Girl Dads Unite! Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Commercial Warms Even the Coldest Hearts

The Taylor Swift Super Bowl commercial was a touching reminder to those families who came together this season as a result of her attention.

Taylor Swift and her presence swept through the NFL this season. With her and her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce being the No. 1 topic throughout the season, it’s opened the world of the NFL to the eyes of millions of fans who may not have been paying attention to the game otherwise.

Fathers who were already enjoying the sport found that their daughters were now taking an interest in the game because of the pop star and her involvement this year. That dynamic has allowed for father/daughter time to take on a new meaning and is something that Cetaphil captured with their latest Super Bowl commercial.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Commercial

Swift’s presence around the NFL today has been with some pushback. Despite that, the overwhelming majority of fans, new and old, have embraced another fan to the game, as well as her army of loyal fans who followed.

It’s a sentiment that Cetaphil captures with their commercial set to debut during the big game.

The commercial presents a father who is looking to bond with his daughter and is trying to use the game of football as the vessel to do so. At first, she was resistant, choosing not to show an interest in the game. However, all that changes as she sees and hears what is portrayed as Swift in this commercial.

As the attention around the pop star grew at the games, so did the daughter’s attention to it. She is seen sneaking views of her father’s television and even embracing and putting on the jersey her father had given her.

Ultimately, she decides to dive into the game and joins her father on the couch as they begin a new way of spending time together. She wears the No. 13 jersey, and they wear friendship bracelets — paying homage to Swift.

What makes this commercial even more touching is the fact that it is based on a real father and daughter. It’s their story, not just actors portraying the scene.

They are one of many stories just like this that have brought families closer to enjoying the game of football. All it took was for one interest to meet another, and for a world-famous pop star to blend the two to help create a lifetime’s worth of memories all across the world.

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This is what the Super Bowl and its commercials are all about, and this particular one scores a touchdown with this message.

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