Sources: One Pac-12 program is telling players that they will be playing football

Sources have told PFN Insider Tony Pauline that one Pac-12 program is telling their players that they will be playing football this season.

Oregon State coaches telling players that they will be playing?

Probably the biggest news that Pauline dropped was regarding what he had heard from a source about one program telling their players to be ready to play.

“I was told this week that the Oregon State coaches told their players, ‘You will be playing football in the fall.’ So, obviously, there’s a lot behind the scenes that hasn’t been made public but some of the coaches – in this case, the Oregon State coaches – told their players ‘We will be playing football this fall.’ When in the fall? I don’t know. But on the heels of that, comes tonight [Thursday] that the Governors of Oregon and California have told their respective universities in the Pac-12, ‘It’s OK by us if you play football.'”

Would Pac-12 teams be eligible for the college football playoffs?

When asked by co-host Andy Herman whether Pac-12 teams are likely to follow the example of the Big Ten and start the season with the required time and structure to be eligible for the college football playoffs, Pauline seemed optimistic.

“I think a lot of people thought that the Big Ten would have started a week earlier than they actually did. People were talking about October 17th; they pushed it back to October 24th. So I can absolutely see the Pac-12 starting October 24th as well, getting an eight or nine-game season in, getting a conference title game in to maybe see if they get a team in the college football playoffs.”

NFL Draft Insiders Segment

You can listen to the segment on the NFL Draft Insiders Podcast. The full conversation begins around the 12:25 mark.

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