Is There Overtime in Preseason NFL Games? What You Need To Know About Preseason’s Fifth Quarter

Is there overtime in preseason NFL games? Over the years, the league has changed their stance, so how do they feel about the fifth quarter now?

Unfortunately for football fans looking for even more action, the NFL does not allow overtime in preseason games. Everyone is sent home happy with the result that pleases no one — a tie.

The NFL allows for overtime during the regular season, and the league allows for multiple overtime periods in the postseason. So why not allow for overtime in the preseason?

Why Does the NFL Outlaw Overtime in Preseason?

The primary and most obvious reason is to avoid injuries. Injuries are a part of the sport, but the NFL doesn’t want to experience them if it can be avoided. The NFL and the teams feel similarly about this. It’s a win for everyone if teams and players can escape preseason injury and make it to the regular season unharmed.

Believe it or not, preseason football did have overtime for as long as the game has existed. Only in 2021 did the NFL and owners agree that preseason overtime was senseless and decided to eliminate it from preseason action.

Fans are called fans for a reason. The term is short for fanatics. Many fans don’t like the idea of preseason games ending in a tie. They paid money to see the game end with a proper result, with a winner and a loser. However, when considering health and the bigger picture, most fans don’t seem to mind.

Players appreciate a lack of overtime in the preseason. No overtime means less wear and tear on their bodies in a game where the final score is meaningless.

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