Undefeated Teams – The Dream Start 

Our hosts took a look at some of the top articles on PFN each week. During this weeks episode, they zero in on the undefeated teams and try to figure out which 3-0 team will remain undefeated the longest. 

The New England Patriots have played one of the weaker schedules in the NFL and have started undefeated. The beat down on the Steelers, Dolphins, and Jets. It was a playground for the offensive and defensive side of the football. They play the 3-0 Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but the Bills barely beat the Jets in Week 1 and will need to hold up against the Patriots to be taken seriously. Then they seemingly have three easy games against the Redskins, Giants, and Jets again before meeting the Browns. 

Stats of the Week – The Chiofalo Special

The preseason had many people thinking that the best divisions in football would be the NFC South or the AFC North. However, after the Drew Brees and Big Ben injuries, this has not been the case. The best division has been the NFC North with the Packers and Lions starting undefeated and Minnesota and Chicago with only one loss each. This division is the most competitive in football right now, and the Lions could be unbeaten if not for the tie against the Cardinals and rookie Kyler Murray. The NFC North makes each game exciting, and the Lions will face the Chiefs this weekend. They will be competing directly with Mahomes mania. Should be a fun matchup to watch at a 1:00 pm EST starting time. 

Questions from the podcast team?

  • Which team will stay undefeated this weekend?
  • Are the Bills a good team?
  • What division in football is the best in your eyes?

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