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    Potential 2019 Super Bowl hangover for the New England Patriots (Rising in the East Podcast)

    New England Patriots Super Bowl hangover

    Yes we know, the media discusses this every year, and at this point, it seems like it will never happen. The part of this that appears to be potentially valid is the losses the Patriots suffered this offseason.


    The most significant loss for the New England Patriots in undoubtedly Rob Gronkowski retiring. With this retirement, the Patriots are losing the top offensive weapon on their team. Gronkowski was a safety blanket, a premier pass catcher, and a tremendous run-blocking tight end. Losing his offensive production will be huge, but losing his run-blocking skill will not end well for the Patriots.

    The second most significant loss was Trey Flowers. Flowers was a huge part of the New England Patriots defensive line, and his big contract proved too much for the Patriots to match. He will be severely missed on the defensive line and will by all accounts, continue his dominance on the defensive side of the ball.


    The New England Patriots did lose Trey Flowers but added Michael Bennett. Bennett is not the same sack producer that Flowers is, but he does provide the same amount of consideration on the defensive line. He will offer the same force and will be a fun tool for Bill Belichick to use with the Patriots defense.

    For the offensive side of the ball, the New England Patriots did sign Demaryius Thomas. It does not pop up as the biggest signing of the offseason, but the signing of Thomas is good for the Patriots. Thomas has seen a slight downfall since his peak with the Denver Broncos but putting him in the Patriots system will potentially resurrect him. If any team could be the one to give Thomas the last push he needs, it will be the Patriots, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick.

    Questions from the podcast team

    Do you think the New England Patriots will finally hit a Super Bowl hangover in 2019? How was your Fourth of July?

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