Which 2 Current Kansas City Chiefs Players Are Destined To Be Head Coaches? Patrick Mahomes Weighs In

Which Kansas City Chiefs teammates does QB Patrick Mahomes believe could become an NFL head coach? The answer might surprise you.

LAKE LAS VEGAS — The pipeline of NFL players becoming coaches is as extensive as the Trans-Saharan, ranging from position coaches to head coaches. Look no further than DeMeco Ryans and the work the former Houston Texans LB did with a young Houston team. When asked about the likeliest player-to-head-coach transition for the Kansas City Chiefs, who did Patrick Mahomes cite as the top candidates?

Does Patrick Mahomes Think He’d Be a Good Head Coach? ‘I Would Hope So’

NFL players walk the tightrope all the time — sharing info with teammates to help prepare them for life on and off the field, all the while knowing they could take your job someday. Yet, it’s in these existentially murky waters that players get their first taste of coaching.

Which players have shown a propensity for teaching and coaching? Well, Mahomes himself, of course (who acknowledged how blessed he was to learn from Alex Smith in Year 1). Mahomes took the baton from Smith and has grown in his mentorship from that point forward.

“I try to help out all the young guys that are around the organization. Now, I’ve kind of become the old guy even though I still feel young,” Mahomes said with a slight grin. “I would hope I’d make a good coach. The hours would be tough.”

It’s hard to imagine Mahomes not having one of the craziest daily calendars on planet Earth — the apprehension of the hours only speaks to the time demands of NFL head honchos.

Which Chiefs Teammates Would Be the Best Fit as Head Coach?

Mahomes: “I think eventually Jerick McKinnon would be a great coach because he knows everything. Him and guys like Blake Bell, who have been in the league for a while and know different systems and bring energy every single day.”

RB Jerick McKinnon and TE Blake Bell combine for almost 20 years of experience, not to mention, running backs and tight ends have a lot to be responsible for out there. When future hiring cycles come up — and we know the NFL stands for “Not For Long” — don’t forget the names Jerick McKinnon and Blake Bell.

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Just don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

Mahomes: “But for now, let them keep playing with us.”

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