“This Isn’t Bad Advice, This Is TERRIBLE Advice” – HOF WR Terrell Owens Roasts Michael Irvin’s Take

    Following Michael Irvin and Richard Sherman's "Undisputed" clip of Irvin's controversial advice to CeeDee Lamb, Terrell Owens had his say.

    The new “Undisputed” lineup debuted on FS1 yesterday as Michael Irvin, Richard Sherman, and Keyshawn Johnson joined long-time host Skip Bayless. The replacements for former host Shannon Sharpe, who left in a public spat with Bayless, didn’t disappoint.

    The show’s highlight was a dispute between the NFL Hall of Famer Irvin and former Seattle Seahawk cornerback Sherman, involving advice the playmaker gave current Dallas Cowboys star CeeDee Lamb.

    It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral, and Terrell Owens had some thoughts.

    What Did Terrell Owens Say?

    Owens and Irvin have several similarities. They’re both Hall of Fame wide receivers and have been controversial figures on and off the football field.

    In regards to Irvin’s advice, Owens didn’t think it was bad — he thought it was TERRIBLE.

    Rarely do you see receivers quibble back and forth this way, especially former Cowboy receivers, but Owens, like Irvin, has never been one to mix words.

    “Every receiver coach and head coach is cringing right now listening to this notion for receivers to catch with your body. In some cases, yes, but this isn’t bad advice, this is TERRIBLE advice.”

    Owens suggested his opinion mattered due to his production during his NFL career. Owens pointed out that he has more touchdowns than Irvin and Johnson combined.

    Have Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens Been at Odds Before?

    Irvin and Owens have a complicated history. The former is an adamant supporter of all Cowboys players and was in Owens’ corner throughout his Dallas career.

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    When Owens announced he would skip the Hall of Fame, Irvin voiced his displeasure with the decision. Irvin would double down and support the Hall of Fame’s decision to avoid mentioning Owens by name during the inauguration.

    In Case You Missed It: The Michael Irvin vs. Richard Sherman Dispute

    If somehow you missed the original clip and the debate that ensued, here is footage from Monday’s ‘\Undisputed.

    Irvin said he had advised Lamb to catch the ball with his body, in his chest, rather than with his hands. This comment drew the ire of Sherman.

    Sherman thought the advice was outlandish and incorrect, which caused Irvin to stand up from his chair and go off about his résumé and why his advice was unquestionable.

    The nuance of Irvin’s advice may have fallen flat. What he was stating was that in a situation where a receiver is about to get hit by defenders, allowing the ball to get into your body is a better method because, at the point of contact, the ball is likely to be tipped off your fingers, potentially into the waiting arms of a defender.

    Whether right or wrong, the comments have sparked a debate among the receiver community.

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