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    Patrick Chung indicted and potential hot seat head coaches (Any given Friday Podcast)

    Patrick Chung – Drug charge for cocaine possession

    Of course, making a joke about the situation for Patrick Chung is so common that we will save it here. The case for Chung and the New England Patriots blows, and the Patriots could have a significant hole in their defense this season. Ultimately this is the Patriots and assuming that they will lack in a position on defense is funny. This will be a new situation; however, as Chung has been an essential piece of that defense for so many years. AFC East opponents know about the impact of Patriots defenses and the impact that Chung makes for the secondary. He has never been a superstar, hasn’t commanded the crazy money, but that is the Patriot way. Sign quality players, use their prime, and if they are truly apart of the Patriot way, then they take less money to stay and win.

    For fans of the AFC East it is a revolving door of New England Patriot players and as much as they are hoping that the situation for Patrick Chung is more and he doesn’t play. They should know that another player will fill that spot quickly. As stated, it’s the Patriots way.

    Coaches on the hot seat 

    Mr. Cole Thompson (TWITTER) is a fan favorite here on the Any given Friday podcast. Every week we seem to cover an article from him, and this week is no different. This week our team looks at his latest article “NFL: Which head coaches are on the hot seat in 2019?”. During the podcast, only two of the ten coaches were talked about. For further insight, the article will be linked again here and is mentioned and discussed about during the podcast.

    Questions from the podcast team

    Do you think that Patrick Chung will play another down for the New England Patriots? Is Patrick Chung in for a lot of legal trouble headed his way?

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