Utah Utes: Moss, Bernard, Blackmon, Fotu among underrated sleepers

The Utah Utes, while talented, have guys more thought of as alternatives to other NFL Draft prospects from a projection standpoint. Despite that, one should not underestimate their NFL caliber talent.

The Utah Utes enter the season with a lot of talent on its roster, and while they may not have any top-tier prospects, there are plenty of last-day guys who could make an impact at the next level.

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Zack Moss

Zack Moss returns from a bizarre knee injury, which he claims to have suffered getting into bed and which forced him to the sidelines the final month of last season. At the top of his game, Moss is a versatile and dangerous ball carrier with a complete game.

He displays the toughness to grind on the inside and possesses the speed and quickness to turn the corner. He’s a shifty ball carrier who makes defenders miss to create yardage and catches the ball well out of the backfield.  

I feel he’s more of a situational back rather than a feature runner, but if someone feels Moss can be the main ball carrier in the backfield, his stock will soar.

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Francis Bernard

Francis Bernard, who was not graded by scouts, enters the season as one of the most underrated linebacker prospects in the nation. The BYU transfer, who primarily came off the bench last season due to the depth of talent Utah had at the position, displayed great athleticism, range and instincts when he was on the field.

If Bernard capitalizes on the flashes he displayed in 2018, he’ll make a big move up draft boards.

Julian Blackmon

Julian Blackmon is a prospect I have liked the past two seasons, as he’s a versatile defensive back who can effectively line up in dime packages at the next level.

Leki Fotu

Leki Fotu gets a bad rap as being a two-down plugger, but the defensive tackle is extremely athletic for such a big man. He needs to refine his technique and learn to disengage from blocks quicker, but he’s a prospect primed to take off this season.

Utah Utes Prospects – 2020 NFL Draft

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