‘I Didn’t Think I Did Anything Too Bad’ – Vikings Post Heartbreaking Kirk Cousins Injury

A new viral video was posted by the Minnesota Vikings that features the moment when Kirk Cousins tore his Achilles and what he believed to be a minor injury.

The lasting image of the 2023 NFL season for Kirk Cousins is an excruciating one. And it was one that got played up close and personal on the internet on Thursday.

‘Heartbreaking’ Video Involving Kirk Cousins Makes Rounds on Social Media

The Minnesota Vikings on Thursday released a video that featured Cousins being interviewed — but this wasn’t just any social media film. The theme was how at the 10:25 mark of the fourth quarter against the rival Green Bay Packers, “the course of the season changed.”

The multiple Pro Bowl quarterback is overheard agonizing in pain as he falls to the Lambeau Field grass and gets sacked. But clearly, his knee buckled.

Cousins wound up limping off the field that October afternoon and watched his team knock off the Packers 24-10.

Cousins Shares His Side of Story Involving Injury

That scene was a stomach-turning event for Vikings fans. On Cousins’ end, he shared his side of the story of that fateful day.

Surprisingly, Cousins didn’t think he was severely injured at first and felt his ailment was a common field injury he’s used to.

“When I first got hurt, I didn’t think that I did anything too bad,” Cousins said. “I get stepped on all the time, and it just felt like my heel got stepped on.”

Yet, it only took a few seconds to realize that he had become limited in his mobility.

“I realized I can’t get to the sideline,” Cousins said. “So I just hopped.”

Cousins is then overheard saying, “My ankle is shot,” while hopping over to the Vikings’ coaching staff and personnel. He even rejected help momentarily by stating, “I just want to hop,” before making his way to the bench.

“I assumed at first it was a sprained ankle,” Cousins said. “And that it’s going to be a difficult next month as I rehab. But I’ll be able to play. I’m a pocket passer.”

By Cousins’ admission, he didn’t think he suffered any tears in his ankle and “didn’t think it would be season-ending.”

“I just knew this would be a game-ending [injury].”

Yes, Cousins did indeed leave the game during that sequence of the fourth quarter. However, the back of his ankle was worse than he originally thought.

“It’s all the traditional signs that I tore my Achilles,” Cousins revealed. The clip then shares how Cousins claimed his heel got stuck to the ground and how his heel “didn’t go” and it stretched “like crazy.” Cousins added how he couldn’t feel anything when he pressed down.

Cousins is then seen getting carried to the blue tent. Along the way, he sent these words to Jaren Hall, who was warming up.

“You got it, Jaren. You’ve got it.”

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Cousins ended the video by saying, “I’m looking at 2024 as the next time I’m on the football field.”

Unfortunately for Cousins, 2024 may not see him in a Vikings uniform. The veteran passer is an unrestricted free agent for the upcoming FA cycle. PFN lists Cousins as the No. 1 free agent QB for this class.

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