Pro Football Network: Introducing the NFL Draft Section

Pro Football Network continues to grow! Our newest section focuses on one aspect that never has a break: The NFL Draft.

Welcome Pro Football Network (PFN) readers! Today we are unveiling our brand new NFL Draft section, and we promise you will not be disappointed. What you are going to get from us here at PFN is daily high-quality NFL Draft content. After all, draft season never sleeps, and neither do we! As soon as one draft ends, the preparation for the next one begins.

Our writers are going to be providing you with a variety of content throughout the year. During the season, you will be seeing a lot of general NFL Draft content. That content will focus on fits, schemes, analysis on the play of popular 2020 — and beyond — prospects, NFL teams situations impacting the upcoming draft, and projections.

In addition, we will be bringing you content dedicated to each of the “Power 5” conferences in division one football, along with a more general approach to divisions two and three. That is not all. We plan on providing more niche markets both on our website and in our draft material (more on that below).

Our Mission and Promise

We have made it our mission with this section to give you different types of content from passionate writers. The content we bring you is going to be unlike anything seen on any other site. Yes, we will be bringing the content you expect — discussions on the draft order, team needs, player and position debates, etc. — but we strive to be different about it!

Our writers are going to be delivering hard-hitting analysis on the things that can have a direct impact on both the prospects and the NFL. We will also bring a unique view of prospects scheme fits and more! To supplement this coverage, PFN NFL Draft Analyst and Insider Tony Pauline will also provide plenty of quality work. Among the content that will be seen will be a weekly risers/sliders article, previews, and much more this fall leading up to the draft.

Inaugural PFN NFL Draft Guide

Speaking of the draft, the PFN staff will be creating scouting reports in preparation for PFN’s inaugural NFL Draft guide. The guide will include a big board, mock draft, and detailed information on the top prospects. The guide should be available to the public in late March/early April. Yes, that is right, we will have our draft guide ready to be enjoyed before the 2020 NFL Draft!

These reports will be created based off of PFN’s owned formula and evaluation process. There is a lot that is going to be posted covering many different angles. PFN has already accomplished a lot. The draft department will take us to the next level in terms of recognition and interesting material via our content, engaging angles, and attention to detail.

We look forward to providing exciting content as we continue to grow. In addition, we look forward to bringing you the high-quality content you crave, and that you have come to expect from the Pro Football Network name. We have been doing big things in the past few months, and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned!