Washington Redskins: Ranking the remaining roster needs

With 2019 NFL Free Agency all but completed, the NFL Draft is the last opportunity for teams to add talent before the start of offseason activities.

The Washington Redskins have added pieces throughout the free agency period. They signed two projected starters in Landon Collins and Erick Flowers along with some depth pieces. However, there are still holes on the roster. I view a need as a clear weakness to the roster.

For example, I don’t believe that TE is an immediate need, because I’m content with the starters. However if there is someone on the board who is an upgrade, then I wouldn’t be upset. However, I see a position like outside linebacker as a big need because I’m not comfortable with Ryan Anderson being every down starter next to Ryan Kerrigan. The Redskins must address needs throughout the draft, but they shouldn’t pick solely because they need a position. I’m a firm believer that the pick should be the best player available at any position of need. Without any further explanation, here are my rankings for the Redskins remaining roster needs. 

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No. 8: Tight End

The Redskins tight-end group is currently composed of Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis, and Jeremy Sprinkle. Reed is very talented but struggles to stay on the field and gets paid more than he produces. Vernon Davis is in the tail end of his career. Jeremy Sprinkle is someone that I actually like and I think he can be a great TE2. I don’t expect Reed or Davis to be on the team for more than a year maybe two.

With that being said, this is a great class to need a tight end. Getting a guy in the first two rounds could set up the team for future success at the position. Guys like Noah Fant and TJ Hockenson will need to be selected at 15 if the Redskins want them. But, Irv Smith Jr. has a chance to be there in the second round and would be a steal. Otherwise, I would wait it out and only select a TE in the third round or later if the value is there.

No. 7: Cornerback

I’m happy with who the Redskins have at cornerback. It feels as though very little fans still believe Josh Norman is worth having on the team. I understand that Norman is an aging veteran with a large cap hit, so if a top prospect like Byron Murphy or Greedy Williams is the pick at 15, it’s not a bad choice. I’m just not sold on how urgent the need for a new CB really is. With that being said, if either of those players is available at 46, sign me up. However, a raw prospect with great physical traits in the middle rounds is probably a better selection.

No. 6: Linebacker

The biggest reason linebackers are listed as a need is because of the unknown status of Reuben Foster. I don’t expect him to receive a lengthy suspension. If he does though, the Redskins may be in trouble. Mason Foster and Shaun Dion Hamilton are solid NFL players, but linebacker felt like a weak area last season. Foster is instinctual and a leader, but lacks even average athleticism. Dion-Hamilton has good upside but a scary injury history. If Foster receives a short suspension and Dion-Hamilton can stay healthy, then I think the Redskins have a really nice group of linebackers with Harvey-Clemons bringing some upside as well.

No. 5: Interior Offensive Line

More specifically, left guard. The Redskins signed Erick Flowers this offseason, the assumption right now is that he’s the starter at left guard for the upcoming season. Flowers was a top 10 pick for a reason, and with people like Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff playing close to him, I expect some level of improvement. With that being said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a player who can provide depth while also being a back-up plan in case Flowers flops. A player like Nate Davis of Charlotte makes a lot of sense in the late third round.

No. 4: Wide Receiver

I’m still a fan of the Redskins receiving corps. However, I do acknowledge they need more play-makers. I don’t think there’s any point in the Redskins drafting a receiver in the fourth round and beyond. The Redskins have a roster full of receivers with day three talent. If they want to improve the position, by all means, get yourself a guy like D.K. Metcalf or Deebo Samuel.  However, don’t draft a couple of day three guys and expect anything to get better. The Redskins need a better receiver, not more receivers. If you’re getting a guy in Day 3, it better be someone with huge upside like Jalen Hurd or Terry McLaurin.

No. 3: Free Safety

The Washington Redskins have Montae Nicholson on the roster, and while he can be a good safety, he’ll probably be suspended for up to half a season. He also shows occasional lapses in tackling and run support. The Redskins should look into adding a guy who can be a true center-fielder. This would play well with Landon Collins, and allow Nicholson to develop into a nickel linebacker who has the size and speed to cover tight ends and running backs. One prospect that I’ve often connected to the Redskins is Deionte Thompson. Thompson has good instincts and excellent range, he also played at Alabama.

No. 2: Edge

I was not a fan when the Redskins selected Ryan Anderson in the second round of the 2017 draft, and I’m not a fan now. The best case scenario for the Redskins would be for a guy like Brian Burns to fall right into their lap. If the Redskins choose to go another direction with 15, then players like Jachai Polite and Christian Miller should also be considered with picks 46 and 76. Washington can’t leave the draft with Ryan Anderson being given the job at right outside linebacker.

No. 1: Quarterback

The Redskins need a franchise quarterback. My preference as of now is to try and trade their second round pick for Josh Rosen. If this isn’t possible then QB may be the selection at 15. The best case scenario is if Dwayne Haskins makes lasts until 15. The worst case scenario is the Redskins spending either pick 15 or 46 on Daniel Jones or Will Grier respectively. This would be another wasted move by the Washington Redskins, as they reach for yet another need and the rest of the roster suffers.