, gives effort after the catch, and shows the ability to pick up yardage. Plays tough football despite his size and uses his frame to shield away defenders.

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    Weaknesses: Plays to one speed and lacks a deep burst. Tends to round off routes. Played in just eight games the past two seasons due to injury.

    Overall: Bell was very productive early in his Washington State career and looked like a legitimate next-level prospect before getting hit by the injury bug. He’s a quick slot receiver who also shows ability as a return specialist, yet Bell must prove to be fully healthy and show durability to make it out of camp this summer.

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