NFL Week 14 Predictions From Pro Football Network: Who Wins in a Slate of Giant Matchups?

The NFL Week 14 predictions are back. The selection committee was bold, predicting a Cowboys win in unanimous fashion.

It’s officially December, which means Dallas Robinson has officially strutted away with an insurmountable lead in our weekly picks competition. However, weekly bragging rights remain intact. Which analyst will have the best NFL Week 14 predictions?

Pro Football Network’s Week 14 NFL Predictions

How did the selection committee fair in Week 13, and who is the new leader in the clubhouse throughout the season?

  • Dallas Robinson: 129-64
  • Dalton Miller: 119-74
  • David Bearman: 118-73
  • Adam Beasley: 116-77
  • Jay Morrison: 113-80

Last Week

  • Robinson: 10-3
  • Beasley: 8-5
  • Bearman: 7-6
  • Morrison: 7-6
  • Miller: 7-6

Remember, these predictions are simply deciding between winners and losers. There are no point spreads here. For that, head over to our Week 14 betting predictions.

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Beasley: Steelers
  • Bearman: Steelers
  • Miller: Steelers
  • Morrison: Steelers
  • Robinson: Steelers

If you’re a fan of high-flying offensive performances, feel free to hit the pillow early tonight. If you choose to watch this game instead, all you’ll want to do is literally punch the pillow.

If you’re a fan of impressive defensive performances, then you’re probably still going to be underwhelmed because neither offense could scare a small child in a dark alley. Sure, it might be a low-scoring affair, but it won’t be particularly impressive. However, T.J. Watt versus Mike Onwenu could be good fun.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

  • Beasley: Falcons
  • Bearman: Buccaneers
  • Miller: Buccaneers
  • Morrison: Falcons
  • Robinson: Buccaneers

The Falcons are 4-2 at home but only 2-4 away from Mercedes-Benz Stadium. One of those two wins came against the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay, and the Buccaneers have had a rash of injuries since then, particularly on defense.

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But this is the NFC South we’re talking about. We can’t have a team start to run away with a division lead. Consistent mediocrity is the only way in this division.

Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens

  • Beasley: Ravens
  • Bearman: Ravens
  • Miller: Ravens
  • Morrison: Ravens
  • Robinson: Ravens

The selection committee was unanimous here, but that shouldn’t lead the fine readers to believe this should be a blowout. The Rams are playing some impressive football and have rattled off wins against the Seahawks and Browns over the past three weeks.

However, the Ravens are coming off of a bye and are gearing up for a playoff push with the toughest remaining strength of schedule in the NFL. They need to beat the teams they’re more talented than.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

  • Beasley: Lions
  • Bearman: Bears
  • Miller: Bears
  • Morrison: Lions
  • Robinson: Lions

The Bears choked away a win against the Lions in their last matchup, and Detroit’s defense hasn’t necessarily improved since then. Chicago is coming off a bye, and Justin Fields poses a huge problem for the Lions’ defense that has struggled against mobile QBs in 2023.

The Bears’ defense has been opportunistic recently, and one of those games came against Jared Goff. The Lions’ offensive line continues to slowly disintegrate, which is bad news for a QB who needs top-tier protection to remain as efficient as possible.

Still, this is a game between a nine-win team and a four-win team, and one look at each roster will tell you why that’s the case.

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals

  • Beasley: Bengals
  • Bearman: Colts
  • Miller: Colts
  • Morrison: Bengals
  • Robinson: Bengals

Everyone is riding high on the Bengals Monday Night Football performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But as someone who has kept a close eye on the NFL Draft for years, it will take much more time to convince me Jake Browning can play anywhere close to the level he did Monday on a consistent basis.

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However, if Browning can be even 70% of what he was the other night, and the Bengals’ offense can find mismatches, there’s a good chance they can remain competitive down the stretch.

Yet, the Colts are a team we’re not talking about enough. They have a quality win against the Ravens, and one could call the Texans another one. Indianapolis’ other wins aren’t against great teams, but they’ve been competitive in every game this season, which is a testament to Shane Steichen and this coaching staff.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

  • Beasley: Jaguars
  • Bearman: Browns
  • Miller: Browns
  • Morrison: Browns
  • Robinson: Jaguars

Nobody knows if Trevor Lawrence will play this week, but Doug Pederson has already been adamant that he won’t risk the team’s potential playoff success over a single regular-season game. It seems like a long shot that Lawrence goes this week.

That’s horrible news for C.J. Beathard, who certainly didn’t sign up to make his first start of the season against Myles Garrett and the Browns defense.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

  • Beasley: Saints
  • Bearman: Saints
  • Miller: Saints
  • Morrison: Saints
  • Robinson: Saints

It’s time to eat a “W” for the Saints. Derek Carr’s multiple injuries means we likely see Jameis Winston under center for New Orleans. If nothing else, that development alone makes this game watchable… if you’re not a diehard Saints fan.

New Orleans has struggled all season relative to expectations, but they shouldn’t have too many issues getting by Carolina. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen them just barely sneak by them in Week 2, and now they’re starting a backup QB!

But again, it’s important to note that the top of the NFC South is a logjam of mediocrity, and a win for the Saints is the only outcome that makes sense for this division of disaster.

Houston Texans at New York Jets

  • Beasley: Texans
  • Bearman: Texans
  • Miller: Texans
  • Morrison: Texans
  • Robinson: Texans

The Jets defense needs to file a class-action lawsuit against Woody Johnson, Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and even Aaron Rodgers. Their unbelievable talent and execution have been wasted on a bad plan.

Even if Rodgers remained healthy, this offensive line was set up to fail. The team made sure to make their nearly 40-year-old QB feel comfy instead of addressing more pressing team needs.

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Oh, and Zach Wilson is starting again — like it even matters.

Meanwhile, the Texans are awesome. They’re not even as talented, on paper, as the Jets. However, C.J. Stroud has completely transformed the offense, and Houston’s defense is starting to find a groove under DeMeco Ryans’ tutelage.

Minnesota Vikings at Las Vegas Raiders

  • Beasley: Vikings
  • Bearman: Vikings
  • Miller: Vikings
  • Morrison: Raiders
  • Robinson: Vikings

Don’t look now, but the Las Vegas Raiders defense has been, analytically speaking, one of the best in the NFL in the back half of the season so far. Since Week 8, they’re fifth in defensive EPA and 13th in defensive success rate.

That said, the Raiders are starting Aidan O’Connell at quarterback, and the Vikings know how to make an inexperienced QB’s head spin. But Minnesota needs Joshua Dobbs to have his head back on straight after an incredibly ugly outing before their bye week.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

  • Beasley: 49ers
  • Bearman: 49ers
  • Miller: 49ers
  • Morrison: 49ers
  • Robinson: 49ers

The 49ers are steamrolling everyone in their way. They’re a freight train with no brakes, and the thrusters are stuck on 100% power. The Seahawks were able to keep pace with the Cowboys through outrageous QB and WR play, but they won’t have that chance against San Francisco.

Dallas likes to live in man coverage. The 49ers sit more often in zone and keep things in front of them. They make a QB think more than just understanding what leverage to attack. San Francisco’s ability to get home with four is similar to Dallas, but they’ll likely get to Geno Smith more because he won’t be able to get rid of it consistently enough in 2.5 seconds.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

  • Beasley: Bills
  • Bearman: Chiefs
  • Miller: Bills
  • Morrison: Chiefs
  • Robinson: Bills

The 2021 Divisional Round between these two teams is one of the greatest games of all time. The quarterback play in that contest was unbelievable, as two of the most talented passers in the league played at their absolute peak potential. And 13 seconds, contrary to popular belief, is a very long time.

These teams aren’t as talented. The receiving corps is an issue for Kansas City, and Buffalo’s defense is on its heels after suffering a rash of season-ending injuries early in the year. But anything could happen with Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen sharing the field.

Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers

  • Beasley: Chargers
  • Bearman: Broncos
  • Miller: Broncos
  • Morrison: Broncos
  • Robinson: Broncos

Patrick Surtain II will likely spend a good amount of time traveling around the field with Keenan Allen unless he’s aligned in the slot, which he does more frequently than not. However, the Broncos could consider sliding him to the inside this week, because who the heck else is Justin Herbert going to throw the ball to?

While Khalil Mack is having himself a resurgent season and could very well chase down a scrambling Russell Wilson this week, the Chargers’ defense doesn’t offer enough to consistently make stops against Denver’s offense if they can execute the way they have for most of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

  • Beasley: Cowboys
  • Bearman: Cowboys
  • Miller: Cowboys
  • Morrison: Cowboys
  • Robinson: Cowboys

Maybe the committee is overreacting the 49ers’ loss. Maybe they’re looking at how each team has performed recently, or their last matchup, or how well Dallas has played at home, or how Las Vegas sees the Cowboys as favorites.

Other than record, the Cowboys have been the better football team in 2023. While record is the only important statistic when we look at how the playoffs will set up, it means nothing when looking at a one-game matchup between teams.

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Dallas is third in offensive EPA, while Philadelphia ranks fifth. The Cowboys are third in defensive EPA while the Eagles rank 27th! And it’s not as if Dallas’ special teams are markedly worse than Philadelphia’s, because they’re on equal or better footing there as well.

But Dallas must continue to prove competent against the quality NFL teams that are abundant on their schedule to end the season.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

  • Beasley: Dolphins
  • Bearman: Dolphins
  • Miller: Dolphins
  • Morrison: Dolphins
  • Robinson: Dolphins


Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? – Kevin Malone

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants

  • Beasley: Packers
  • Bearman: Packers
  • Miller: Packers
  • Morrison: Packers
  • Robinson: Packers

A similar approach could be taken for the second Monday night matchup, but it’s important to note a few things about the Packers. At 6-6, they’re in the thick of the NFC playoff race, and they’re playing some very good football as of late.

Jordan Love has been fantastic recently, and the young corps of weapons is playing much more consistently than they did in the middle part of the season. Green Bay’s defensive performance remains a bit suspect, but they’ve climbed the offensive ladder so far this season.

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