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    Sunday Night Football Ratings Controversy: Taylor Swift, Competing Reports, and More

    While one of the biggest stories in the NFL shined through again on Sunday Night Football, there is differing information about the ratings.

    If you watched any of last night’s Sunday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets, you were reminded several times of who Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is dating. While it seems like the NFL world is fully embracing Taylor Swift and everything that comes with the megastar, has the story run its course?

    The answer to that question depends on who you ask, and as the numbers for Week 4 across the NFL start to trickle out, there seems to be a discrepancy in the numbers when it comes to Swift and the attention it may or may not be bringing in.

    From the current NFL standings to team depth charts to coverage of every game in the 18-week NFL schedule, we have all the news from around the league to keep you up to speed!

    Are NFL Fans Over the Taylor Swift Story?

    While some fans may be eating up the Swift-Kelce pairing, TMZ reported early Monday that it looks like the storyline may be losing its steam and interest across the league.

    TMZ is reporting that interest in the couple has translated into a downward spike in ratings related to Kelce and Swift this week compared to last. Four million views, to be exact, is what TMZ is reporting, with the outlet citing statistical evidence that the story may have run its course amongst the NFL community.

    Is Swift’s NFL Story Only Just Beginning?

    While TMZ seems to think the Swift story is on its way out of the NFL spotlight, some seem to think the numbers are booming, especially within the female demographic.

    Obviously, what Meirov is reporting makes sense, but it directly competes against what TMZ is reporting, and it now becomes a case of who you trust more to have the more accurate source.

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    Viewership being on the rise rather than the alternate is clearly a good thing for the NFL, so those around the league and invested in its success are naturally going to report or hope the increase continues to happen. In addition to the spike within the female demographic, Meirov is also reporting that the overall numbers were record-breaking last night as well.

    While who you choose to believe is entirely up for debate, one thing that cannot be disputed is that we are over three weeks into a storyline regarding a player’s dating life with a global megastar, and even if the ratings have actually started to plateau for the NFL, it’s been a mission accomplished for the league as they are certainly not complaining about the attention.

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