Do you want to start earning money by betting on the NFL? While placing a successful bet is exciting, becoming successful relies on using the available proven strategies that can drastically increase your odds.

In addition to that, the internet is full of powerful resources that can help you with your betting journey. For example, you can grab one of the gambling coupons and enhance your gambling experience.

Below we’ve listed seven smart betting strategies that you can use to increase your balance in a heartbeat.

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1. Bankroll Management

If you’re planning to bet on this NFL season, we recommend that you set a reasonable budget that is strictly dedicated to gambling, which is commonly called the “bankroll.” It is up to you if you want to make your budget weekly, monthly, or for the full season. It is crucial to avoid using more money than you can afford to lose.

As a general rule of thumb for betting, you shouldn’t be spending more than 2-5% of your balance for each bet. For example, if you want to set a budget of C$1000, you should wager between C$20 and C$50 for each game. We advise you to use 2% for smaller events and up to 5% for the “safer” ones.

2. Don’t forget about the home-field advantage

Many people tend to ignore this advice, but that’s a great mistake. The stadium where the game takes place is an essential factor. While playing at home isn’t the only defining factor for an NFL victory,  statistics show that, on average, the home team wins 59.8% of the games.

The time zone difference might also affect the outcome of the game. For example, a team traveling from the West Coast to the Eastern Time Zone is more likely to accommodate quickly to the time change. However, East Coast teams have a significant disadvantage when they have to play on the Pacific Coast, where there is a three hours difference.

3. Look beyond the trends

While checking the game patterns can provide valuable insights, a professional bettor would advise you to look at the context behind the numbers when evaluating the charts. Essentially, if you notice that a team scored 47 points the previous week, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a potent offense.

You need to research and understand how the team scored their points. Maybe the enemy team had a weak defense, which allowed your team to score from a long touchdown pass. Analyzing previous games is essential for being successful with your bets, as it will enable you to collect essential data and make a conscious decision, rather than going all-in on a blind wager.

4. Be careful with Divisional Matchups

Divisional matchups are usually much closer than you would expect. It’s a common misconception that the less favored team is almost certainly going to lose. In general, teams that fight against each other twice per season know each other well. Therefore, even the lower-ranked teams have a chance of defeating a stronger enemy by researching their rival’s strategy and weaknesses.

We agree that in some situations, it might be a great idea to place your wager on the team with better odds. However, you might be surprised to find out that the underdogs can destroy the competition if they tweak their strategies right. So it’s always a great idea to dig deeper into the team’s historical data and find out how they perform when matched against each other.

5. Diversify your bets

According to NFL betting specialists, diversifying your wagers can maximize your win rate. It’s crucial to know all the available alternative bets you can make, such as:

  • Moneyline;
  • Spread;
  • Game totals.

Understanding when to use all the different available bets is a crucial factor for your NFL betting success. Still, it takes practice and excellent football knowledge to find a suitable combination. Luckily, the majority of bookmakers let you settle for a -2.5 spread, which has lower payouts, but the risk you’re taking is diminished.

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Additionally, you should avoid loading your parlays and teasers with too many events(limit them to 2-5 per ticket). Since NFL teams are closely-matched, guessing the outcome of more games at once is nearly impossible.

6. Go through the Injury Reports

Since football is a team-based game, any small changes that occur can completely alter the result of the upcoming match. Before betting, be sure you’ve checked which players missed their training sessions if they can play in the next game, and what position they usually play on.

The injury reports released by the teams can sometimes be ambiguous because they don’t want to give away too much information. Luckily, there are countless Twitter accounts, like the official NFL page that offers detailed information regarding the injured players.

7. Bet sober and avoid getting tilted

While it’s highly recommended that you don’t make any gambling decisions while drunk, many bettors aren’t aware that it can drastically influence their outcome. Drinking impairs your judgment, which is the reason why many casinos offer free alcoholic beverages to their customers. Therefore, you should save the beers for the game, and make your bets while you’re still sober.

Another issue faced by NFL bettors is tilting. Remember that it’s impossible to have a 100% win rate, so you should avoid letting your emotions overcome you. Many gamblers make this mistake, and after suffering a few losses, they start making even worse decisions, which eventually leads to losing everything. Whenever you feel tilted, it’s a great idea to take a break away from football betting and go back to your normal state of mind.

By applying these simple and effective strategies, you are on your way to becoming a successful NFL bettor. But remember that betting is a game of mathematics, so avoid making decisions based on emotions and instead focus on the numbers.