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    Top 10 Wide Receivers at the 2023 Shrine Bowl Include Zay Flowers, A.T. Perry, and Bryce Ford-Wheaton

    Zay Flowers, Bryce Ford-Wheaton, and A.T. Perry headline the top receivers at the 2023 East-West Shrine Bowl in Vegas.

    The 2023 East-West Shrine Bowl rosters feature an incredibly stacked wide receiver room. With a ton of variety in the receivers expected at the event, this class has truly got it all. Here are the top receivers at the 2023 East-West Shrine Bowl.

    Top 2023 Shrine Bowl Wide Receivers NFL Draft Prospects

    1) Zay Flowers, Boston College

    A man of many talents, Zay Flowers plays much bigger than his stature would indicate. He can win with his speed just as easily as he wins at every level of the field because of his route-running.

    Flowers can sky to the catch point with ease and has an effortlessness to his game. He beats defenders off the line of scrimmage or to the catch points with his elite athleticism.

    2) A.T. Perry, Wake Forest

    A large man with an even bigger catch radius, A.T. Perry should feast against smaller defensive backs in Vegas, just like he did in the ACC over the past few seasons. Perry is deceptively athletic for his size and should use that ability all over the field at the Shrine Bowl.

    3) Bryce Ford-Wheaton, West Virginia

    Bryce Ford-Wheaton can flat out fly with the ball in his hands. He stems his route breaks very well and is a deceptive route runner with an ability to streak open anywhere on the field.

    No matter where he’s targeted, Ford-Wheaton gives his quarterback the optimal target to find. He should be able to flash his versatility as well when he lines up either out wide or in the slot during Shrine Bowl week.

    4) Jalen Moreno-Cropper, Fresno State

    One of the best route-runners in college football over the past few years, Jalen Moreno-Cropper is set to put on a show in Vegas. Cropper has quick feet, secure hands, and a knack for making the highlight-reel catches look easy.

    5) Jadon Haselwood, Arkansas

    A transfer to Arkansas later and Jadon Haselwood blossomed into the top-tier receiver we all thought he would be. Haselwood is long and lean yet plays an incredibly physical game. That physical nature can outperform defensive backs at the contested-catch point or just simply shake them free on his routes.

    6) Michael Jefferson, Louisiana

    A dominant outside receiver who made the most of his time at Louisiana, Michael Jefferson also brings with him a unique after-the-catch ability. Jefferson is a home-run hitter who averaged over 18.5 yards per reception over the past two seasons.

    7) Jadakis Bonds, Hampton

    Get to know the name Jadakis Bonds before it’s too late. The outside receiver has height, length, and catch-point skills. A bit lean, he flew under the radar for most of his career. But after capping his Hampton career with a career-best eight touchdowns and 16 yards per catch, Bonds is ready to make his name known nationally.

    8) Nikko Remigio, Fresno State

    Expect Nikko Remigio to also make an impact during special teams drills, as he can do it all across the field. Remigio won the hearts of the Fresno State fans this past year after multiple seasons at Cal. He dominates from the inside and uses his shifty routes to shake free of safeties or nickel defensive backs in coverage.

    9) Kearis Jackson, Georgia

    After five years and two national championships at Georgia, Kearis Jackson is a name to watch blossom into a draft favorite during the pre-draft process. Jackson has terrific speed and was unable to utilize it in the Georgia offense, not because of talent, but because of philosophy. He has a lot to gain in Vegas.

    10) Justin Shorter, Florida

    Three years removed from his Penn State transfer, Justin Shorter capped a great run at Florida, despite some quarterback fluctuations in the later stages of his Gator career. Shorter can fly for a man his size (6’4″, 223) and has a natural separation ability.

    Other Receivers To Watch at the Shrine Bowl

    • Jacob Copeland, Maryland
    • Antoine Green, North Carolina
    • Shaq Davis, South Carolina State
    • Dallas Daniels, Jackson State
    • Jake Bobo, UCLA
    • Demario Douglas, Liberty

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