Tom Brady – Massive extension

Tom Brady has signed a 2-Year $70Million contract extension on Sunday with the New England Patriots. This extension gives Brady a $27Million cap hit this year. The extension is a one year deal, as all of Brady’s extensions with the Patriots are. It is a no brainer for the Patriots to resign Brady and vise versa for him.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are like yin and yang. Together they seem unstoppable. They also rely on each other. Since he won his first Super Bowl and essentially saved the job of his head coach Bill Belichick. The Patriots and Brady have been the best team in the NFL since. Brady will continue to be the Patriots shot caller for the next few years depending on how long his arm and body can keep up.

Michael Thomas – Highest paid receiver in NFL history

Michael Thomas is now the highest-paid wide receiver in NFL history. His partnership with quarterback Drew Brees is something that NFL defenses will be afraid to see on a game to game basis. Thomas was a beast last year for the New Orleans Saints, and he has been since he entered the league. Each year he has gone up in production. In 2016 he got 1137 yards, in 2017 he followed it up with 1245, and last season he had 1405. The contract extension is worth it for the New Orleans Saints, and this should be a fun duo to continue to watch. Hopefully, Brees and Thomas can rival the Tom Brady and Randy Moss duo, but that would require a lot of. One can always hope.

Questions from the podcast team

Will Tom Brady ever retire? Is Michael Thomas worth the money?

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