USFL Announcers for 2023

Who are the USFL announcers across FOX and NBC for the 2023 season, and how many games will each network carry this year?

The USFL announcers for the 2023 season have been announced, with broadcasting duties being split between FOX, NBC, and their various affiliates. Let’s take a look at who the USFL announcers and sideline reporters are for the upcoming season across the two networks.

USFL Announcers for 2023

Across the two networks, there will be four play-by-play announcers operating, with both networks also having various analysts working alongside them.


  • Curt Menefee | Play-by-play
  • Joel Klatt | Analyst
  • Kevin Kugler | Play-by-play
  • Mark Sanchez | Analyst
  • Brock Huard | Analyst
  • Devin Gardner | Analyst

For the 2023 season, the FOX coverage will begin on Saturday, April 15, with a doubleheader. The network will broadcast three games in Week 1, with two games on FOX and one on FS1. Over the course of the season, FOX Sports will broadcast 25 games, including the USFL Championship Game, on Sunday, July 2. Of those, 18 will be broadcast on FOX, with seven on FS1.

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  • Jac Collinsworth | Play-by-play
  • Paul Burmeister | Play-by-play
  • Jason Garrett | Analyst
  • Michael Robinson | Analyst
  • Cameron Jordan | Analyst
  • Colt McCoy | Analyst
  • Kyle Rudolph | Analyst
  • Anthony Herron | Analyst
  • Zora Stephenson | Sideline reporter
  • Corey Robinson | Sideline reporter
  • Lewis Johnson | Sideline reporter
  • Caroline Pineda | Sideline reporter

The NBC coverage will begin with one game in Week 1, with the first of their 18 games being broadcast on Sunday, April 16. All 18 games will be broadcast on the Peacock streaming service, with 11 of them being carried on NBC and seven on the USA Network.

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