Patrick Surtain Takes to Social Media To Express Discontent With Broncos – “You Deserve Better”

    Denver Broncos CB Pat Surtain II could be on the move if Denver's defensive struggles continue. Will they trade Surtain to a contender?

    Following one of the worst defensive performances in NFL history, frustrations are boiling over around the Denver Broncos‘ organization — and not just from the players. CB Patrick Surtain II’s father, Patrick Surtain, was not pleased with how his son was being utilized in the Broncos’ defense and took to social media to vent his frustrations.

    The Broncos gave up 70 points and 726 yards on Sunday to the Miami Dolphins in a pathetic defensive performance. The record for points scored in an NFL game is 73, and the Broncos set the record for most yards given up during a contest, so this effort ranks as one of the worst all-time performances.

    Denver’s season moves from bad to worse, as the team is 0-3, and there seems to be no hope in the near future. The Broncos mortgaged their immediate future to bring in QB Russell Wilson in what now appears to be a disastrous trade that could be setting back the organization for years.

    With the Broncos’ season quickly circling the drain to irrelevancy, rumors are beginning to percolate that Denver may be selling off some of their veteran players prior to the NFL trade deadline. One name floated out there is PS2. The source of the speculation comes from a familiar place — his father.

    What Did Patrick Surtain Say About His Son?

    Surtain believes his son’s future and potential are wasting away by playing for a defense that looks inept. He posted on social media, “Toiling in the soil!! SMH 2 you deserve better”

    The comments led to speculation that Surtain II may not be pleased with the Broncos’ organization and could request a trade in the immediate future. If the Broncos are having a fire sale, would he be considered as one of the pieces to deal away?

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    Surtain II is one of the top young CBs in the NFL, despite Sunday’s dreadful performance. He had been a lockdown CB before the game against Miami, but everyone has a bad game every once in a while, and the wheels fell off for the Denver defense Sunday.

    To be fair, not many defenses are stopping WR Tyreek Hill, and the Dolphins coaching staff is utilizing him to his maximum effectiveness, moving him around the formation and causing matchup nightmares for defenses. Miami poses unique threats and possesses the most speed on offense in the NFL.

    There will be better days for Surtain II, but will they be in a Broncos uniform?

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