PFN Data Lab: Offensive Share Metric (2019 Season)

There are many tools people use when evaluating a player. This includes film review, situational stats, overall stats, advanced analytics, and more. Here in the PFN Data Lab, we are debuting another way to evaluate players – Offensive Share Metric (OSM). This evaluation tool is better than many others out there for a wide variety of reasons.

Note: Please scroll down to the end of the description to view the OSM grades for the 2019 season.

Football is the ultimate team game. That makes it inherently difficult to determine the individual performance of different players. If you try to use generic stats like passing yards and completion percentage, you end up using stats that speak to the result of the combined efforts of multiple players. The same is true of their offspring – third-down completion percentage, fourth-quarter passer rating or, even worse, wins,

Offensive Share Metric (OSM)

It is these all too common scenarios that led us to come up with a metric that measures how well a player performed relatively ONLY to how he performed in areas solely under his control. 

We call this type of analysis “football behavioral analytics.” Behavior is something all humans have and do. It is what we do when the environment presents us with a set of circumstances that cause us to behave in a certain way. We continue to act in this way based on whether or not we found that behavior to be successful for achieving our needs.

In football, we use this to look only at one player’s football behavior in a given environment (system, supporting cast, etc.) and determine how well they performed in that environment, regardless of what the other players around him do.

The behavioral analytics I created for this is called Offensive Share Metric (OSM). This metric is rated out of 100%. No one player will ever have close to a 100 rating. That would mean that player threw the ball, then caught it and somehow also rushed with it simultaneously. So if the rating seems low, this is why.

How is OSM calculated?

OSM is formulated by looking at a combination of the NFL’s very own Next Gen stats and other algorithms that have been created. Doing this allows us to see how well a quarterback or receiver did with what only he could control. This metric accounts for things like air yards, completion probabilities, and differential, aggressiveness, and more. If a quarterback performed poorly in these areas, then it is logical to conclude that he is not the reason for his team’s offensive production. Instead, we would conclude that others on the offense played a more significant role in the success.

Likewise, if a receiver is poor at getting separation, drops more targets than he should and doesn’t get the YAC he should, their OSM will rate lower, as he is mostly in control of those outcomes. If a running back has a large per carry average, maintained that while facing eight or more men in the box a larger percentage of the time, and is efficient at getting north and south quickly, he will rate highly because those are things under his direct control under challenging environments.

To be clear, this metric is not a power rankings type metric. If quarterback A has a higher rating than quarterback B, it does not necessarily mean that quarterback A is better than quarterback B.  It is just that B is less responsible for the production of his offense then A is for his. Since all offenses are different, place different burdens on their players, and that no two supporting casts are the same, it would be unwise to try and use this as a ranking method for direct player-to-player comparisons from different teams.

PFN Offensive Share Metric – 2019 Season

The table below shows the PFN OSM grades for the 2019 season. We will update this each week so you can see how much he is truly responsible for the team’s success. Here are the minimum qualifiers for each position. A DNQ means that player did not qualify for that given week.

  • Quarterbacks – Minimum of 15 pass attempts per game/45 total attempts through Week 6
  • Running Backs – Minimum of 10 rushing attempts per game/30 total attempts through Week 6
  • Wide Receivers/Tight Ends – Minimum of 5 targets per game/15 total targets through Week 6
WeekPlayerTeamPositionOSM GradeRank
OverallRussell WilsonSEAQB35.54QB01
OverallDak PrescottDALQB35.05QB02
OverallMatthew StaffordDETQB34.99QB03
OverallDrew BreesNOQB33.00QB04
OverallJameis WinstonTBQB31.55QB05
OverallChase DanielCHIQB29.08QB06
OverallRyan FitzpatrickMIAQB28.90QB07
OverallKirk CousinsMINQB27.49QB08
OverallMatt RyanATLQB27.03QB09
OverallPatrick MahomesKCQB26.53QB10
OverallKyle AllenCARQB26.25QB11
OverallDeshaun WatsonHOUQB26.01QB12
OverallPhilip RiversLACQB25.38QB13
OverallDaniel JonesNYGQB24.98QB14
OverallLamar JacksonBALQB24.89QB15
OverallTom BradyNEQB24.29QB16
OverallJimmy GaroppoloSFQB23.76QB17
OverallSam DarnoldNYJQB23.63QB18
OverallKyler MurrayARIQB23.32QB19
OverallCarson WentzPHIQB22.89QB20
OverallDerek CarrOAKQB22.58QB21
OverallJosh AllenBUFQB22.44QB22
OverallAndy DaltonCINQB22.42QB23
OverallJoe FlaccoDENQB22.28QB24
OverallCase KeenumWASQB22.07QB25
OverallEli ManningNYGQB21.69QB26
OverallGardner MinshewJAXQB21.65QB27
OverallCam NewtonCARQB21.61QB28
OverallMarcus MariotaTENQB20.47QB29
OverallAaron RodgersGBQB20.11QB30
OverallMason RudolphPITQB19.93QB31
OverallTeddy BridgewaterNOQB19.26QB32
OverallMitchell TrubiskyCHIQB19.03QB33
OverallBaker MayfieldCLEQB18.79QB34
OverallJared GoffLARQB18.50QB35
OverallJacoby BrissettINDQB16.41QB36
OverallLuke FalkNYJQB14.46QB37
OverallBen RoethlisbergerPITQB13.02QB38
OverallJosh RosenMIAQB9.86QB39
OverallVance McDonaldPITTE45.36TE01
OverallDarren WallerOAKTE45.25TE02
OverallAustin HooperATLTE45.13TE03
OverallJordan AkinsHOUTE44.89TE04
OverallGeoff SwaimJAXTE44.49TE05
OverallTyler HigbeeLARTE42.60TE06
OverallWill DisslySEATE42.30TE07
OverallGeorge KittleSFTE42.06TE08
OverallHayden HurstBALTE41.35TE09
OverallJames O'ShaughnessyJAXTE40.72TE10
OverallJason WittenDALTE40.26TE11
OverallJack DoyleINDTE40.08TE12
OverallDarren FellsHOUTE38.12TE13
OverallO.J. HowardTBTE37.80TE14
OverallMark AndrewsBALTE37.79TE15
OverallEvan EngramNYGTE36.61TE16
OverallNoah FantDENTE36.40TE17
OverallVernon DavisWASTE35.77TE18
OverallGerald EverettLARTE35.41TE19
OverallDelanie WalkerTENTE35.02TE20
OverallNick BoyleBALTE34.93TE21
OverallDawson KnoxBUFTE34.29TE22
OverallTravis KelceKCTE34.09TE23
OverallMike GesickiMIATE33.02TE24
OverallJimmy GrahamGBTE33.02TE25
OverallJeremy SprinkleWASTE32.96TE26
OverallDallas GoedertPHITE32.42TE27
OverallT.J. HockensonDETTE31.18TE28
OverallRhett EllisonNYGTE31.03TE29
OverallTyler EifertCINTE30.85TE30
OverallGreg OlsenCARTE30.83TE31
OverallZach ErtzPHITE30.10TE32
OverallJared CookNOTE29.10TE33
OverallEric EbronINDTE28.80TE34
OverallTyler LockettSEAWR42.52WR01
OverallWillie SneadBALWR41.55WR02
OverallMohamed SanuATLWR41.36WR03
OverallT.Y. HiltonINDWR41.35WR04
OverallMecole HardmanKCWR40.24WR05
OverallSterling ShepardNYGWR39.43WR06
OverallDeebo SamuelSFWR38.92WR07
OverallMichael ThomasNOWR38.69WR08
OverallMarquise GoodwinSFWR38.23WR09
OverallChris GodwinTBWR37.97WR10
OverallDavante AdamsGBWR37.90WR11
OverallAdam HumphriesTENWR37.70WR12
OverallCole BeasleyBUFWR37.10WR13
OverallWill FullerHOUWR36.39WR14
OverallDanny AmendolaDETWR36.36WR15
OverallAlex EricksonCINWR36.33WR16
OverallAmari CooperDALWR36.23WR17
OverallJamison CrowderNYJWR36.11WR18
OverallKeke CouteeHOUWR35.65WR19
OverallJulian EdelmanNEWR35.55WR20
OverallSammy WatkinsKCWR35.35WR21
OverallAdam ThielenMINWR35.32WR22
OverallA.J. BrownTENWR35.31WR23
OverallD.J. CharkJAXWR35.22WR24
OverallCooper KuppLARWR35.14WR25
OverallCorey DavisTENWR35.14WR26
OverallDiontae JohnsonPITWR35.02WR27
OverallCourtland SuttonDENWR34.99WR28
OverallDeAndre HopkinsHOUWR34.85WR29
OverallRobert WoodsLARWR34.82WR30
OverallKeenan AllenLACWR34.72WR31
OverallDaeSean HamiltonDENWR34.62WR32
OverallRandall CobbDALWR34.57WR33
OverallPhillip DorsettNEWR34.56WR34
OverallCalvin RidleyATLWR34.50WR35
OverallJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR34.50WR36
OverallChristian KirkARIWR34.44WR37
OverallStefon DiggsMINWR34.37WR38
OverallJaron BrownSEAWR34.31WR39
OverallTyrell WilliamsOAKWR34.26WR40
OverallJohn BrownBUFWR34.24WR41
OverallJarvis LandryCLEWR34.13WR42
OverallNelson AgholorPHIWR33.93WR43
OverallTyler BoydCINWR33.92WR44
OverallLarry FitzgeraldARIWR33.81WR45
OverallDamiere ByrdARIWR33.69WR46
OverallAlshon JefferyPHIWR33.68WR47
OverallAnthony MillerCHIWR33.54WR48
OverallEmmanuel SandersDENWR33.51WR49
OverallMarvin JonesDETWR33.45WR50
OverallD.J. MooreCARWR33.09WR51
OverallGeronimo AllisonGBWR33.06WR52
OverallAllen RobinsonCHIWR33.04WR53
OverallMichael GallupDALWR32.97WR54
OverallDede WestbrookJAXWR32.89WR55
OverallPaul RichardsonWASWR32.76WR56
OverallJohn RossCINWR32.45WR57
OverallJarius WrightCARWR32.34WR58
OverallTrey QuinnWASWR32.03WR59
OverallBrandin CooksLARWR32.00WR60
OverallJulio JonesATLWR31.75WR61
OverallTed GinnNOWR31.55WR62
OverallBennie FowlerNYGWR30.95WR63
OverallMarquise BrownBALWR30.92WR64
OverallOdell BeckhamCLEWR30.92WR65
OverallJosh GordonNEWR30.27WR66
OverallGolden TateNYGWR30.09WR67
OverallHunter RenfrowOAKWR29.91WR68
OverallTerry McLaurinWASWR29.54WR69
OverallDemaryius ThomasNYJWR29.48WR70
OverallJakeem GrantMIAWR29.41WR71
OverallChris ConleyJAXWR29.38WR72
OverallDante PettisSFWR28.98WR73
OverallDarius SlaytonNYGWR28.93WR74
OverallRobby AndersonNYJWR28.67WR75
OverallAuden TateCINWR28.62WR76
OverallMack HollinsPHIWR28.30WR77
OverallCurtis SamuelCARWR28.17WR78
OverallKeeSean JohnsonARIWR27.82WR79
OverallDemarcus RobinsonKCWR27.71WR80
OverallDamion RatleyCLEWR27.26WR81
OverallD.K. MetcalfSEAWR27.25WR82
OverallJames WashingtonPITWR26.73WR83
OverallMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR26.54WR84
OverallMike WilliamsLACWR25.56WR85
OverallPreston WilliamsMIAWR25.34WR86
OverallMike EvansTBWR24.89WR87
OverallKenny GolladayDETWR24.81WR88
OverallDeVante ParkerMIAWR24.14WR89
OverallZay JonesBUFWR23.60WR90
OverallAlexander MattisonMINRB26.17RB01
OverallFrank GoreBUFRB25.21RB02
OverallLatavius MurrayNORB21.79RB03
OverallJon HillimanNYGRB20.20RB04
OverallRonald JonesTBRB19.81RB05
OverallLeonard FournetteJAXRB18.93RB06
OverallRaheem MostertSFRB18.79RB07
OverallDerrick HenryTENRB18.08RB08
OverallDalvin CookMINRB18.00RB09
OverallTevin ColemanSFRB17.93RB10
OverallGus EdwardsBALRB17.69RB11
OverallKerryon JohnsonDETRB17.00RB12
OverallMark IngramBALRB16.90RB13
OverallJosh JacobsOAKRB16.48RB14
OverallPeyton BarberTBRB16.02RB15
OverallMatt BreidaSFRB16.02RB16
OverallChristian McCaffreyCARRB15.83RB17
OverallSaquon BarkleyNYGRB15.29RB18
OverallDuke JohnsonHOURB15.09RB19
OverallChris CarsonSEARB14.73RB20
OverallSony MichelNERB14.31RB21
OverallAdrian PetersonWASRB14.21RB22
OverallCarlos HydeHOURB13.79RB23
OverallAlvin KamaraNORB13.73RB24
OverallDavid MontgomeryCHIRB13.53RB25
OverallNick ChubbCLERB13.23RB26
OverallDevonta FreemanATLRB12.95RB27
OverallLeSean McCoyKCRB12.76RB28
OverallEzekiel ElliottDALRB12.63RB29
OverallAaron JonesGBRB12.17RB30
OverallLe'Veon BellNYJRB11.48RB31
OverallMalcolm BrownLARRB11.33RB32
OverallMarlon MackINDRB11.20RB33
OverallJames ConnerPITRB11.07RB34
OverallKenyan DrakeMIARB10.78RB35
OverallJordan HowardPHIRB10.71RB36
OverallPhillip LindsayDENRB10.54RB37
OverallTony PollardDALRB9.19RB38
OverallTodd GurleyLARRB8.86RB39
OverallRoyce FreemanDENRB8.61RB40
OverallAustin EkelerLACRB8.61RB41
OverallDavid JohnsonARIRB8.55RB42
OverallJoe MixonCINRB7.21RB43
OverallMiles SandersPHIRB5.60RB44
OverallDamien WilliamsKCRB1.94RB45
Week 6Alexander MattisonMINRB38.37RB01
Week 6Phillip LindsayDENRB20.62RB02
Week 6Jon HillimanNYGRB20.44RB03
Week 6Nick ChubbCLERB20.26RB04
Week 6Devonta FreemanATLRB19.16RB05
Week 6Chris CarsonSEARB19.15RB06
Week 6Kenyan DrakeMIARB16.99RB07
Week 6Adrian PetersonWASRB16.91RB08
Week 6Malcolm BrownLARRB16.67RB09
Week 6Tevin ColemanSFRB16.43RB10
Week 6Leonard FournetteJAXRB16.20RB11
Week 6Dalvin CookMINRB15.50RB12
Week 6David JohnsonARIRB14.10RB13
Week 6Mark IngramBALRB13.67RB14
Week 6Le'Veon BellNYJRB13.11RB15
Week 6Sony MichelNERB11.94RB16
Week 6Carlos HydeHOURB11.86RB17
Week 6Royce FreemanDENRB9.15RB18
Week 6Jordan HowardPHIRB7.44RB19
Week 6Ezekiel ElliottDALRB7.06RB20
Week 6Alvin KamaraNORB6.71RB21
Week 6James ConnerPITRB6.34RB22
Week 6Matt BreidaSFRB5.83RB23
Week 6Derrick HenryTENRB4.68RB24
Week 6Christian McCaffreyCARRB0.45RB25
Week 6Austin HooperATLTE52.31TE01
Week 6George KittleSFTE51.50TE02
Week 6Darren FellsHOUTE44.34TE03
Week 6Mark AndrewsBALTE43.08TE04
Week 6Travis KelceKCTE40.45TE05
Week 6Dallas GoedertPHITE37.01TE06
Week 6Jason WittenDALTE35.51TE07
Week 6Greg OlsenCARTE31.17TE08
Week 6Delanie WalkerTENTE30.86TE09
Week 6Mike GesickiMIATE29.16TE10
Week 6Ricky Seals-JonesCLETE27.17TE11
Week 6Gerald EverettLARTE25.50TE12
Week 6Zach ErtzPHITE24.92TE13
Week 6Rhett EllisonNYGTE22.73TE14
Week 6Tyler LockettSEAWR49.05WR01
Week 6Albert WilsonMIAWR45.28WR02
Week 6Adam HumphriesTENWR44.37WR03
Week 6Julio JonesATLWR42.76WR04
Week 6Adam ThielenMINWR42.42WR05
Week 6Chris GodwinTBWR41.46WR06
Week 6Tavon AustinDALWR41.33WR07
Week 6Alshon JefferyPHIWR40.95WR08
Week 6Willie SneadBALWR40.71WR09
Week 6Keke CouteeHOUWR40.64WR10
Week 6Ced WilsonDALWR39.69WR11
Week 6D.K. MetcalfSEAWR38.99WR12
Week 6Michael ThomasNOWR38.27WR13
Week 6DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR36.58WR14
Week 6Nelson AgholorPHIWR36.39WR15
Week 6Corey DavisTENWR35.79WR16
Week 6Robby AndersonNYJWR35.79WR17
Week 6Will FullerHOUWR35.63WR18
Week 6Jamison CrowderNYJWR35.59WR19
Week 6Larry FitzgeraldARIWR35.45WR20
Week 6Calvin RidleyATLWR35.41WR21
Week 6Demaryius ThomasNYJWR35.16WR22
Week 6Stefon DiggsMINWR34.74WR23
Week 6Curtis SamuelCARWR32.73WR24
Week 6Julian EdelmanNEWR32.71WR25
Week 6Deebo SamuelSFWR32.42WR26
Week 6Alex EricksonCINWR32.31WR27
Week 6D.J. CharkJAXWR32.03WR28
Week 6D.J. MooreCARWR31.77WR29
Week 6Cooper KuppLARWR30.83WR30
Week 6Golden TateNYGWR30.63WR31
Week 6Odell BeckhamCLEWR28.82WR32
Week 6Jaron BrownSEAWR28.56WR33
Week 6Dante PettisSFWR27.94WR34
Week 6Jarvis LandryCLEWR27.87WR35
Week 6Michael GallupDALWR27.74WR36
Week 6Courtland SuttonDENWR27.67WR37
Week 6Tyreek HillKCWR27.63WR38
Week 6Terry McLaurinWASWR27.51WR39
Week 6Mike EvansTBWR25.35WR40
Week 6Dede WestbrookJAXWR24.86WR41
Week 6Tyler BoydCINWR24.39WR42
Week 6KeeSean JohnsonARIWR24.35WR43
Week 6Scott MillerTBWR21.72WR44
Week 6Darius SlaytonNYGWR20.47WR45
Week 6Auden TateCINWR19.84WR46
Week 6Preston WilliamsMIAWR17.90WR47
Week 6Ted GinnNOWR17.90WR48
Week 6Kirk CousinsMINQB47.48QB01
Week 6Sam DarnoldNYJQB39.21QB02
Week 6Ryan FitzpatrickMIAQB38.77QB03
Week 6Matt RyanATLQB37.06QB04
Week 6Ryan TannehillTENQB36.97QB05
Week 6Russell WilsonSEAQB31.21QB06
Week 6Jameis WinstonTBQB31.14QB07
Week 6Philip RiversLACQB29.88QB08
Week 6Dak PrescottDALQB29.69QB09
Week 6Kyler MurrayARIQB28.78QB10
Week 6Kyle AllenCARQB27.55QB11
Week 6Andy DaltonCINQB25.30QB12
Week 6Daniel JonesNYGQB24.96QB13
Week 6Carson WentzPHIQB22.12QB14
Week 6Case KeenumWASQB21.21QB15
Week 6Tom BradyNEQB21.13QB16
Week 6Joe FlaccoDENQB20.95QB17
Week 6Baker MayfieldCLEQB20.49QB18
Week 6Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB19.63QB19
Week 6Deshaun WatsonHOUQB19.19QB20
Week 6Lamar JacksonBALQB18.85QB21
Week 6Teddy BridgewaterNOQB16.00QB22
Week 6Patrick MahomesKCQB14.47QB23
Week 6Gardner MinshewJAXQB5.55QB24
Week 6Jared GoffLARQB3.85QB25
Week 6Josh RosenMIAQB1.01QB26
Week 6Marcus MariotaTENQB-1.79QB27
Week 5Sony MichelNERB34.21RB01
Week 5Matt BreidaSFRB27.08RB02
Week 5Frank GoreBUFRB24.48RB03
Week 5Tevin ColemanSFRB23.26RB04
Week 5Le'Veon BellNYJRB23.04RB05
Week 5Carlos HydeHOURB22.78RB06
Week 5Christian McCaffreyCARRB22.04RB07
Week 5Leonard FournetteJAXRB20.81RB08
Week 5Chris CarsonSEARB19.19RB09
Week 5Aaron JonesGBRB18.31RB10
Week 5Derrick HenryTENRB18.07RB11
Week 5Josh JacobsOAKRB17.64RB12
Week 5Ezekiel ElliottDALRB14.71RB13
Week 5David MontgomeryCHIRB14.50RB14
Week 5Joe MixonCINRB14.10RB15
Week 5Dalvin CookMINRB14.01RB16
Week 5Jordan HowardPHIRB13.00RB17
Week 5Phillip LindsayDENRB12.26RB18
Week 5Nick ChubbCLERB11.89RB19
Week 5Todd GurleyLARRB11.24RB20
Week 5James ConnerPITRB10.62RB21
Week 5Marlon MackINDRB9.44RB22
Week 5Royce FreemanDENRB8.81RB23
Week 5David JohnsonARIRB8.24RB24
Week 5Melvin GordonLACRB5.81RB25
Week 5Alvin KamaraNORB5.63RB26
Week 5Mark IngramBALRB5.57RB27
Week 5Devonta FreemanATLRB0.38RB28
Week 5Darren WallerOAKTE38.95TE01
Week 5Austin HooperATLTE38.06TE02
Week 5George KittleSFTE37.69TE03
Week 5Mark AndrewsBALTE36.81TE04
Week 5Gerald EverettLARTE36.60TE05
Week 5Zach ErtzPHITE32.91TE06
Week 5Jared CookNOTE30.95TE07
Week 5Evan EngramNYGTE27.48TE08
Week 5Dawson KnoxBUFTE23.02TE09
Week 5Travis KelceKCTE22.23TE10
Week 5Mohamed SanuATLWR51.07WR01
Week 5John BrownBUFWR49.23WR02
Week 5Will FullerHOUWR47.81WR03
Week 5JuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR47.41WR04
Week 5Julian EdelmanNEWR46.66WR05
Week 5Byron PringleKCWR43.90WR06
Week 5Adam ThielenMINWR42.95WR07
Week 5Willie SneadBALWR41.85WR08
Week 5DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR40.51WR09
Week 5Amari CooperDALWR40.24WR10
Week 5Alshon JefferyPHIWR39.71WR11
Week 5Michael ThomasNOWR38.44WR12
Week 5D.J. CharkJAXWR38.30WR13
Week 5Mecole HardmanKCWR37.92WR14
Week 5Dede WestbrookJAXWR36.97WR15
Week 5Courtland SuttonDENWR36.94WR16
Week 5Chris GodwinTBWR36.51WR17
Week 5Tyler BoydCINWR36.32WR18
Week 5D.J. MooreCARWR35.87WR19
Week 5Anthony MillerCHIWR35.31WR20
Week 5Sterling ShepardNYGWR34.91WR21
Week 5Jarvis LandryCLEWR34.90WR22
Week 5Calvin RidleyATLWR34.55WR23
Week 5Darius SlaytonNYGWR34.15WR24
Week 5Adam HumphriesTENWR34.05WR25
Week 5Larry FitzgeraldARIWR33.72WR26
Week 5Allen RobinsonCHIWR32.60WR27
Week 5James WashingtonPITWR32.44WR28
Week 5Josh GordonNEWR32.26WR29
Week 5Robert WoodsLARWR31.02WR30
Week 5Cooper KuppLARWR30.67WR31
Week 5Marquise BrownBALWR30.48WR32
Week 5Keenan AllenLACWR28.92WR33
Week 5Golden TateNYGWR28.37WR34
Week 5Curtis SamuelCARWR28.36WR35
Week 5Randall CobbDALWR27.74WR36
Week 5Demaryius ThomasNYJWR27.63WR37
Week 5Diontae JohnsonPITWR27.55WR38
Week 5Odell BeckhamCLEWR26.25WR39
Week 5KeeSean JohnsonARIWR26.24WR40
Week 5Michael GallupDALWR25.63WR41
Week 5Demarcus RobinsonKCWR23.60WR42
Week 5Hunter RenfrowOAKWR23.44WR43
Week 5Mike WilliamsLACWR21.82WR44
Week 5Terry McLaurinWASWR21.40WR45
Week 5Auden TateCINWR21.19WR46
Week 5Geronimo AllisonGBWR21.14WR47
Week 5Julio JonesATLWR18.86WR48
Week 5Kirk CousinsMINQB47.48QB01
Week 5Dak PrescottDALQB43.44QB01
Week 5Deshaun WatsonHOUQB41.47QB02
Week 5Russell WilsonSEAQB41.46QB03
Week 5Kirk CousinsMINQB37.26QB04
Week 5Kyler MurrayARIQB36.09QB05
Week 5Andy DaltonCINQB34.04QB06
Week 5Teddy BridgewaterNOQB31.99QB07
Week 5Chase DanielCHIQB30.22QB08
Week 5Patrick MahomesKCQB27.33QB09
Week 5Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB26.94QB10
Week 5Tom BradyNEQB25.45QB11
Week 5Gardner MinshewJAXQB25.03QB12
Week 5Mason RudolphPITQB24.99QB13
Week 5Joe FlaccoDENQB22.97QB14
Week 5Colt McCoyWASQB22.33QB15
Week 5Daniel JonesNYGQB21.53QB16
Week 5Derek CarrOAKQB21.50QB17
Week 5Lamar JacksonBALQB21.32QB18
Week 5Matt RyanATLQB20.60QB19
Week 5Josh AllenBUFQB19.79QB20
Week 5Marcus MariotaTENQB18.95QB21
Week 5Kyle AllenCARQB18.61QB22
Week 5Jameis WinstonTBQB18.29QB23
Week 5Jared GoffLARQB18.06QB24
Week 5Carson WentzPHIQB14.28QB25
Week 5Philip RiversLACQB13.62QB26
Week 5Aaron RodgersGBQB12.78QB27
Week 5Luke FalkNYJQB10.18QB28
Week 5Jacoby BrissettINDQB7.97QB29
Week 5Baker MayfieldCLEQB6.22QB30
Week 4Derrick HenryTENRB30.29RB01
Week 4Wayne GallmanNYGRB23.53RB02
Week 4Jon HillimanNYGRB22.92RB03
Week 4Leonard FournetteJAXRB22.57RB04
Week 4Sony MichelNERB21.95RB05
Week 4Ronald JonesTBRB20.51RB06
Week 4Frank GoreBUFRB19.60RB07
Week 4Jaylen SamuelsPITRB18.40RB08
Week 4Chris CarsonSEARB17.78RB09
Week 4Carlos HydeHOURB17.16RB10
Week 4Nick ChubbCLERB16.11RB11
Week 4Mark IngramBALRB15.49RB12
Week 4Adrian PetersonWASRB13.07RB13
Week 4Dalvin CookMINRB12.44RB14
Week 4Austin EkelerLACRB12.32RB15
Week 4Alvin KamaraNORB11.87RB16
Week 4Kerryon JohnsonDETRB11.84RB17
Week 4David MontgomeryCHIRB11.80RB18
Week 4Jordan HowardPHIRB11.12RB19
Week 4James ConnerPITRB11.10RB20
Week 4LeSean McCoyKCRB10.68RB21
Week 4Marlon MackINDRB10.53RB22
Week 4David JohnsonARIRB10.47RB23
Week 4Christian McCaffreyCARRB10.43RB24
Week 4Troymaine PopeLACRB9.46RB25
Week 4Miles SandersPHIRB9.37RB26
Week 4Josh JacobsOAKRB7.98RB27
Week 4Devonta FreemanATLRB7.56RB28
Week 4Joe MixonCINRB7.43RB29
Week 4Ezekiel ElliottDALRB5.24RB30
Week 4Aaron JonesGBRB2.41RB31
Week 4Josh RosenMIAQB18.63QB01
Week 4Tom BradyNEQB6.73QB02
Week 4Baker MayfieldCLEQB15.89QB03
Week 4Carson WentzPHIQB22.33QB04
Week 4Philip RiversLACQB34.52QB05
Week 4Teddy BridgewaterNOQB25.54QB06
Week 4Jameis WinstonTBQB35.56QB07
Week 4Dwayne HaskinsWASQB9.49QB08
Week 4Patrick MahomesKCQB21.05QB09
Week 4Russell WilsonSEAQB35.01QB10
Week 4Deshaun WatsonHOUQB13.66QB11
Week 4Matt RyanATLQB20.97QB12
Week 4Kirk CousinsMINQB16.05QB13
Week 4Daniel JonesNYGQB21.08QB14
Week 4Aaron RodgersGBQB25.22QB15
Week 4Lamar JacksonBALQB23.30QB16
Week 4Marcus MariotaTENQB32.08QB17
Week 4Josh AllenBUFQB22.78QB18
Week 4Chase DanielCHIQB27.56QB19
Week 4Matthew StaffordDETQB42.90QB20
Week 4Dak PrescottDALQB32.04QB21
Week 4Andy DaltonCINQB15.66QB22
Week 4Joe FlaccoDENQB21.48QB23
Week 4Matt BarkleyBUFQB22.73QB24
Week 4Kyler MurrayARIQB6.50QB25
Week 4Jared GoffLARQB23.64QB26
Week 4Derek CarrOAKQB19.32QB27
Week 4Kyle AllenCARQB24.30QB28
Week 4Mason RudolphPITQB19.44QB29
Week 4Gardner MinshewJAXQB24.21QB30
Week 4Jacoby BrissettINDQB14.15QB31
Week 4Austin HooperATLTE47.33TE01
Week 4Darren WallerOAKTE43.45TE02
Week 4Will DisslySEATE43.16TE03
Week 4Travis KelceKCTE42.40TE04
Week 4Zach ErtzPHITE39.18TE05
Week 4Gerald EverettLARTE33.29TE06
Week 4Evan EngramNYGTE32.10TE07
Week 4Tyler HigbeeLARTE31.34TE08
Week 4Jimmy GrahamGBTE30.70TE09
Week 4Eric EbronINDTE30.48TE10
Week 4Mark AndrewsBALTE28.68TE11
Week 4Jack DoyleINDTE25.82TE12
Week 4Jared CookNOTE25.76TE13
Week 4Tyler EifertCINTE16.85TE14
Week 4Larry FitzgeraldARIWR56.62WR01
Week 4Diontae JohnsonPITWR53.35WR02
Week 4Keenan AllenLACWR50.62WR03
Week 4Jarvis LandryCLEWR48.92WR04
Week 4Stefon DiggsMINWR46.58WR05
Week 4Corey DavisTENWR46.19WR06
Week 4Jarius WrightCARWR45.12WR07
Week 4Michael ThomasNOWR44.58WR08
Week 4Robert WoodsLARWR44.53WR09
Week 4Allen RobinsonCHIWR43.55WR10
Week 4Dede WestbrookJAXWR42.85WR11
Week 4Chris GodwinTBWR41.53WR12
Week 4DaeSean HamiltonDENWR40.39WR13
Week 4Davante AdamsGBWR39.86WR14
Week 4Seth RobertsBALWR39.24WR15
Week 4Mohamed SanuATLWR38.46WR16
Week 4Christian KirkARIWR37.41WR17
Week 4Brandin CooksLARWR35.83WR18
Week 4D.J. MooreCARWR35.65WR19
Week 4Javon WimsCHIWR35.60WR20
Week 4Sterling ShepardNYGWR35.34WR21
Week 4Courtland SuttonDENWR33.62WR22
Week 4Auden TateCINWR32.64WR23
Week 4Emmanuel SandersDENWR31.81WR24
Week 4DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR31.79WR25
Week 4Paul RichardsonWASWR31.68WR26
Week 4Cooper KuppLARWR31.51WR27
Week 4Mike EvansTBWR31.41WR28
Week 4Parris CampbellINDWR31.37WR29
Week 4Cole BeasleyBUFWR31.28WR30
Week 4Dontrelle InmanLACWR31.05WR31
Week 4Preston WilliamsMIAWR30.96WR32
Week 4Julian EdelmanNEWR30.77WR33
Week 4Zach PascalINDWR30.66WR34
Week 4Ted GinnNOWR30.16WR35
Week 4Josh GordonNEWR29.56WR36
Week 4Marquise BrownBALWR29.33WR37
Week 4Amari CooperDALWR27.18WR38
Week 4Tyler BoydCINWR26.69WR39
Week 4Sammy WatkinsKCWR26.33WR40
Week 4Julio JonesATLWR26.02WR41
Week 4Mecole HardmanKCWR25.90WR42
Week 4Will FullerHOUWR25.81WR43
Week 4Chester RogersINDWR25.73WR44
Week 4Randall CobbDALWR25.67WR45
Week 4D.J. CharkJAXWR25.60WR46
Week 4Calvin RidleyATLWR25.49WR47
Week 4Marvin JonesDETWR25.09WR48
Week 4Demarcus RobinsonKCWR25.03WR49
Week 4Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR24.42WR50
Week 4Kenny GolladayDETWR24.38WR51
Week 4John BrownBUFWR24.12WR52
Week 4John RossCINWR23.71WR53
Week 4Tyrell WilliamsOAKWR22.51WR54
Week 4Alshon JefferyPHIWR20.57WR55
Week 4Curtis SamuelCARWR17.83WR56
Week 4Zay JonesBUFWR17.26WR57
Week 4Odell BeckhamCLEWR16.33WR58
Week 4Adam ThielenMINWR15.93WR59
Week 4Phillip DorsettNEWR13.30WR60
Week 4Deon CainINDWR5.60WR61
Week 3Darren WallerOAKTE49.35TE01
Week 3Nick BoyleBALTE48.30TE02
Week 3Jordan AkinsHOUTE47.62TE03
Week 3Austin HooperATLTE46.02TE04
Week 3Evan EngramNYGTE45.64TE05
Week 3Darren FellsHOUTE42.14TE06
Week 3Will DisslySEATE40.98TE07
Week 3Greg OlsenCARTE40.47TE08
Week 3Travis KelceKCTE39.99TE09
Week 3Delanie WalkerTENTE39.71TE10
Week 3George KittleSFTE33.56TE11
Week 3Zach ErtzPHITE32.73TE12
Week 3Hayden HurstBALTE24.33TE13
Week 3Mark AndrewsBALTE20.60TE14
Week 3Phillip DorsettNEWR47.47WR01
Week 3Mohamed SanuATLWR45.78WR02
Week 3Mecole HardmanKCWR45.23WR03
Week 3Cooper KuppLARWR44.92WR04
Week 3Amari CooperDALWR43.93WR05
Week 3Christian KirkARIWR43.54WR06
Week 3Paul RichardsonWASWR43.13WR07
Week 3J.J. NelsonOAKWR42.94WR08
Week 3DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR42.93WR09
Week 3Taylor GabrielCHIWR42.93WR10
Week 3Allen RobinsonCHIWR42.06WR11
Week 3Danny AmendolaDETWR41.39WR12
Week 3Courtland SuttonDENWR41.25WR13
Week 3Tyler LockettSEAWR41.02WR14
Week 3Sterling ShepardNYGWR40.94WR15
Week 3Michael ThomasNOWR40.48WR16
Week 3Julio JonesATLWR40.35WR17
Week 3Keenan AllenLACWR39.91WR18
Week 3T.Y. HiltonINDWR37.67WR19
Week 3Cole BeasleyBUFWR37.06WR20
Week 3Willie SneadBALWR36.84WR21
Week 3Auden TateCINWR36.65WR22
Week 3JuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR36.43WR23
Week 3Nelson AgholorPHIWR36.02WR24
Week 3Terry McLaurinWASWR35.92WR25
Week 3Odell BeckhamCLEWR35.24WR26
Week 3Julian EdelmanNEWR35.22WR27
Week 3Kenny StillsHOUWR35.08WR28
Week 3Dante PettisSFWR34.80WR29
Week 3Trey QuinnWASWR34.80WR30
Week 3Curtis SamuelCARWR34.71WR31
Week 3Larry FitzgeraldARIWR34.62WR32
Week 3D.J. CharkJAXWR34.55WR33
Week 3John BrownBUFWR34.15WR34
Week 3Adam HumphriesTENWR33.75WR35
Week 3Robby AndersonNYJWR33.46WR36
Week 3Marvin JonesDETWR33.37WR37
Week 3Will FullerHOUWR33.33WR38
Week 3Brandin CooksLARWR33.03WR39
Week 3Dede WestbrookJAXWR32.33WR40
Week 3Diontae JohnsonPITWR31.76WR41
Week 3Darius SlaytonNYGWR31.11WR42
Week 3Adam ThielenMINWR30.29WR43
Week 3DeVante ParkerMIAWR30.26WR44
Week 3Jakeem GrantMIAWR30.17WR45
Week 3Jaron BrownSEAWR30.03WR46
Week 3Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR29.25WR47
Week 3Mack HollinsPHIWR29.23WR48
Week 3Tyler BoydCINWR29.09WR49
Week 3James WashingtonPITWR28.42WR50
Week 3Sammy WatkinsKCWR28.29WR51
Week 3Chris GodwinTBWR28.21WR52
Week 3Mike EvansTBWR27.30WR53
Week 3Damion RatleyCLEWR27.17WR54
Week 3Jarvis LandryCLEWR26.48WR55
Week 3Josh GordonNEWR26.20WR56
Week 3Devin SmithDALWR24.55WR57
Week 3Braxton BerriosNYJWR23.82WR58
Week 3D.K. MetcalfSEAWR23.30WR59
Week 3Ted GinnNOWR20.93WR60
Week 3Mike WilliamsLACWR20.15WR61
Week 3Emmanuel SandersDENWR20.12WR62
Week 3Robert WoodsLARWR20.01WR63
Week 3Jamison CrowderNYJWR19.13WR64
Week 3John RossCINWR18.06WR65
Week 3Preston WilliamsMIAWR17.91WR66
Week 3Travis BenjaminLACWR17.15WR67
Week 3Marquise BrownBALWR14.54WR68
Week 3Russell ShepardNYGWR12.95WR69
Week 3Kenny GolladayDETWR12.15WR70
Week 3A.J. BrownTENWR9.45WR71
Week 3Frank GoreBUFRB29.32RB01
Week 3Ronald JonesTBRB26.02RB02
Week 3David MontgomeryCHIRB23.98RB03
Week 3Mark IngramBALRB23.56RB04
Week 3Marlon MackINDRB22.87RB05
Week 3Christian McCaffreyCARRB22.84RB06
Week 3Alvin KamaraNORB21.06RB07
Week 3Kerryon JohnsonDETRB20.89RB08
Week 3Devonta FreemanATLRB20.82RB09
Week 3Josh JacobsOAKRB20.72RB10
Week 3Leonard FournetteJAXRB20.54RB11
Week 3Dalvin CookMINRB18.95RB12
Week 3Raheem MostertSFRB14.34RB13
Week 3Ezekiel ElliottDALRB12.99RB14
Week 3Tony PollardDALRB12.52RB15
Week 3Alexander MattisonMINRB12.14RB16
Week 3Jamaal WilliamsGBRB11.26RB17
Week 3Adrian PetersonWASRB11.19RB18
Week 3Peyton BarberTBRB11.16RB19
Week 3Jordan HowardPHIRB10.08RB20
Week 3Rex BurkheadNERB10.02RB21
Week 3Chris CarsonSEARB9.83RB22
Week 3Nick ChubbCLERB9.59RB23
Week 3Kenyan DrakeMIARB8.98RB24
Week 3James ConnerPITRB8.92RB25
Week 3Matt BreidaSFRB7.74RB26
Week 3Phillip LindsayDENRB7.03RB27
Week 3Royce FreemanDENRB6.79RB28
Week 3David JohnsonARIRB6.60RB29
Week 3Joe MixonCINRB6.08RB30
Week 3Todd GurleyLARRB5.99RB31
Week 3Derrick HenryTENRB5.66RB32
Week 3Miles SandersPHIRB5.44RB33
Week 3Le'Veon BellNYJRB5.32RB34
Week 3Aaron JonesGBRB-2.14RB35
Week 3Carlos HydeHOURB-3.61RB36
Week 3Jameis WinstonTBQB51.20QB01
Week 3Matt RyanATLQB39.52QB02
Week 3Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB37.33QB03
Week 3Russell WilsonSEAQB37.23QB04
Week 3Kyle AllenCARQB35.16QB05
Week 3Daniel JonesNYGQB34.84QB06
Week 3Patrick MahomesKCQB33.68QB07
Week 3Marcus MariotaTENQB29.87QB08
Week 3Philip RiversLACQB27.77QB09
Week 3Tom BradyNEQB27.14QB10
Week 3Jared GoffLARQB27.13QB11
Week 3Matthew StaffordDETQB26.91QB12
Week 3Derek CarrOAKQB26.28QB13
Week 3Aaron RodgersGBQB24.75QB14
Week 3Dak PrescottDALQB24.42QB15
Week 3Jacoby BrissettINDQB24.17QB16
Week 3Josh AllenBUFQB23.94QB17
Week 3Deshaun WatsonHOUQB23.37QB18
Week 3Kirk CousinsMINQB22.27QB19
Week 3Mitchell TrubiskyCHIQB21.96QB20
Week 3Joe FlaccoDENQB20.86QB21
Week 3Case KeenumWASQB20.84QB22
Week 3Baker MayfieldCLEQB20.58QB23
Week 3Carson WentzPHIQB20.26QB24
Week 3Andy DaltonCINQB19.99QB25
Week 3Gardner MinshewJAXQB18.72QB26
Week 3Lamar JacksonBALQB16.56QB27
Week 3Mason RudolphPITQB14.25QB28
Week 3Josh RosenMIAQB11.60QB29
Week 3Kyler MurrayARIQB8.37QB30
Week 3Teddy BridgewaterNOQB6.46QB31
Week 3Luke FalkNYJQB5.90QB32
Week 2Dak PrescottDALQB40.90QB01
Week 2Tom BradyNEQB39.45QB02
Week 2Patrick MahomesKCQB38.69QB03
Week 2Matthew StaffordDETQB37.16QB04
Week 2Russell WilsonSEAQB37.08QB05
Week 2Jameis WinstonTBQB34.74QB06
Week 2Kyler MurrayARIQB30.42QB07
Week 2Philip RiversLACQB29.42QB08
Week 2Case KeenumWASQB26.93QB09
Week 2Deshaun WatsonHOUQB26.80QB10
Week 2Josh AllenBUFQB25.81QB11
Week 2Luke FalkNYJQB25.63QB12
Week 2Baker MayfieldCLEQB25.18QB13
Week 2Eli ManningNYGQB24.69QB14
Week 2Cam NewtonCARQB24.52QB15
Week 2Matt RyanATLQB24.14QB16
Week 2Mason RudolphPITQB23.64QB17
Week 2Carson WentzPHIQB23.41QB18
Week 2Lamar JacksonBALQB23.02QB19
Week 2Jared GoffLARQB22.61QB20
Week 2Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB19.63QB21
Week 2Joe FlaccoDENQB18.65QB22
Week 2Gardner MinshewJAXQB17.55QB23
Week 2Aaron RodgersGBQB16.09QB24
Week 2Josh RosenMIAQB15.65QB25
Week 2Marcus MariotaTENQB15.00QB26
Week 2Kirk CousinsMINQB14.78QB27
Week 2Andy DaltonCINQB14.09QB28
Week 2Teddy BridgewaterNOQB12.88QB29
Week 2Derek CarrOAKQB10.07QB30
Week 2Ryan FitzpatrickMIAQB9.45QB31
Week 2Mitchell TrubiskyCHIQB7.25QB32
Week 2Jacoby BrissettINDQB4.46QB33
Week 2Ben RoethlisbergerPITQB-0.13QB34
Week 2Vance McDonaldPITTE49.36TE01
Week 2Darren WallerOAKTE49.28TE02
Week 2Will DisslySEATE47.84TE03
Week 2Mark AndrewsBALTE45.95TE04
Week 2Jeff HeuermanDENTE40.28TE05
Week 2Evan EngramNYGTE38.21TE06
Week 2Travis KelceKCTE37.03TE07
Week 2Tyler EifertCINTE34.43TE08
Week 2Delanie WalkerTENTE33.49TE09
Week 2Derek CarrierOAKTE33.22TE10
Week 2Greg OlsenCARTE32.21TE11
Week 2Austin HooperATLTE31.99TE12
Week 2Zach ErtzPHITE24.22TE13
Week 2Jared CookNOTE21.01TE14
Week 2Tyler BoydCINWR48.47WR01
Week 2Deebo SamuelSFWR48.17WR02
Week 2Mecole HardmanKCWR43.41WR03
Week 2Chris GodwinTBWR43.19WR04
Week 2Emmanuel SandersDENWR42.58WR05
Week 2Christian KirkARIWR42.29WR06
Week 2Randall CobbDALWR42.16WR07
Week 2Demarcus RobinsonKCWR42.00WR08
Week 2Tyler LockettSEAWR40.30WR09
Week 2Chris ConleyJAXWR40.13WR10
Week 2John BrownBUFWR40.02WR11
Week 2Corey DavisTENWR39.80WR12
Week 2Calvin RidleyATLWR39.71WR13
Week 2Damiere ByrdARIWR39.58WR14
Week 2Amari CooperDALWR38.87WR15
Week 2John RossCINWR38.49WR16
Week 2Nelson AgholorPHIWR38.31WR17
Week 2Davante AdamsGBWR38.08WR18
Week 2Odell BeckhamCLEWR38.06WR19
Week 2Michael ThomasNOWR37.26WR20
Week 2Cooper KuppLARWR37.22WR21
Week 2T.Y. HiltonINDWR36.86WR22
Week 2D.J. CharkJAXWR36.49WR23
Week 2Preston WilliamsMIAWR36.26WR24
Week 2Tyrell WilliamsOAKWR36.23WR25
Week 2Michael GallupDALWR35.99WR26
Week 2Kenny GolladayDETWR35.47WR27
Week 2Mack HollinsPHIWR35.36WR28
Week 2Marquise BrownBALWR35.12WR29
Week 2Marvin JonesDETWR34.42WR30
Week 2A.J. BrownTENWR34.18WR31
Week 2Julio JonesATLWR33.54WR32
Week 2JuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR32.44WR33
Week 2Adam ThielenMINWR32.21WR34
Week 2Jamison CrowderNYJWR31.68WR35
Week 2Larry FitzgeraldARIWR31.27WR36
Week 2Mohamed SanuATLWR31.18WR37
Week 2Jakeem GrantMIAWR30.65WR38
Week 2Robby AndersonNYJWR30.30WR39
Week 2Sammy WatkinsKCWR30.26WR40
Week 2Courtland SuttonDENWR30.20WR41
Week 2D.J. MooreCARWR29.85WR42
Week 2DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR29.70WR43
Week 2Allen RobinsonCHIWR29.46WR44
Week 2Trey QuinnWASWR28.75WR45
Week 2Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR28.31WR46
Week 2Hunter RenfrowOAKWR28.23WR47
Week 2Cody CoreNYGWR26.95WR48
Week 2DaeSean HamiltonDENWR26.36WR49
Week 2Bennie FowlerNYGWR26.27WR50
Week 2Cody LatimerNYGWR25.98WR51
Week 2Josh GordonNEWR25.64WR52
Week 2Mike WilliamsLACWR25.50WR53
Week 2Jarvis LandryCLEWR25.34WR54
Week 2Antonio BrownNEWR25.16WR55
Week 2Terry McLaurinWASWR24.37WR56
Week 2Curtis SamuelCARWR24.23WR57
Week 2Will FullerHOUWR24.20WR58
Week 2Keenan AllenLACWR23.89WR59
Week 2D.K. MetcalfSEAWR23.74WR60
Week 2Mike EvansTBWR22.89WR61
Week 2Jarius WrightCARWR18.35WR62
Week 2Dede WestbrookJAXWR12.69WR63
Week 2Ryan GrantOAKWR12.00WR64
Week 2Stefon DiggsMINWR10.25WR65
Week 2DeVante ParkerMIAWR3.85WR66
Week 2Frank GoreBUFRB36.41RB01
Week 2Jeff WilsonSFRB33.98RB02
Week 2James ConnerPITRB30.75RB03
Week 2Matt BreidaSFRB30.02RB04
Week 2Raheem MostertSFRB25.15RB05
Week 2Ezekiel ElliottDALRB24.76RB06
Week 2Mark IngramBALRB21.42RB07
Week 2Alvin KamaraNORB20.60RB08
Week 2Aaron JonesGBRB18.37RB09
Week 2Peyton BarberTBRB17.38RB10
Week 2Josh JacobsOAKRB16.01RB11
Week 2Dalvin CookMINRB15.77RB12
Week 2Derrick HenryTENRB15.40RB13
Week 2Adrian PetersonWASRB15.09RB14
Week 2Saquon BarkleyNYGRB13.02RB15
Week 2Rashaad PennySEARB12.24RB16
Week 2Leonard FournetteJAXRB12.13RB17
Week 2Nick ChubbCLERB11.49RB18
Week 2Carlos HydeHOURB11.18RB19
Week 2Devonta FreemanATLRB11.15RB20
Week 2Sony MichelNERB10.43RB21
Week 2David MontgomeryCHIRB10.12RB22
Week 2Le'Veon BellNYJRB9.23RB23
Week 2Kerryon JohnsonDETRB8.60RB24
Week 2Royce FreemanDENRB8.51RB25
Week 2Chris CarsonSEARB7.98RB26
Week 2Todd GurleyLARRB4.98RB27
Week 2Austin EkelerLACRB4.64RB28
Week 2Christian McCaffreyCARRB3.55RB29
Week 2Miles SandersPHIRB1.26RB30
Week 2LeSean McCoyKCRB1.02RB31
Week 2Marlon MackINDRB-0.17RB32
Week 2Phillip LindsayDENRB-0.74RB33
Week 2Joe MixonCINRB-4.08RB34
Week 1C.J. AndersonDETRB31.17RB01
Week 1Saquon BarkleyNYGRB29.69RB02
Week 1Dalvin CookMINRB25.77RB03
Week 1Kerryon JohnsonDETRB24.47RB04
Week 1Christian McCaffreyCARRB24.06RB05
Week 1Derrick HenryTENRB21.07RB06
Week 1Mark IngramBALRB20.31RB07
Week 1Josh JacobsOAKRB19.20RB08
Week 1LeSean McCoyKCRB16.33RB09
Week 1Ronald JonesTBRB15.68RB10
Week 1Alvin KamaraNORB15.01RB11
Week 1Phillip LindsayDENRB14.88RB12
Week 1Leonard FournetteJAXRB14.63RB13
Week 1Austin EkelerLACRB13.62RB14
Week 1Marlon MackINDRB13.11RB15
Week 1Carlos HydeHOURB12.97RB16
Week 1Malcolm BrownLARRB12.83RB17
Week 1Gus EdwardsBALRB12.81RB18
Week 1Todd GurleyLARRB12.44RB19
Week 1Miles SandersPHIRB10.07RB20
Week 1Nick ChubbCLERB8.37RB21
Week 1Royce FreemanDENRB8.11RB22
Week 1Ezekiel ElliottDALRB7.90RB23
Week 1Le'Veon BellNYJRB7.63RB24
Week 1Frank GoreBUFRB7.57RB25
Week 1David JohnsonARIRB7.06RB26
Week 1Matt BreidaSFRB6.89RB27
Week 1Chris CarsonSEARB6.00RB28
Week 1Aaron JonesGBRB4.52RB29
Week 1Damien WilliamsKCRB4.34RB30
Week 1Derrius GuiceWASRB2.89RB31
Week 1Tony PollardDALRB-1.76RB32
Week 1James ConnerPITRB-3.65RB33
Week 1Sony MichelNERB-10.84RB34
Week 1Austin HooperATLTE51.42TE01
Week 1C.J. UzomahCINTE49.69TE02
Week 1Mark AndrewsBALTE47.15TE03
Week 1James O'ShaughnessyJAXTE42.49TE04
Week 1George KittleSFTE41.42TE05
Week 1Tyler HigbeeLARTE41.32TE06
Week 1Vernon DavisWASTE41.18TE07
Week 1Darren WallerOAKTE40.55TE08
Week 1Tyler EifertCINTE40.41TE09
Week 1Delanie WalkerTENTE40.07TE10
Week 1Evan EngramNYGTE39.64TE11
Week 1O.J. HowardTBTE37.74TE12
Week 1Hunter HenryLACTE37.16TE13
Week 1T.J. HockensonDETTE35.69TE14
Week 1David NjokuCLETE34.71TE15
Week 1Zach ErtzPHITE34.38TE16
Week 1Jimmy GrahamGBTE33.86TE17
Week 1Mike GesickiMIATE33.82TE18
Week 1Travis KelceKCTE29.17TE19
Week 1Greg OlsenCARTE29.07TE20
Week 1Bennie FowlerNYGWR51.31WR01
Week 1Randall CobbDALWR49.30WR02
Week 1Sterling ShepardNYGWR49.29WR03
Week 1Sammy WatkinsKCWR49.05WR04
Week 1Mohamed SanuATLWR48.49WR05
Week 1Ryan SwitzerPITWR48.27WR06
Week 1Michael GallupDALWR47.63WR07
Week 1Marquise BrownBALWR46.68WR08
Week 1T.Y. HiltonINDWR45.74WR09
Week 1Ted GinnNOWR44.99WR10
Week 1DeSean JacksonPHIWR44.24WR11
Week 1Jamison CrowderNYJWR43.76WR12
Week 1Courtland SuttonDENWR42.45WR13
Week 1Dede WestbrookJAXWR42.21WR14
Week 1Terry McLaurinWASWR39.56WR15
Week 1John RossCINWR39.53WR16
Week 1Tyrell WilliamsOAKWR39.20WR17
Week 1Keenan AllenLACWR39.13WR18
Week 1Cooper KuppLARWR38.91WR19
Week 1Chris ConleyJAXWR38.49WR20
Week 1Robert WoodsLARWR37.82WR21
Week 1Justin HardyATLWR37.75WR22
Week 1Danny AmendolaDETWR36.59WR23
Week 1Michael ThomasNOWR35.71WR24
Week 1Diontae JohnsonPITWR35.56WR25
Week 1D.J. MooreCARWR35.53WR26
Week 1JuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR35.51WR27
Week 1Trey QuinnWASWR35.47WR28
Week 1Amari CooperDALWR34.41WR29
Week 1Emmanuel SandersDENWR33.92WR30
Week 1Cole BeasleyBUFWR33.68WR31
Week 1Odell BeckhamCLEWR33.37WR32
Week 1Calvin RidleyATLWR33.30WR33
Week 1John BrownBUFWR33.23WR34
Week 1Alshon JefferyPHIWR32.68WR35
Week 1Jarvis LandryCLEWR32.44WR36
Week 1Tyler BoydCINWR31.41WR37
Week 1Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR30.50WR38
Week 1DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR30.15WR39
Week 1D.K. MetcalfSEAWR29.58WR40
Week 1Julian EdelmanNEWR29.31WR41
Week 1Damion WillisCINWR29.31WR42
Week 1Preston WilliamsMIAWR29.26WR43
Week 1Davante AdamsGBWR28.96WR44
Week 1Paul RichardsonWASWR28.71WR45
Week 1Julio JonesATLWR27.42WR46
Week 1Devin FunchessINDWR27.05WR47
Week 1Taylor GabrielCHIWR26.94WR48
Week 1Damiere ByrdARIWR26.74WR49
Week 1Larry FitzgeraldARIWR26.56WR50
Week 1Chris GodwinTBWR26.48WR51
Week 1Allen RobinsonCHIWR25.04WR52
Week 1Nelson AgholorPHIWR24.83WR53
Week 1KeeSean JohnsonARIWR24.44WR54
Week 1Kenny GolladayDETWR24.07WR55
Week 1Cody LatimerNYGWR23.98WR56
Week 1Brandin CooksLARWR22.90WR57
Week 1Robby AndersonNYJWR20.64WR58
Week 1Breshad PerrimanTBWR20.13WR59
Week 1Mike EvansTBWR19.74WR60
Week 1James WashingtonPITWR19.66WR61
Week 1Christian KirkARIWR18.41WR62
Week 1DeVante ParkerMIAWR16.84WR63
Week 1Donte MoncriefPITWR15.05WR64
Week 1Lamar JacksonBALQB59.12QB01
Week 1Dak PrescottDALQB40.75QB02
Week 1Derek CarrOAKQB40.70QB03
Week 1Gardner MinshewJAXQB38.93QB04
Week 1Deshaun WatsonHOUQB34.17QB05
Week 1Matthew StaffordDETQB34.14QB06
Week 1Ryan FitzpatrickMIAQB33.69QB07
Week 1Drew BreesNOQB33.25QB08
Week 1Russell WilsonSEAQB32.50QB09
Week 1Carson WentzPHIQB32.36QB10
Week 1Kyler MurrayARIQB31.04QB11
Week 1Joe FlaccoDENQB30.90QB12
Week 1Jacoby BrissettINDQB30.18QB13
Week 1Tom BradyNEQB27.36QB14
Week 1Matt RyanATLQB25.08QB15
Week 1Andy DaltonCINQB25.02QB16
Week 1Philip RiversLACQB24.71QB17
Week 1Case KeenumWASQB24.49QB18
Week 1Mitchell TrubiskyCHIQB23.69QB19
Week 1Patrick MahomesKCQB22.21QB20
Week 1Josh AllenBUFQB20.95QB21
Week 1Aaron RodgersGBQB20.46QB22
Week 1Baker MayfieldCLEQB20.18QB23
Week 1Cam NewtonCARQB19.57QB24
Week 1Eli ManningNYGQB18.60QB25
Week 1Ben RoethlisbergerPITQB17.01QB26
Week 1Marcus MariotaTENQB15.94QB27
Week 1Jameis WinstonTBQB15.47QB28
Week 1Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB12.87QB29
Week 1Sam DarnoldNYJQB11.24QB30
Week 1Jared GoffLARQB6.70QB31