Travis Kelce Provides Injury Update on New Heights Podcast – “Things Are Looking Up”

    Will Travis Kelce play in Week 2? The Kansas City Chiefs' star tight end gives an update on his injury status in the latest "New Heights" episode.

    If it wasn’t already clear beforehand, the Kansas City Chiefs certainly know now that they need Travis Kelce on the field if they want to repeat as Super Bowl champions in 2023. Kelce was unavailable in their Week 1 matchup against the Detroit Lions, and as a result, the Chiefs’ offense did not look like its usual self and suffered a tough loss to a gritty Lions team.

    With Week 1 behind them, all eyes are pointed to their Week 2 opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags are fresh off a Week 1 win over the Indianapolis Colts and look to be a formidable team in the deep AFC.

    The Chiefs are going to look to get back into the win column and it will take all hands on deck to do so, but the question remains – will they have Kelce out there during Week 2? He may have tipped his hand a bit before Sunday.

    Travis Kelce Updates Listeners on His Injury

    With the way things are with new-age media, you don’t have to wait until team press conferences to decipher “coach speak” to see if a star player is ready to come back from an injury that week. Many athletes choose to use their own voice and Kelce chose to do just that this week on the latest episode of “New Height’s Podcast” he does with brother Jason.

    “Things are looking up, feeling a lot better than I did last week,” said Kelce. “Felt like an absolute a** h**e not being able to play in that first game.”

    Kelce goes on to mention that he takes pride in his ability to be available to his teammates each and every week and is proud to be able to be there for his team every Sunday.

    Chiefs Offense Struggled Without Kelce

    While this wasn’t an outright “I am playing” quote from Kelce, it certainly is good news for Chiefs fans as they are hoping that the tight end’s presence back in the lineup can fix the offensive woes that plagued them in Week 1.

    Receiving options such as Kadarious Toney and Sky Moore were unreliable for Patrick Mahomes, and while those options regardless of Kelce’s appearance or not will need to be corrected, having Kelce back in the fold will have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the group.

    The Chiefs will look to avoid going the dreaded 0-2 to start the season and the hope is, at least from Kelce himself, is that he will be out there to help secure win number one on Sunday.

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