With the NFL draft just a day away, the Miami Dolphins are in desperate need of a quarterback. Corey Ashburn joined Houtz and me as we took three different routes for a quarterback in the first round. Corey took Tua Tagovailoa, Houtz taking Jordan Love, and I took Justin Herbert. Listen in for our full first-round drafts and who we got for our QBs.

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Tua Tagovailoa

With Corey taking the Tua Tagovailoa approach to the mock draft simulator, he had to fill out the rest of his three draft picks. Not wanting to risk losing out on an elite offensive tackle, he decided to make a trade up to pick 14 to get Andrew Thomas from Georgia.

It was an excellent draft for Corey and one that sets the Dolphins up for a fantastic future with the potential to make their franchise a dynasty for the next 10-15 years. Of course, pending any injuries or physicals that Tua has to take.

Dolphins best options

The best thing for the Dolphins through all three of our drafts was the ability for them to truly make a splash, surround their potential QB with protection on the offensive line, and make sure that they could add an extra piece to make their team genuinely shine. This was something that all three of us came to consensus on, and it showed with the picks that we made in the late first round.

For the Dolphins, it all comes back to taking their guy. While we all sit and argue about which quarterback should be drafted in what spot, the biggest thing for the team is for them to get their guy. Whether that means trading several picks to get to Joe Burrow, sitting pat at five for Tua, taking Herbert in the early teens, or taking a risk on a high potential with Love.