In this week’s episode of Nosebleed Seats, hosts Zach Wolchuk and Eric Chiofalo discuss the return of Jason Witten to the Dallas Cowboys, NFL topics, and more. Please be sure to check out all of the latest podcasts on the PFN Podcast Network. We have numerous shows with different hosts and a wide variety of takes, both hot and cold. You can check out the other podcasts by clicking here. 

This week on Nosebleed Seats, the guys talk about the return of Jason Witten to the Dallas Cowboys, some quick NFL topics, and they interview Pro Football Network CEO, Matthew Cannata. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show everyone can afford to listen to, the Nosebleed Seats, with Zach Wolchuk and Eric Chiofalo.

Questions to ask yourself during the show:

  • Are the bosses at ESPN happy that Jason Witten returned to the playing field?
  • Will it be an upgrade for the Dallas at the tight end position?
  • How will he be in a leadership role?

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