Nick Saban Salary and Net Worth: Saban’s incentives are rich

    What is Alabama head coach Nick Saban's salary, what's his net worth, and how many national championships has he won?

    Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban is arguably the most successful college football coach of all time, and unsurprisingly, he has the salary to match. What does his contract look like, what salary will Saban earn in 2023, and what is the net worth of the Alabama head coach?

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    Nick Saban’s Salary and Contract in 2023

    In an attempt to keep the most successful coach in college football tied to Tuscaloosa, Alabama gave Saban an eight-year contract extension in Aug. 2022 that takes him through the 2029 college football season.

    Saban commanded a salary of $10.7 million for the 2022 season, and unlike most coach’s contracts, that base figure doesn’t rise for the 2023 campaign, although he can boost it with bonuses. That might sound a little dubious, even unfair, for someone of his caliber, but let me explain further.

    Under the terms of his current contract, Saban commands a base salary of just $305,000. This amount is stable throughout the course of the eight-year extension signed in Aug. 2022. His retention fee of $800,000 is also stable, reportedly through the 2025 season.

    So, Saban has a stable salary of $1,105,000 each year. However, the Alabama head coach makes the bulk of his salary through something called a talent fee. For 2022 and 2023, that fee is $9,595,000, which is why his 2023 salary matches his 2022 amount.

    From 2024, that talent fee increases by $400,000 each year, meaning that in 2024, Saban will have a minimum salary of $11.1 million.

    In the final year of his current deal, presuming he doesn’t quit coaching to take up a full-time gig next to Pat McAfee on ESPN, the Alabama head coach will earn $13.5 million. Again, this is a minimum not buoyed by any bonuses.

    Saban’s Net Worth

    As a result of Saban receiving a contract extension and salary boost in Aug. 2022, his net worth is currently $93.2 million. That equates roughly to $327,017 per win over his 27-year career across the four college programs he’s been the head coach of. Alternatively, it’s $427,226 per Alabama win or $13,142,857 for each national title he’s delivered for the Crimson Tide.

    As we’ve said before, this is the minimum that Saban’s salary will be through the life of his recently extended contract. Like all coaches, on-field performance and academic excellence can help add extra to his pay packet. Under his current contract, Saban can add up to $1.1 million to his base salary with the most successful season possible for the program.

    Winning the SEC Championship nets the Alabama head coach $125,000. Taking the Crimson Tide to the College Football National Championship and winning it adds $800,000 to Saban’s salary. Winning the SEC Coach of the Year is another $25,000 while adding National Coach of the Year nets another $50,000.

    Excellence on the football field is expected, with anything short of a title game appearance being considered a failure. However, there’s also academic achievement to consider, and Saban gets a salary boost of $100,000 if the Crimson Tide’s graduation rate is among the top four SEC teams.

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    You also have to factor in additional allowances and perks that are a part of Saban’s contract when calculating his net worth. Alabama pays for a country club membership, 25 hours of personal flight time, two cars, and a plethora of home game ticket options for their long-tenured head coach.

    Finally, while he’s currently the highest-paid coach in college football, Saban understands that the salary landscape is ever-changing. As a result, he has a particular clause in his contract to make sure that he remains one of the highest-paid coaches in the sport.

    Under the terms of his 2022 contract, Saban meets with the university in February to ascertain the average salary of the five highest-paid coaches in the county. They also average out the salary of the three highest-paid SEC head coaches. If Saban’s salary falls below either, he receives a raise to match the highest.

    Unsurprisingly, he’s as shrewd a businessman as he is a master tactician in the locker room and manipulator of the media. It’s just another part of the makeup of the man that’s led him to be the best head coach in all of college football.

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