Top Offensive Tackles at the 2023 Shrine Bowl Include Surprise Addition Carter Warren

Carter Warren made a surprise appearance on the Shrine Bowl roster for 2023. Where does the former Pitt Panther rank among the top offensive tackles in Vegas?

Get ready for some intense one-on-one action at the 2023 East-West Shrine Bowl. That’s because the top offensive tackles at the Shrine Bowl this year offer size, tenacity, skill, and a gritty nature to their game.

Top 2023 Shrine Bowl Offensive Tackles NFL Draft Prospects

1) Carter Warren, Pittsburgh

A pure left tackle, Carter Warren’s 2022 season was cut short due to injury. And yet, here he is, expected to be a full participant at the Shrine Bowl.

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Putting his game back on display for top talent evaluators, Warren can rely on his physical play strength and overall blocking skills in both facets to really turn heads. All Warren really has to do, however, is prove he’s healthy, and he cements himself as a top-100 pick.

2) Jordan McFadden, Clemson

A longtime standout on the Clemson offensive line, Jordan McFadden comes fully equipped with an extensive, highly-touted background. After starting at right tackle for a season and left tackle for two more, McFadden’s versatility may be the biggest influential factor in his draft placement in April.

3) Jaxson Kirkland, Washington

Jaxson Kirkland finds his way to the offensive tackle list despite playing left guard in 2022. In fact, Kirkland played more guard than tackle during his Washington career, but he projects to the left tackle position in the NFL.

A physical threat on the ground game, Kirkland is at his best in pass protection. Any way you slice it, however, Kirkland should put on a show in Vegas playing all over the offensive line.

4) Connor Galvin, Baylor

Big and nasty, Connor Galvin comes fully equipped as perhaps the most experienced left tackle prospect the Shrine Bowl has ever seen. Galvin has some of the best pass sets in this class, not just in Vegas, and is a physically dominant run blocker.

Perhaps his best attribute, however, is the fact that Galvin improved every single year at Baylor.

5) Alex Palczewski, Illinois

Not many players have the experience that Alex Palczewski have. After making use of his free year of eligibility, Palczewski broke Illinois records with the most starts of any player in the program’s rich history.

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On top of all of that, Palczewski has versatility, strength, balance, and keen veteran leadership he can put on display at the Shrine Bowl.

6) Kadeem Telfort, UAB

The tackle class at the Shrine Bowl certainly doesn’t lack size, and Kadeem Telfort is a prime example of that. At 6’8″ and 330 pounds, Telfort is actually light on his feet and nimble with his movements. He can cement himself as one of the top “big men” in this draft class with a great performance.

7) Mark Evans, Arkansas Pine-Bluff

Fully expect Mark Evans to rocket up draft boards with his work at the Shrine Bowl. The oft-overlooked Arkansas-Pine Bluff left tackle has physically dominant reps on tape. The only real question about Evans is whether or not he can dominate against top-tier talent.

8) Dalton Wagner, Arkansas

Fitting the aforementioned size that the Shrine Bowl has in 2023, Dalton Wagner tips the charts at 6’9″ and 337 pounds. There’s a fluidity to his game that most men his size don’t have, and he excels in the passing game. Whether Wagner can handle speed rushers will be the biggest question mark he can answer in Vegas.

9) Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, Oregon

Giving a much-needed depth piece to the right tackle spot, Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu is not a player to overlook. After starting the last two seasons at Oregon, with mixed success, Aumavae-Laulu put the nation on notice with a dominant effort in 2022. He’s physical, strong, and possesses great balance through contact.

10) Earl Bostick Jr., Kansas

The Kansas Jayhawks were certainly a prominent story in 2022, and their left tackle was no different. Earl Bostick Jr. finished his Kansas career with a dominant two-year stretch that saw him excel in pass protection for most of the year. If he can double down and improve his run blocking at the Shrine Bowl, he’s a roster player in the NFL immediately.

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