Andy Herman and Tony Pauline are back to discuss everything that’s happened in the past week including some of the top college football matchups, as well as the trades of Laremy Tunsil and Jadeveon Clowney. They also look ahead to week two in college football and some of the key players and matchups to watch this weekend. Plus, a quick look at Bears/Packers and their Super Bowl predictions.

Houston Texans had Tytus Howard graded higher than Andre Dillard

According to Tony Pauline and later confirmed by a league source, the Houston Texans had Tytus Howard graded higher than Andre Dillard (whom the Eagles moved up one spot in front of the Texans to draft) on their draft board. While Pauline had Howard graded as a second-round guard prospect, the Texans felt otherwise and selected him in the first round of the 2019 Draft. Fast forward a few months and the Texans sent a treasure trove of picks to the Miami Dolphins for LT Laremy Tunsil. Are they admitting their mistake in drafting Howard as their future left tackle?

Why did Laremy Tunsil get traded?

Speaking of Tunsil, why did he get traded? Pauline said that he was hearing word out of Miami that they hard soured on him and weren’t too happy with his practice habits. And whether it was true or not, the Dolphins traded him away and now, they have a lot to work with over the next two years.

Can Justin Herbert get Oregon over the top?

Justin Herbert is presumed to be QB2 headed into the 2020 NFL Draft but will his talents translate to the NFL? Pauline and Herman would like to see more out of him. Pauline noted that Herbert doesn’t seem to come through in the big spot and get his team over the hump. Meanwhile, his counterpart Tua Tagovailoa is QB1 headed into the 2020 NFL Draft and is pushing his team through in the big games.

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