Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony: When does it start?

The 2020/2021 Olympics finally get underway in Tokyo, Japan, with the opening ceremony. Let’s take a look at when the opening ceremony is, where it is being held, how you can watch it, and what it is likely to entail.

When is the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony?

  • Day: July 23
  • Time: 7 AM ET. Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of the East Coast in the US, meaning it starts at 8 PM local time when it starts.

Where is the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony?

  • Location: Japan National Stadium, Tokyo

What channel is the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony, and how can you stream the games?

  • TV Channel: NBC
  • Where to Stream: NBC Sports app and

What happens at an opening ceremony?

The opening ceremony of the Olympics is an opportunity for a country to show off the best of the culture, and Japan will likely be no different. At the 2016 closing ceremony, the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, appeared dressed as Super Mario.

In 2012, Great Britain had a ceremony that featured red double-decker buses, Queen Elizabeth II, and James Bond. Brazil’s opening ceremony celebrated the country’s culture and multiculturalism.

The Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympic Games will be opened by Emperor Naruhito, with the themes of the ceremony being “Moving Forward” and “United by Emotion.”

What order do the countries enter at the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony?

There are expected to be around 5,000 to 6,000 athletes partaking in the opening ceremony from 200 nations. However, that figure is half the usual number. Additionally, there will be significantly fewer American athletes.

The parade largely progresses in alphabetical order, but with a few exceptions. The Greek team traditionally enters first, and they are now followed by the Refugee Olympic Team. At that point, it reverts to alphabetical order with three further exceptions. This will also be the first Olympics where nations will enter alphabetically according to their names in the Japanese language.

The US team will enter third from last as the host of the 2028 Olympic Games. The French Olympic Team will go second from last (they host in 2024). Then, finally, the Japanese team will enter the opening ceremony last, reflecting that they are the host of the 2020/2021 Olympic Games.

The names of the teams will be announced in French, then English, and then Japanese. These are the official languages of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the host nation.

Who is carrying the flag bearer for the US Olympic Team?

For the first time, the US delegation will have two flag-bearers. Four-time Olympic basketball gold medalist Sue Bird and baseball player Eddy Alvarez have been given the honor.

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