Free Super Bowl Squares Template

    Do you like Super Bowl Squares? Download this Super Bowl Squares template to play at your convenience during the big game.

    Free Super Bowl Squares Template

    The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are about to face off in Super Bowl LVII. For football fans, it’s time to brace for the biggest game of the year. For Chiefs or Eagles fans, it’s time to hype up your team on social media and at your grandmother’s half-birthday party. (Why wait a full year?)

    And if you’re a bettor extraordinaire looking for another hill to conquer — and a Super Bowl Squares template to download — then look no further. Except further down. Look there.

    Super Bowl Squares Template for Super Bowl 57

    The Chiefs and Eagles are both No. 1 seeds with the same record. They’re both top three in offensive scoring, and they each have a Kelce brother on the payroll.

    What else do they have in common? They’re two parts of the same Super Bowl Squares sensation. 10 numbers x 10 numbers. 100 numbers in all. Intense and sublime, all at the same time.

    Are you looking for a Super Bowl Squares template to download? Something to show off to your boss, who’s finally bringing his family to one of your famed Super Bowl parties after years of canceling 10 minutes before the opening kickoff — and then re-canceling at halftime because he forgot that he canceled the first time?

    We’ve got you covered!

    Download Your Super Bowl Squares Template Now

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