Reasons for and against the Bucs winning another Super Bowl

American sport is full of unlikely comebacks and aging stars managing to roll back the years, whether it be Tiger Woods reclaiming a major championship, Serena Williams still threatening at Grand Slams, or Lebron James showing what is possible in the NBA.

However, none compare to the incredible postseason run that Tom Brady and Gronk took the Buccaneers on last season, daring to believe as they went all the way to the Super Bowl.

Now the big question on everyone’s lips is, can they do it again? Here we take a look at the reasons for and against Bucs fans being treated to another Super Bowl bonanza in 21/22.

For – Tom Brady: The Ageless Quarterback

One of the biggest stories to look out for this season is whether not only the Bucs can repeat their Super Bowl heroics but also if Tom Brady can continue to confound the NFL betting odds at the ripe old age of 43.

There are certainly no signs of his body breaking down any time soon and he leads an elite group of sports men and women who continue to try and push the boundaries of what is possible, showing that age really is just a number and that veteran-led franchises should never be discounted by experts and fans who like to make NFL picks.

The Bucs have been careful to wrap their top asset in cottonwool this offseason, trusting in the QB to remain fit and healthy of his own accord, rather than dragging him to arduous offseason training sessions. Because of all this, the opinions of top sports journalists and’s punters point towards Brady pulling off incredible back-to-back Super Bowl triumphs. Of course, such NFL betting plays rely on father time not catching up with Brady mid-way through the season.

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For – Julio Jones Flies the Falcons’ Nest

After showing what they were capable of last season, it is hardly as if the Bucs will need any help in the NFC South this time around, but they are getting it anyway because their arch-nemesis at Atlanta is moving on to greener pastures.

The Tampa Bay secondary must have breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that Julio Jones was on his way to the Titans, and him no longer being in Atlanta could mean a much-improved regular-season record than the 11-5 the Bucs posted in 20/21.

Against – Expectations Are Sky High

Everyone in Tampa Bay realizes that only another Super Bowl win will be deemed a success this season, with anything less bound to throw up questions about how long Brady has left at the top of the sport.

While the likes of Gronk and Brady are well used to dealing with lofty expectations after their time in New England, that does not necessarily mean that those around them will be automatically able to do the same.

For – Wide Receivers Go from Zero to Hero

During their years of underperforming and being ill-managed, the Bucs always had some gems on their roster who just needed a bit of support and TLC. Two of them were the wide receiving duo of Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, who quickly gained a telepathic understanding with Brady that ultimately unlocked secondaries with consummate ease.

After another pre-season training during which they will have learned even more from the great man, there is nothing to suggest that they are going to get any worse come the Fall. That is good news for Bucs fans and very bad news for everyone else.

For – An Underrated Defense

Most of the talk during the playoffs and the ensuing Super Bowl celebrations was centered around the media and fans waxing lyrical about the evergreen abilities of Tom Brady. However, that only told a fraction of the story as to how the Bucs managed to overcome Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. After all, it was not Brady out there making sacks, tackles, and turnovers.

Todd Bowles is the mastermind behind the Tampa rear guard and after another offseason spent fine-tuning his unit, they will prove a seriously difficult nut to crack.

Against – Joe Tryon: Lacking Match Practice

Tampa were keen to ensure they were well covered at the outside linebacker position and so made Joe Tryon their 1st round draft pick.

The only issue with this signing is that Tryon has barely played in over a year, after opting out of the 2020 season. If he is called into action, then he could be found wanting.

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