This week on the Just The Start podcast, host and PFN Podcast Network Director Kai’Chien Chisholm talks about the latest news surrounding Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, the news around the New York Jets, and who he thinks the New York Giants should draft at number six overall.

Russell Wilson gives a deadline

Seahawks star QB Russell Wilson has given a deadline to the team that he wants a new contract by April 15th. What does this mean for the Seahawks and Wilson? It seems like a relationship could now be broken. With the possibility of Wilson running his contract down until he is a potential free agent, the Seahawks could be in a bad position. Although, it seems as if hosts like Dan Patrick argue otherwise. Patrick argues that the Seahawks are in the power position and that Wilson could draw top QB money. With this news, could teams like the Giants and Miami Dolphins take a call to the Seahawks camp? Both teams need an upgrade at the QB position and sending two firsts could intrigue the Seahawks camp.

Adam Gase, the Jets, and a ruptured relationship

It is now wildly known that the newly appointed head coach Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Greg Williams have already been at odds. Now it has been reported that the Jets also have an issue with higher management. Gase commented that the Jets and his staff have yet to meet in regards to the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. This could potentially ruin the Jets ability at a successful draft with their GM, according to reports, as the end all be all for draft night decisions. The Jets are the same team they were last year and just a worse coaching environment.

Dwayne Haskins

Lastly, Kai’ argues that the Giants would be stupid not to draft the QB replacement for Eli Manning in Haskins. Kai’ banters and banters before ultimately joking about his opinions on GM Dave Gettleman. With Gettleman at the helm, the Giants could be in a horrible situation going into the draft. Although this draft is defense heavy, the Giants would be stupid to not take a chance and draft Dwayne Haskins with the number six overall pick.

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Questions to think about during the show

What will the outcome be for Wilson and the Seahawks? Will the Jets go up in flames? And will the Giants draft a QB with number six?

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