NFL and XFL Bets: Running list of bets and picks by the PFN Betting Team

At Pro Football Network, we believe in a betting process that involves transparency that’s informed by film study, analytics, and understanding of the betting marketplace. Each article from the betting crew will have deep dives, but for those who are time-crunched, we will have this table throughout the season where we keep a running tally of our best bets.

Our first year yielded nearly 25 units ($25 = 1 unit) during the regular season, and we’ll offer a wide spectrum of betting advantages across an array of sportsbooks: against the spread, totals, parlays, live bets, teasers, player props, future props, and much more. All of this absolutely FREE.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the running list of our bets for this week and anything historically in our inaugural 2019 NFL season. To filter the table by weeks or capper, simply use the dropdown filters to select the week you want to view or click all to view our entire list for the season. Be sure to bookmark that page and visit it often throughout the week to stay updated on our latest moves.

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Weekly and yearly winnings/records for each capper are posted early in the week in the Sheep Report (Ryan Gosling), along with early leans in the volatile opening stages of the marketplace to get ahead of line movement. We’re here if you have questions, and make sure to follow the mothership @PFN365 and our dynasty football group @PFNDynasty!

Each capper has a specific weekly angle to maximize and sharpen their analysis, and our collaboration has a built-in series of checks and balances to make sure you have the best possible angles each week. Weekly and yearly winnings/records for each capper are posted on Tuesdays in the Sheep Report (Ryan Gosling), and that information is available any other time upon request.

To filter the table by weeks or capper, simply use the dropdown filters to select the week you want to view or click all to view our entire list for the season.

WeekCapperBetJuiceBet AmountMoney WonMoney LostPush?
6 XFLChris SmithBattleHawks -2.5-1102525
6 XFLChris SmithWildcats -2-1152525
6 XFLChris SmithNYG/HOU Under 47-1052525
5 XFLChris SmithBattleHawks -2.5-1152525
5 XFLChris SmithWildcats -1-1102522.73
5 XFLChris SmithSeattle +12.5-1202520.83
5 XFLChris SmithHouston LIVE -5.5-1102018.18
5 XFLChris SmithDefenders +6-1151513.04
5 XFLRyan GoslingBattleHawks -3-1102525
5 XFLRyan GoslingHouston -12-1102525
5 XFLRyan GoslingNYG/DAL Over 37-1102522.73
5 XFLRyan GoslingLA/TB Over 40-1102522.73
5 XFLBen RolfeNYG/DAL Under 37-1102525
5 XFLBen RolfeBattleHawks -2.5-1102525
4 XFLChris SmithLos Angeles -6.5-11027.527.5
4 XFLChris SmithLos Angeles ML Live1352020
4 XFLChris SmithDC Defenders -1-10526.2526.25
4 XFLChris SmithRenegades/Roughnecks Over 49-1303030
4 XFLRyan GoslingDallas/Houston OV 50.5-1102525
4 XFLRyan GoslingGuardians +7.5-1052523.81
4 XFLRyan GoslingDC -1-1152525
4 XFLRyan GoslingSeattle/St.Louis OV 38-1102522.73
4 XFLBen RolfeHOU -1-1102522.73
4 XFLBen RolfeSeattle +7 FH-1102525
3 XFLChris SmithML Parlay - Houston & Dallas1193035.7
3 XFLChris SmithLos Angeles +8.5-1102220
3 XFLChris SmithSTL-NYG 1H Under 20 total points-1152323
3 XFLRyan GoslingDallas/Seattle UN44-1153026.09
3 XFLRyan GoslingLA/DC Ov44-1102522.73
3 XFLRyan GoslingHouston -5.5-1102522.73
3 XFLBen RolfeDAL/SEA under 44 total points-1102522.73
3 XFLBen RolfeDallas -4.5-1102522.73
3 XFLBen RolfeSTL -10-1102522.73
2 XFLChris SmithDC Defenders -2-1105045.45
2 XFLChris SmithML Parlay - Houston & Dallas1022525.5
2 XFLBen RolfeDallas Renegades -3.5-1102522.73
2 XFLBen RolfeBattleHawks/Roughnecks under 50.5-1102525
2 XFLBen RolfeSEA TB under 21.5 FH-600254.17
2 XFLBen RolfeSEA TB under 44.5-310258.1
2 XFLRyan GoslingDallas -3.5-1102522.73
2 XFLRyan GoslingDallas Ov 48-1102525
2 XFLRyan GoslingSTL +8-1102522.73
2 XFLRyan GoslingSTL OV 49-1102522.73
1 XFLJason SarneyDC Defenders -9-1102522.73
1 XFLJason SarneyDallas/Houston ML parlay-1405050
1 XFLJason SarneyTB/NY OVER 51-1152525
1 XFLChris SmithDC Defenders -6.5-1102522.73
1 XFLChris SmithBattleHawks +9.5-1102522.73
1 XFLChris SmithNY Guardians +3.5-1102522.73
1 XFLRyan GoslingDefenders -6.5-1102522.73
1 XFLRyan GoslingDallas/Houston ML parlay-1403030
1 XFLRyan GoslingVipers Ov 44-1102525
1 XFLRyan GoslingRenegades Ov 44-1102525
1 XFLBen RolfeRoughnecks -5.5-1102522.73
1 XFLBen RolfeBattleHawks +10-1102522.73
Super BowlJason SarneyChiefs (-1.5) and the Over (54.5) Parlay2705050
Super BowlJason SarneyDamien Williams OVER 52.5 rushing yards-1182521.19
Super BowlJason SarneyBOTH Teams having opening Touchdown scoring Drives8002525
Super BowlJason SarneyRaheem Mostert OVER 15.5 rushing attempts-1182525
Super BowlJason SarneyRaheem Mostert OVER 77.5 rushing yards-1022525
Super BowlJason SarneyPatrick Mahomes LONGEST PASS PLAY OVER 43.5 yards-1122522.33
Super BowlJason SarneyPatrick Mahomes OVER 24.5 pass completions-1182521.19
Super BowlJason SarneyPatrick Mahomes WILL THROW AN INT1022525.5
Super BowlJason SarneyPatrick Mahomes OVER 2.5 Touchdown Passes1082525
Super BowlJason SarneyKendrick Bourne OVER 21.5 receiving yards-1182521.19
Super BowlJason SarneyTyreek Hill OVER 5.5 receptions1162527.5
Super BowlJason SarneyTyreek Hill OVER 74.5 receiving yards-1122522.33
Super BowlJason SarneySammy Watkins OVER 47.5 receiving yards-1182521.19
Super BowlJason SarneyMecole Hardman OVER 1.5 receptions1022525
Super BowlJason SarneyTyreek Hill with MOST RECEIVING YARDS IN GAME2902570
Super BowlJason SarneyEmmanuel Sanders OVER 41.5 receiving yards-1182525
Super BowlJason SarneyTravis Kelce TO SCORE A TD1002525
Super BowlJason SarneyTravis Kelce OVER 74.5 receiving yards:-1182525
Super BowlJason SarneyGeorge Kittle OVER 72.5 receiving yards:-1182525
Super BowlJason SarneyGeorge Kittle TO SCORE A TD1252525
Super BowlJason Sarney2-PT Conversion Attempt YES1205050
Super BowlJason Sarney2-PT Conversion Succeeded2402525
Super BowlJason SarneyGame MVP props: Patrick Mahomes11057
Super BowlJason SarneyGame MVP props: Damien Williams240055
Super BowlJason SarneyGame MVP props: Raheem Mostert85055
Super BowlJason SarneyGame MVP props:Nick Bosa300055
Super BowlJason SarneyKelce OVER 74.5 yards + Kittle Anytime Scorer + Tyreek Hill over 5.5 receptions SAME GAME PARLAY3105050
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - E. Sanders2401010
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - K. Bourne2801010
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - K Juszczyk8001080
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - Tyreek Hill1052510
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - Kittle1252510
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - Kelce1002525
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - Demarcus Robinson5501010
Super BowlJason SarneyANYTIME TD SCORER - Anthony Sherman250055
Super BowlBen RolfePatrick Mahomes MVP1002525
Super BowlBen RolfeRaheem Mostert MVP70012.512.5
Super BowlBen RolfeGeorge Kittle MVP14006.256.25
Super BowlBen RolfeSammy Watkins MVP33003.753.75
Super BowlBen RolfeMecole Hardman MVP66002.52.5
Super BowlBen Rolfe49ers +1.5-1072525
Super BowlBen RolfeOver 53.5 Total Points-1102525
Super BowlBen RolfeOver 6.5 Total Touchdowns1102525
Super BowlChris SmithMahomes MVP1252025
Super BowlChris SmithChiefs -1-11027.525
Super BowlChris SmithLime Gatorade32055
Super BowlChris SmithTails Never Fails-1055.255
Super BowlChris SmithM. Hardman Anytime TD3501010
Super BowlChris SmithM. Hardman First TD220055
Super BowlChris SmithUnder 12.5 penalties-1452920
Super BowlChris SmithAny Player w/ 69 total yards69055
Super BowlRyan GoslingChiefs to win and Mahomes MVP1202530
Super BowlRyan GoslingDamien Williams +25.5 yards against Mostert-1082523.15
Super BowlRyan GoslingJuszczyk anytime TD800540
Super BowlRyan GoslingEmmanuel Sanders OV 2.5 receptions-1102522.73
Super BowlRyan GoslingEmmanuel Sanders OV 3.5 receptions1202525
Super BowlRyan GoslingKelce more yards than Kittle-1383525.36
Super BowlRyan GoslingSF first play pass1751010
Super BowlRyan GoslingSF first kickoff will be touchback1101010
Super BowlRyan GoslingBlake Bell Anytime TD110055
Super BowlRyan GoslingAnthem Ov 1minute58 seconds-1102525
Super BowlRyan Goslingnumber of players to attempt a pass over 2.51251010
Super BowlRyan Goslinglime/green/yellow4001010
Super BowlRyan GoslingHardman ov1.5 receptions1102525
Super BowlRyan GoslingSanders anytime TD1621010
Super BowlRyan GoslingSanders Ov44.5-1202525
Super BowlRyan GoslingWilliams Ov 50.5 rushing-1102523.15
Super BowlRyan GoslingWilliams Ov 29.5 receiving-1102525
Super BowlRyan GoslingChiefs to win every quarter100055
Super BowlRyan GoslingTails Never Fails-1052523.81
Championship RoundChris SmithTeaser- Chiefs -1.5 & 49ers -1-1206050
Championship RoundChris SmithTeaser- Chiefs -1 & Packers +14-1203030
Championship RoundChris SmithChiefs -7-11528.7525
Championship RoundChris SmithMahomes Anytime TD500525
Championship RoundJason SarneyTeaser: Chiefs -1.5 & Over 46.5 Total Points-1202520.83
Championship RoundJason SarneyGB +7.5-1152525
Championship RoundJason SarneyHenry two plus TD scorer3602525
Championship RoundJason SarneyMahomes OVER 2.5 passing TD’s1202530
Championship RoundJason SarneyKelce ANYTIME TD-1152525
Championship RoundJason SarneyWatkins LONGEST RECEPTION OVER 17.5 yards-1262519.85
Championship RoundJason SarneyHill OVER 76.5 receiving yards-1082525
Championship RoundJason SarneyPatrick Mahomes throws 4+ TDs and KC wins3502525
Championship RoundJason SarneyWilliams OVER 20.5 rush yards-1122522.33
Championship RoundJason SarneyAdams LONGEST RECEPTION OVER 23.5 yards-1122522.33
Championship RoundJason SarneyAdams ANYTIME TD SCORER1602525
Championship RoundJason SarneyKittle OVER 75.5 receiving yards-1082525
Championship RoundJason SarneyKittle ANYTIME TD SCORER1202525
Championship RoundJason SarneySamuel OVER 49.5 receiving yards-1082525
Championship RoundJason SarneySamuel ANYTIME TD SCORER2002525
Championship RoundJason SarneyJimmy Graham ANYTIME TD SCORER49055
Championship RoundJason SarneyAllen Lazard ANYTIME TD SCORER5502.52.5
Championship RoundBen RolfeTitans under 1.5 field goals-1252520
Championship RoundBen RolfeChiefs -1 & 49ers -1.5-1205041.66
Championship RoundBen Rolfe49ers -1.5 & Under 52.5-1205050
Championship RoundBen Rolfe49ers over 3.5 sacks1252525
Divisional RoundChris SmithTeaser- Chiefs -1.5 & Ravens -2.5-1405656
Divisional RoundChris SmithRavens 1Q -3-1181515
Divisional RoundChris SmithRavens 1H ML-1252525
Divisional RoundChris SmithRavens Live ML1067575
Divisional RoundChris SmithL Jackson Anytime TD1252020
Divisional RoundChris SmithSeattle +4-11027.527.5
Divisional RoundChris SmithUnder 47 in GB-Seattle-11016.516.5
Divisional RoundChris SmithSan Francisco -7-11027.525
Divisional RoundChris SmithG Kittle Anytime TD1252020
Divisional RoundChris SmithD Cook Anytime TD1102020
Divisional RoundChris SmithChiefs-Texans 1Q Over 101022525.5
Divisional RoundChris SmithChiefs 1Q -3-11528.7528.75
Divisional RoundChris SmithChiefs 1H -6-11528.7528.75
Divisional RoundJason SarneySeahawks +4-1072525
Divisional RoundJason SarneySEA/GB Under 46.5-1102525
Divisional RoundJason SarneyChiefs -9.5-1152521.74
Divisional RoundJason SarneyKC/HOU Over 51-1152521.74
Divisional RoundJason SarneyTitans +9.5-1102522.83
Divisional RoundJason SarneyBAL/TEN OVER 47-1052525
Divisional RoundJason SarneyMIN +7.5-1052525
Divisional RoundJason SarneySF/MIN Under 44.5-1202520.83
Divisional RoundJason SarneyMattison O 21.5 rush yards-1122525
Divisional RoundJason SarneySanders 0 47.5 rec yards1025050
Divisional RoundJason SarneyTannehill O 14.5 rush yards-1022525
Divisional RoundJason SarneyIngram O 50.5 rush yards-1122525
Divisional RoundJason SarneyM. Brown O 38.5 rec yards-1122522.32
Divisional RoundJason SarneyTD Scorer A. Mattison60012.512.5
Divisional RoundJason SarneyTD Scorer K. Bourne35012.543.75
Divisional RoundBen RolfeDalvin Cook over 17.5 carries-1202525
Divisional RoundBen Rolfe49ers -1 & Over 38.5-1205050
Divisional RoundBen RolfeRavens -3 & Under 53.5-1202525
Divisional RoundBen RolfeTexans +16.5 & Over 45-1202525
Divisional RoundBen RolfePackers Under 24.5-1132525
Divisional RoundBen RolfeIngram over 49.5 rush yards-1202525
Divisional RoundBen RolfeAndrews anytime touchdown1202525
Divisional RoundRyan GoslingVikings+14/Ov37-1205050
Divisional RoundRyan GoslingBaltimore FH Under 24-1152521.74
Divisional RoundRyan GoslingBaltimore -2/ KC -1.5-1205050
Wild Card RoundChris SmithTexans -2.5-11528.7525
Wild Card RoundChris SmithLIVE Texans ML2001020
Wild Card RoundChris SmithTeaser- Bills +9 & Eagles +8.5-1203025
Wild Card RoundChris SmithAlt Spread-Seahawks -2.51202530
Wild Card RoundChris SmithPatriots -4-1153535
Wild Card RoundChris SmithLIVE 3Q Over 9.5-1182020
Wild Card RoundChris SmithTeaser- Saints -2 & Over 42-1206060
Wild Card RoundBen RolfeTre'Quan Smith Anytime Touchdown35012.512.5
Wild Card RoundBen RolfeBrees over 2.5 passing touchdowns1352525
Wild Card RoundBen RolfeDevin Singletary over 63.5 rushing yards-1102525
Wild Card RoundBen RolfeSony Michel Over 62.5 Rushing Yards-1122525
Wild Card RoundBen RolfeJonnu Smith Anytime Touchdown3502525
Wild Card RoundBen RolfeRyan Tannehill Anytime Touchdown7006.256.25
Wild Card RoundRyan GoslingRussell Wilson O 250.5 pass yds-1102522.83
Wild Card RoundRyan GoslingRussell Wilson O 1.5 pass TD-1202525
Wild Card RoundRyan GoslingHouston -2.5-1105045.45
Wild Card RoundRyan GoslingSaints -0.5 OV 42.5-1202525
Wild Card RoundRyan GoslingThomas OV105.5-1142525
Wild Card RoundRyan GoslingThomas Receptions Over 6.5-1182521.19
Wild Card RoundJason SarneySea -1.5-1052523.81
Wild Card RoundJason SarneySea/Phi U 45-1072523.26
Wild Card RoundJason SarneyNO -7.5-1072525
Wild Card RoundJason SarneyNO/Minn O 49.5-1052525
Wild Card RoundJason SarneyHou -2.5-1172521.38
Wild Card RoundJason SarneyHou/Buff U43.5-1102522.83
Wild Card RoundJason SarneyTenn +5-1052523.81
Wild Card RoundJason SarneyTenn/NE O 44.5-1102525
17Chris SmithML Parlay - Dallas, Chiefs, Saints & Titans1402535
17Chris SmithSteelers ML-1082727
17Chris SmithTeaser - Bengals +9 & Jets +8-1203025
17Chris SmithGiants +4.5-11027.527.5
17Chris SmithTeaser - Ravens +11, Cowboys -2.5 & Packers -2.5-1203025
17Ben RolfeML Parlay - Cowboys, Chiefs, Eagles, Patriots, Saints, Packers2202525
17Ben RolfeDolphins +22 & Under 51-1202525
17Ben RolfeATL/TB Over 47.5 Total Points-1102522.83
16Chris SmithTexans -1.5-11027.525
16Chris SmithBuccaneers (Live) +7.52001020
16Chris SmithBuccaneers (Live) +3.5320516
16Chris SmithPatriots 1Q (-0.5)1052526.25
16Chris SmithAlt. Spread Parlay - Chiefs -3 & Seahawks ML-10626.526.5
16Chris Smith49ers-Rams Under 45-11027.527.5
16Chris SmithTeaser - Titans +9 & Chargers -1-1203030
16Chris SmithChiefs 1H Over 13.5 points1022525.5
16Chris SmithChiefs TT Over 26.5 points-1032525
16Chris SmithVikings-Packers Over 46.5-11528.7528.75
16Chris SmithVikings -3-1503030
16Aaron SuttonNE/Buff U37-1102525
16Aaron SuttonSF -6.5-1102525
16Jason SarneyHopkins OV 89.5 yards-1122525
16Jason SarneyHopkins ANYTIME TD scorer-1352525
16Jason SarneySingletary OV 67.5-1122525
16Jason SarneyGurley OV 76.5-1122525
16Ben RolfeDeshaun Watson over 33.5 Passing attempts-1102525
16Ben RolfeBills +12.5 & Total under 43.5-1202520.83
16Ben RolfeJosh Allen Anytime Touchdown2252525
16Ben RolfeRobert Woods over 4.5 receptions-1485033.78
16Ben RolfeIND under 26.51002525
16Ben RolfeNYG/WSH under 42.5-1202525
16Ben RolfeCLE over 18.5-1202525
16Ben RolfeDET under 14.5-1252525
16Ben RolfeDAL over 23.5-1252525
16Ryan/ATSHouston -3-1102525
16Ryan/ATSArizona +9.5-1102522.83
16Ryan/ATSTeaser NY Giants +9/Cinci +7.5-1202520.83
16Ryan/ATSJoe Mixon OV 87.5-1102525
16Ryan/ATSCowboys -2-1102525
15Jason SarneyRaheem Mostert OVER 52.5 rushing  yards-1125044.64
15Jason SarneyDavid Montgomery OVER 15.6 rushing attempts passing yards1022525
15Jason SarneyRyan Tannehill OVER 259.5 passing yards-1122522.32
15Jason SarneyANYTIME TOUCHDOWN SCORER - Larry Fitzgerald2202525
15Jason SarneyKyler Murray OVER 224.5 passing yards-1122525
15Jason SarneyDrew Lock OVER 232.5 passing yards-1122525
15Jason SarneySony Michel OVER 51.5 rushing yards-1122522.32
15Jason SarneyCourtland Sutton OVER 64.5 receiving yards-1122522.32
15Jason SarneyChris Carson 2TDs41025102.5
15Jason SarneyMichael Gallup OVER 4.5 receptions1122525
15Against the SpreadSaquon Barkley OVER 76.5 Rushing yards-1102522.83
15Against the SpreadSaquon Barkley OVER 3.5 receptions-1202520.83
15Against the SpreadOver 45.5 Giants/Miami-1102522.83
15Against the SpreadChris Carson Over 85 rushing yards-1052523.81
15Against the SpreadSeattle ML/Buffalo +8-1152521.74
15Against the SpreadSaints/Colts Ov 45.5-1102525
15Against the SpreadRaiders FH -3-1102522.83
15Against the SpreadFalcons +11-1052523.81
15Against the SpreadSaints -2.5/Chicago +11-1102522.83
15Chris SmithTexans +3-10526.2525
15Chris SmithML Parlay - Pats, Chiefs & Seahawks1223036.5
15Chris SmithTeaser - Cowboys +7.5 & Bills +8-1203025
15Chris SmithLIVE OT in Steelers-Bills8001010
15Chris SmithSteelers -31202525
15Chris SmithBrowns -3-10325.525.5
15Chris SmithParlay - Saints ML & O46.51362525
15Ben RolfeGB Under 23.5-1102522.83
15Ben RolfeCHI Over 16.5-1382525
15Ben RolfeKC Under 28.5-1202520.83
15Ben RolfePHI Under 23.5-1252525
15Ben RolfeTB Over 26.5-1202520.83
15Ben RolfeLamar Jackson Over 63.5 rushing1002525
15Ben RolfeNO/IND over 46.5-1105050
14Jason SarneyPatrick Laird OVER 50.5 Rush and Rec yards-1125044.64
14Jason SarneyBaker Mayfield OVER 245.5 passing yards-1122525
14Jason SarneyStefon Diggs OVER 69.5 rec yards-1122522.32
14Jason SarneyMelvin Gordon OVER 76.5 rush yards-1122525
14Jason SarneyDJ Moore OVER 79.5 rec yards-1122522.32
14James AguirreDEN +71002525
14James AguirreSF +3-1105045.66
14James AguirreSF ML14512.518.12
14James AguirreDAL/CHI O 43.5-1052523.81
14James AguirreDAL -3-1102525
14James AguirreLAR ML1002525
14James AguirreLAR/SEA O 46.5-1152525
14James Aguirre*49ers & Chiefs4641046.4
14Ben RolfeAlshon Jeffery O 58.5 receiving yds-1152525
14Ben RolfeATL under 24.5-1202525
14Ben RolfeGB under 27.5-1252520
14Ben RolfeDET over 13.5-1382525
14Ben RolfeTEN over 23.5-1382518.13
14Ben RolfeSEA/LAR over 48 points-1252525
14Chris SmithParlay - Dallas -3 & Over 42.528114.514.5
14Chris SmithLIVE - Dallas ML3105.55.5
14Chris SmithRams PK-11027.525
14Chris SmithRavens -6-1053533.33
14Chris SmithTeaser - Colts +9 & 49ers +9-1203025
14Chris SmithTeaser - Browns -1 & Cardinals +8-1203025
14Chris SmithPatriots -3-10726.7526.75
14Chris SmithPlayer Prop - James White O65.5 Total Yards-11528.7528.75
14Chris SmithChiefs Over 2.5 TDs-1093030
14Chris SmithTitans-Raiders Over 47-1203025
14Chris SmithGiants-Eagles Under 45.5-11027.525
14Chris Smith*49ers & Chiefs4641046.4
14Ryan GoslingDallas -2.5-1102525
14Ryan GoslingDallas FH ML-1122525
13Jason SarneyDavid Montgomery OVER 56.5 rushing yards-1122522.32
13Jason SarneyDavid Montgomery TO SCORE1652541.25
13Jason SarneyAllen Robinson LONGEST RECEPTION OVER 24.5 yards-1022525
13Jason SarneyJay Ajayi TO SCORE2205050
13Jason SarneyRyan Tannehill OVER 1.5 TD1342533.5
13Jason SarneyKenyan Drake OVER 44.5 rushing yards-1122525
13Jason SarneyMark Andrews Over 46.5 receiving-1182521.19
13Jason SarneyJamaal Williams Over 20.5 receiving-1122522.32
13Ben RolfeDET under 16.5-1102525
13Ben RolfeNYJ over 22.5-1252525
13Ben RolfeGB over 26.5-1252520
13Ben RolfeCLE/PIT Under 39.5-1102522.83
13Ben RolfeTB over 23.5-1255040
13Ben RolfeCHI -5.5/BUF +6.5/NO -6.560012.512.5
13Ben RolfeJacob Hollister Anytime TD25012.512.5
13Chris SmithTeaser - Cowboys -1 & Saints -1-1205555
13Chris SmithTeaser - Eagles -3 & Packers (pk)-1253535
13Chris SmithTeaser - Eagles, 49ers +16, Chiefs -1 & Vikings +131102525
13Chris SmithEagles ML (+146) & (+205) Live1604545
13Chris Smith6.5 Point Teaser - Steelers +9 & Titans +9-13032.525
13Chris SmithCowboys 2H -6 LIVE1052525
13Chris SmithParlay - Saints & Under 48.51453550.75
13Chris SmithLIVE - Alt Over 46.51453535
13Chris SmithNE-Houston Over 45-11027.525
13Chris SmithPatriots -3-1203030
13Chris SmithChargers -3-1352727
13Chris SmithRams -2.5-10526.2525
13Chris SmithSaquon Barkley Anytime TD1003030
13Chris SmithDevante Parker Anytime TD2301534.5
13Chris SmithSam Darnold Over 1.5 Passing TDs-1122828
13Chris SmithKC-Oakland Under 49-1102222
13Chris SmithMIN +3-11528.7528.75
13Chris SmithSeahawks Live +31062021.2
13James AguirreARZ +3-1102020
13James AguirreARZ ML14055
13James AguirreSF +6-1102522.83
13James AguirreSF ML2206.256.25
13James AguirreMIN +3-1152525
13James AguirreTB/JAC O 48-1102525
12James AguirreColts ML1706.256.25
12James AguirreIND +4-11018.7517.05
12James AguirreCIN +7-1252520
12James AguirrePITT TT U 23.5-1302519.23
12James AguirreOAK/NYJ O 46.5-1102525
12James AguirreTB/ATL O 51.5-1102522.83
12James AguirreTB TD's O 2.5-1152521.74
12James AguirreRidley 78+ receiving yards1102527.5
12James AguirreSF -3-1055047.62
12James AguirreSF -5.51252531.25
12James AguirreSF/GB O 45.5-1102525
12James AguirreKittle anytime TD1452536.25
12James AguirreSundays are for the Dogs1010
12Sundays are for the Dogs (James & Chris)*Jets & Jaguars6152020
12Chris SmithDeAndre Hopkins Anytime TD1052021
12Chris SmithDeAndre Hopkins (multiple TDs)5002.6513.25
12Chris Smith6 Point Teaser - Broncos +10 & Bengals +13-1202525
12Chris SmithEagles-Seahawks Over 47.5-1102525
12Chris SmithTampa-Falcons Over 52-1102522.83
12Chris SmithJets +3-1052523.81
12Chris SmithJarvis Landry OVER 60.5 receiving yards-1122522.32
12Chris Smith4 Team Teaser - Packers +10, Rams +10.5, Dallas & NO ML2001515
12Chris SmithTeaser - Rams +10 & Under 53-1201515
12Chris SmithSundays are for the Dogs1010
12Against The SpreadRavens -3-1102522.83
12Against The SpreadDallas +7-1102522.83
12Against The SpreadHunter Renfrow Over-1052525
12Against The SpreadSaints -2.5/Seattle +8-1202520.83
12Against The SpreadDetroit -3-1102525
12Against The SpreadSaints -2.5/Ov40-1202520.83
12Against The SpreadDolphins+17.5/Cowboys+14-1302519.23
12Jason SarneyDeAndre Hopkins Over 81.5 receiving yards-1182521.19
12Jason SarneyJulio Jones OVER 98.5 receiving yards-1125050
12Jason SarneyBo Scarbrough OVER 53.5 rushing yards-1082523.15
12Jason SarneyKalen Ballage UNDER 13.5 rushing attempts-1362518.38
12Jason SarneyJarvis Landry OVER 60.5 receiving yards-1122522.32
12Jason SarneyKittle anytime TD1452536.25
12Jason SarneyMike Evans OVER 93.5 receiving yards-1122525
12Jason SarneySam Darnold OVER 1.5 passing TDs-1082523.15
12Jason SarneyMarquise Brown OVER 45.5 receiving yards-1122525
12Jason SarneyBAL -3.51002525
12Ben RolfeNYG/CHI Under 40.5-1102522.73
12Ben RolfeIND Over 20.51002525
12Ben RolfeCAR/NO over 46.5-1102522.73
12Ben RolfePITT/CIN Under 39-1102522.73
12Ben RolfeGB Over 20.5-1202525
12Ben RolfeJacoby Brissett Anytime Touchdown6006.2537.5
12Ben RolfeMark Andrews anytime TD15018.7518.75
12Ben RolfeGus Edwards anytime TD4006.256.25
11James AguirrePITT/CLE U 41-1102522.73
11James AguirreCAR -5.5-1052525
11James AguirreTB/NO O 49.5-1102522.73
11James AguirreTB Team Total O 21.5-1102525
11James AguirreJosh Jacobs at least 106 rushing yards1202530
11James AguirreJacobs at least 116 rushing yards16918.7518.75
11James AguirreJacobs to have 100+ rushing yards and OAK win1192529.75
11James AguirreJacobs to have 120+ rushing yards and OAK win23512.512.5
11James AguirreD.J. Moore at least 90 receiving yards1182529.5
11James AguirreMoore anytime TD1142525
11James AguirreTB +6-11518.7518.75
11James AguirreTB ML2006.256.25
11James AguirreRams team total under 23.5-1202520.83
11James AguirreDAL (-1.5)/JAC (+8.5) 6pt teaser-12037.537.5
11James AguirreKC/LAC O 40.5 LIVE-1102522.73
11James AguirreSundays are for the Dogs1010
11Sundays are for the Dogs (James & Chris)*Eagles & Texans7742020
11Chris Smith6 Point Teaser - Steelers +9 & Under 48.5-1201515
11Chris SmithML Parlay - Cowboys & Bills1004040
11Chris Smith6.5 Point Teaser - Bears +13 & Under 47-1203025
11Chris Smith6.5 Point Teaser - Texans +11 & Jets +9-1303030
11Chris SmithRavens 1Q -0.5-1121515
11Chris SmithLIVE - Vikings ML2251533.75
11Chris SmithLIVE - Broncos ML37055
11Chris SmithRaiders-Bengals Over 47.5-1153535
11Chris SmithLIVE - Eagles ML6001010
11Chris SmithMitch Trubisky INT-1353526
11Chris SmithLIVE - Rams -10-1324040
11Chris SmithLIVE - Rams -71952039
11Chris SmithSundays are for the dogs1010
11Jason SarneyLamar Jackson OVER/UNDER 1.5 passing touchdowns-1185042.37
11Jason SarneyDede Westbrook OVER/UNDER 50.5 receiving yards-1122525
11Jason SarneyDevin Singletary OVER/UNDER 64.5 rushing yards-1082523.15
11Jason SarneyJosh Jacobs OVER/UNDER 108.5 rush yards-1122522.32
11Jason SarneyBrian Hill OVER/UNDER 61.5 rushing yards-1122525
11Jason SarneyLe'Veon Bell OVER/UNDER 58.5 rushing yards-1082523.15
11Jason SarneyDede Westbrook ANYTIME TOUCHDOWN SCORER29012.512.5
11Jason SarneyMike Gesicki ANYTIME TOUCHDOWN SCORER45012.512.5
11Ben RolfeNick Chubb over 81.5 rush yards-1102522.73
11Ben RolfePanthers under 27.5-1202520.83
11Ben RolfeATL/CAR under 49.5-1102522.73
11Ben RolfeHOU/BAL over 49.5-1102525
11Ben RolfeTexans over 22.5-1102525
11Ben RolfeCHI/LAR under 41.5-1102522.73
11Ben RolfeMelvin Gordon over 70.5 rush yards-1172525
11Against the SpreadDallas -6.5-1102522.73
11Against the SpreadCarolina -4.5-1102525
11Against the SpreadArizona +11.5-1102522.73
11Against the SpreadBroncos/Minnesota Un 47.5-1202525
11Against the SpreadOakland -3/Jacksonville +10-1222525
11Against the SpreadMiami +13.5/Under 47.5-1202525
10Jason SarneyDevin Singletary OVER 86.5 rushing plus receiving yards-1125050
10Jason SarneyMichael Thomas OVER 103.5 yards-1125044.64
10Jason SarneyMark Ingram OVER 13.5 rush attempts-1242525
10Jason SarneyMark Ingram OVER 69.5 rush yards-1122525
10Jason SarneyChristian Kirk OVER 57.5 receiving yards-1122522.32
10Jason SarneyChristian Kirk LONGEST RECEPTION OVER 19.5 yards-1022524.51
10Jason SarneyChristian Kirk ANYTIME TOUCHDOWN SCORER1702542.5
10Jason SarneyKeenan Allen Longest Reception over 21.5-1122522.32
10Jason SarneyP. Rivers Over 1.5 passing TD-1562516.03
10James AguirreSF/SEA O 46.5-1102522.73
10James AguirrePhilip Rivers Over 1.5 passing TD's-1125044.64
10James AguirreHunter Henry anytime TD scorer22512.528.12
10James AguirreDET/SF 6 point teaser-12037.537.5
10James AguirreRams ML Live1152525
10James AguirreSEA/SF 2H O 23.5-1052524.76
10James AguirreDak at least 2 passing td's-1252520
10James AguirreAmari at least 91 rec yards1152528.75
10James AguirreElliott at least 110 rushing1142525
10James AguirreDiggs at least 106 rec yards1342525
10James AguirreDak 270 passing, Zeke 100 rushing, Cooper 80 receiving24112.512.5
10James Aguirre*SAFTD - Cardinals & Panthers7121010
10Ben RolfeOver 5.5 Touchdowns Oakland LA-1202520.83
10Ben RolfeHunter Renfrow Anytime Touchdown3336.256.25
10Ben RolfeZay Jones Anytime Touchdown3506.256.25
10Ben RolfeBears under 22.5-1172521.25
10Ben RolfeCHI/DET under 42.5-1172521.25
10Ben RolfeBUF over 18.5-1175050
10Ben RolfeCardinals over 23.5-1102522.73
10Ben RolfeVikings over 22.5-1102522.73
10Ben RolfeEmmanuel Sanders Anytime TD1622525
10Ben RolfeKendrick Bourne Anytime TD4506.2528.13
10Ben RolfeEmmanuel Sanders over 5.5 receptions1202525
10Chris Smith*SAFTD - Cardinals & Panthers7121010
10Chris Smith6 Point Teaser - Seahawks +13 & Over 40-13032.525
10Chris Smith6 Point Teaser - 49ers (pk) & Over 41-1203030
10Chris SmithAlt. Spread Parlay - Rams -2 & Panthers +111232525
10Chris Smith10 point teaser - Ravens -0.5, Colts -1.5 & Falcons +23.5-1303030
10Chris SmithCleveland -2.5-11528.7525
10Chris Smith6.5 Point Teaser - Chargers +8 & Dallas -0.5-1302620
10Against the SpreadAtlanta/NO ov 51-1102525
10Against the SpreadCleveland -2.5-1102522.73
10Against the SpreadGiants -2.5-1122525
10Against the SpreadArizona+11/ov45-1202520.75
10against the SpreadNO/KC/GB ML parlay1402525
9Chris Smith6.5 Point Teaser - Jags +8 & Bills -3-1302525
9Chris SmithJets -3-11027.527.5
9Chris SmithCleveland -2.5-11027.527.5
9Chris SmithOver 49.5 in Lions-Raiders-11528.7525
9Chris SmithLIVE Under 54.5 in Lions-Raiders1152525
9Chris Smith7 Point Teaser - Miami +21 & 49ers -1-1403525
9Chris Smith6.5 Point Teaser - Ravens +10 & Dallas -0.5-1304534.62
9Chris SmithSeattle LIVE ML1102022
9Chris SmithPatriots LIVE ML4102020
9Chris Smith*Chargers & Ravens5631046.5
9Sundays are for the Dogs (James & Chris)*Chargers & Ravens563*20113
9James Aguirre*Chargers & Ravens56310*46
9James AguirreSF -8.5-1052525
9James AguirreKittle to scoreEVEN2525
9James AguirreIND -1-1102525
9James AguirreBAL +4-11517.515.22
9James AguirreBAL ML1707.512.75
9James AguirreTB + 5.5-11017.517.5
9James AguirreTB ML2007.57.5
9James AguirreMIN/KC O 46.5-1102525
9James AguirreLAC/DET 6pt teaser-12037.531.25
9James AguirreGallup O 4.5 rec1002525
9James AguirrePHI LIVE ALT spread -15.514517.517.5
9Jason SarneyEmmanuel Sanders O 47.5-1182521.19
9Jason SarneyDeAndre Hopkins OVER 6.5 receptions-1525032.89
9Jason SarneyDeAndre Hopkins OVER 85.5 receiving yards-1202525
9Jason SarneyAmari Cooper LONGEST REC OVER 26.5 yards-1122522.32
9Jason SarneyGolden Tate OVER 54.5 yards rec-11250
9Jason SarneyEvan Engram OVER 50.5 yards-11825
9Jason SarneyWeek 9 NFL props PLAY OF THE WEEK: DeAndre Hopkins ANYTIME TOUCHDOWN  1005050
9Jason SarneyMarlon Mack OVER 72.5 rushing yards (-112) 1 unit-1122522.32
9Jason SarneyJaylen Samuels OVER 90.5 rushing plus receiving yards (-108) (1 unit)-1082525
9Jason SarneyTarik Cohen OVER 3.5 receptions (+152) 1 Unit1522525
9Jason SarneyJordan Howard: OVER 14.5 carries (-102) 1 Unit-1022524.51
9Jason SarneyMarvin Jones: OVER 63.5 receiving yards (-108) 1 Unit-1082523.15
9Jason SarneyDarren Waller: OVER 58.5 receiving yards (-112) 1 Unit-1122525
9Against the SpreadBaltimore +11 ov 38-1202520.83
9Against the SpreadMiami ML13512.516.88
9Against the SpreadDallas ML Ov 41-1202520.83
9Against the SpreadDetroit/Oakland Ov 49.5-1122522.32
9Against the SpreadJacksonville +2-1102525
9Ben RolfeJaguars over 22.5-1062525
9Ben RolfeGiants under team total-1102522.73
9Ben RolfeBuccaneers over 23.5-1142521.93
9Ben RolfePanthers under 22.5-1092525
9Ben RolfePackers over 24.5-1052525
9Ben RolfeLions over 24.5-1102525
9Ben RolfeDarius Slayton anytime TD35012.512.5
8Chris SmithEagles ML1103033
8Chris Smith7 point teaser - Texans (pk) & Panthers +13-1403535
8Chris SmithOver 51 Houston-Oakland-1203030
8Chris Smith6.5 point teaser - Seahawks -0.5 & Buccaneers +9-1302519.8
8Chris SmithCorey Davis O 52.5 receiving-1252525
8Chris SmithHouston Live1242024.8
8Chris SmithPittsburgh -14 Live52555
8Chris SmithPittsburgh (7-13) Live-1501510
8Ben RolfeJax O 23.5-1062523
8Ben RolfeTitans O 23.5-1142522
8Ben RolfeOak/Hou O 51.5-1092525
8Ben RolfeARI/NO O 47.5-1102525
8Ben RolfePhi U 21.5-1052525
8James AguirreNYJ +6.5-11017.521
8James AguirreNYJ ML2507.57.5
8James AguirreTB/TEN O 46-1102522.73
8James AguirreTB ML1202525
8James AguirreTB +8.5/SEA -1-12037.531.25
8James AguirreCLE/NE U 43.5-1102522.73
8James AguirrePHI/BUF U 40.5-1102525
8Against The SpreadCarolina +5.5-1102525
8Against The SpreadChargers +4.5-1102522.73
8Against The SpreadSeattle -6.5-1122522.32
8Against The SpreadEagles +9 Un 50-1202521
8Against The SpreadIndy ML Un 50-1202521
8Jason SarneySaquon Barkley O 78.5 rushing-1125050
8Jason SarneyT.J. Hockenson O 37.5 receiving-1022525
8Jason SarneyTodd Gurley O 80.5 rushing-1122525
8Jason SarneyCorey Davis O 56.5 receiving-1022525
8Jason SarneyAaron Jones O 66.5 rushing-1122522.32
8Jason SarneyJames Conner OVER 109.5 rush and rec yards-1082523.15
8Jason SarneyMark Walton OVER 17.5 rec yards-1125044.64
8Jason SarneyPreston Williams OVER 54.5 yards-1062525
8Sundays are for the Dogs (James & Chris)Tampa Bay & Carolina (Never Posted)564*20
7Chris SmithChiefs -3-1355540
7Chris SmithChiefs -3 (1H)1002525
7Chris SmithLIVE Broncos +7.51351515
7Chris Smith Ravens +3-11027.525
7Chris SmithTexans ML1002525
7Chris SmithParlay - Giants ML & O502001515
7Chris Smith *Miracle ML Parlay432555
7Chris SmithTeaser (7 pts) - Rams/Falcons O 47 Seahawks-Ravens O 41-11528.7528.75
7Chris SmithParlay - Rams/Falcons O 54 & Seahawks-Ravens O 482356.256.25
7Chris SmithSeattle LIVE +6.51002020
7Chris SmithJames White O61.5 Yards1022020
7Sundays are for the Dogs (James & Chris)Ravens & Raiders ML Parlay605*20**20*
7Ben RolfeTexans/Colts O 47-1102522.73
7Ben RolfeRams/Falcons O 54-1082525
7Ben RolfeSaints/Bears U 38.5-1092525
7Ben RolfeChargers/Titans U 40-1102525
7Ben RolfeEagles/Cowboys O 49.5-1052525
7James AguirreARZ/NYG O 49-1102525
7James AguirreLAC/TEN U 39.5-1102525
7James AguirreOAK/GB U 46.5-1102525
7James AguirreOAK +5.5-1102121
7James AguirreOAK ML1957.57.5
7James AguirreNO/CHI U 38-1102525
7James AguirreJAC -4-1152521.75
7Jason SarneyTyreek Hill OVER 73.5 Rec Yards-1082523.15
7Jason SarneyLeonard Fournette Ov 90.5-1125044.64
7Jason SarneyGore to score1102525
7Jason SarneyGoff over 291.5-1122525
7Jason SarneyColeman ov 53.5 rushing-1082523.15
7Jason SarneyBell O 4.5 Rec-1342525
7Jason SarneyAnderson LONGEST rec over 19.5-1262525
7Jason SarneyJames White O 61.5 total yards1022525
7Against The SpreadOakland +6-1102525
7Against The SpreadChargers +9 Under 47.5 (6.5 teaser)-1202521
7Against The SpreadDallas/Eagles Ov48.5-1102525
7Against The SpreadGiants -3-1102525
7Against The SpreadSF -2 Under 48.5 (7 point teaser)-1302519
7Against The SpreadNY Jets +10-1102525
6Chris SmithPackers ML & Over 46.5 (Live Parlay)1451515
6Chris SmithLions +10 & Under 52.5 (6.5 point teaser)-1302015.4
6Chris SmithLA Rams -3-1353535
6Chris Smith1H Pats -6.5 Live-1152521.75
6Chris Smith1Q Pats -3.5-1211512.4
6Chris SmithJets +5 Live-1202016.67
6Chris SmithCowboys -1 & Chargers -1 (6 point teaser)-1203030
6Chris SmithChargers & Under 48.5 (6 point teaser)-1203030
6Chris SmithParlay - Texans/Chiefs O55 & Cards/Falcons O51.5 & Broncos/Titans U416002020
6Chris SmithPlayer Prop - T McLaurin Ov 64.51002525
6Against the SpreadDallas Ov 42.5-1102522.73
6Against the SpreadMiami +3.5-1102522.73
6Against the SpreadFalcons/Cardinals ov51-1152521.74
6Against the SpreadDallas -1.5/TennU45.5 (6.5 point teaser)-1302525
6Against the SpreadChargers ML/Detroit +11 (6.5 point teaser)-1302525
6Against the SpreadRams -3-1102525
6Against the SpreadCinc +12-1052523.81
6James AguirreKC -4.5-1052525
6James AguirreEagles +3-1152525
6James AguirrePhi ML1252525
6James AguirreAtl/Arz O 52-1105045.46
6James AguirreCle ML1152525
6James AguirreDal -1.5/ Cle +8.5 (6 point teaser)-12037.537.5
6James AguirrePit/Lac U 41-11025push
6Ben RolfeCAR/TB O47.5-1102522.73
6Ben RolfeATL/ARI O51-1102522.73
6Ben RolfeSEA/CLE U23 FH-1052525
6Ben RolfeTEN/DEN U38.5-1052523.81
6Ben RolfeSF/LA O51-1102525
6Jason SarneyAdrian Peterson O 58.5 rushing-1125044
6Jason SarneyMark Ingram O 74.5 rushing-1122525
6Jason SarneyJosh Rosen O 206.5 passing-1082525
6Jason SarneyPreston Williams O 54.5 receiving-1122525
6Jason SarneyJoe Mixon O 81.5 rushing and receiving-1082525
5Jason SarneyAdam Thielen OVER 69.5 receiving yards-1122522
5Jason SarneyTyler Boyd OVER 74.5 receiving yards-1122522
5Jason SarneyTeddy Bridgewater OVER 224.5 passing yards-1202520.83
5Jason SarneyMelvin Gordon TO SCORE1652525
5Jason SarneyDavid Johnson OVER 57.5 rushing yards-1085046.3
5Jason SarneyRussell Wilson OVER 19.5 rushing yards-1122522
5Against the SpreadNE WAS UNDER 46-1152521.74
5Against the SpreadBuffalo/Tenn un 38.5-1102522.73
5Against the SpreadMinnesota -5-1102522.73
5Against the Spread2 team teaser philly -6.5/TB +10-1302519.23
5Against the SpreadDAL Money Line-1652525
5James AguirreKittle to Score1002020
5James AguirreKittle to Score twice7/155
5James AguirreD Damuel to Score2502020
5James AguirreD Samuel to Score twice25/155
5James AguirreLandry to Score1702020
5James AguirreLandry to Score twice16/155
5James AguirreGB/DAL U 47-1102525
5James AguirreT Lockett O 5 REC-1202525
5James AguirreSF -3.5-1102522.73
5James AguirreCAR -3.5-1102522.73
5James AguirreTB ML1552525
5James AguirreTB +3.5-1202525
5James AguirreKC/IND U 57-1102522.73
5James AguirreWAS/NE U 45-1102522.73
5Chris SmithCLE +11/OVER 41 6.5 point teaser-1302020
5Chris SmithParlay - Chiefs ML & Browns +41231717
5Chris SmithCHI +1/CHI.OAK U 47 6.5 point teaser-1302626
5Chris SmithML Parlay - NE, Philly, Minn-1184033.9
5Chris SmithCarolina -3-1203025
5Chris SmithLIVE Jaguars Hedge +7.51351520.25
5Chris Smith4 team longshot parlay116044
5Chris SmithAtl/Houston OVER 49.5-11027.525
5Chris SmithLA Rams ML1063030
5Chris SmithLIVE Seahawks Hedge +2.5-1151512.5
5Ben RolfeTB/NO over 47-1102522.73
5Ben RolfeNE/WSH Under 43-1102522.73
5Ben RolfeTEN/BUF Under 38-1052523.81
5Ben RolfeOAK/CHI Under 40-1102525
5Ben RolfeHOU O26.5-1102522.73
4James AguirrePhi +4.5-1052523.81
4James AguirrePhi +3even2525
4James AguirrePhi ML1502537.5
4James AguirreArz/Sea O 47.5-1102525
4James AguirreNE/Buf U 42.5-1102522.73
4James AguirreWas +3 *(conflicting bet w/ ATS podcast)-1202525
4James AguirreCle +7-1152521.74
4James AguirreTB +10-1102522.73
4James AguirreGoedert 1 TD40012.550
4James AguirreGoedert 2+ TD500012.512.5
4James AguirreErtz TD16012.512.5
4James AguirreErtz 2+ TD100012.512.5
4James AguirreCobb TD2102525
4James AguirreMinn +8.5, KC -1 teaser-1205050
4James AguirreBUF +4 1stH-1102525
4James AguirreCar/Hou O 46.5-1102525
4Chris SmithPhi +11, NE -1 teaser-1302015.4
4Chris SmithLive Rams play-1102525
4Chris SmithDal -31053030
4Chris SmithBuff +4.5 (alternate line)14577
4Chris SmithDen -3/Minn +3 parlay (conflicting w/ ATS podcast)2052020
4Chris SmithKC/Browns/Redskins 7 pt. teaser1202525
4Ben RolfeWash/NYG O 46.5-1102525
4Ben RolfeCle/Bal U 46-1102525
4Ben RolfeAtl/Tenn U 46-1102522.73
4Ben RolfeColts O 26.5 points-1052525
4Ben RolfeSea/Ari O 47.5-1102525
4Jason SarneyCooper Kupp O 75.5-1122522
4Jason SarneyMarlon Mack O 99.5 rush + rec yds-1125050
4Jason SarneyDaniel Jones O 253.5 pass yds-1122525
4Jason SarneySterling Shepard O 5.5 receptions1162529
4Jason SarneyDontrelle Inman score TD2102525
4Jason SarneySterling Shepard O 63.5 rec yards-1082523
4Jason SarneyKerryon Johnson O 85.5 rush + rec yds-1122521.5
4Against the Spread PodcastNYG -2.5* (conflicting bet w/ James)-1102522.73
4Against the Spread PodcastDal -2.5-1102525
4Against the Spread PodcastJags +3* (conflicting w/ Chris)-1102522.73
4Against the Spread PodcastBalt/KC ML parlay-1292525
4Against the Spread PodcastPats/Colts 6 point teaser (-1.5, -1)-1142525
3James AguirreTB -6.5-1102525
3James AguirreO 54.5 Ravens/Chiefs-1102522.73
3James AguirreCle -1 (MNF)/Jags +7.5 teaser-1202520.83
3James AguirreWash/Chi O 41-1102522.73
3James AguirrePit +3.51stH-1052523.81
3James AguirrePitt ML2401010
3James AguirreSF live in-game ML1601016
3James AguirrePit +6.5-1102522.73
3James AguirreJameis O 278.5 pass yds-1402518.52
3James AguirreJames O 1.5 pass TD-1152521.74
3James AguirreKC -.5, Vikings -2.5, Browns +10 teaser1352533.75
3Chris Smith-12.5 Dallas 1stH/-12.5 Pats 1H parlay2172020
3Chris SmithMinn -2/KC -1 teaser-1204537.5
3Chris Smithmonster parlay22
3Chris SmithBalt +11.5 live bet1451014.5
3Chris SmithRams -3-1103330
3Jason SarneyMark Ingram O 57.5 rush yrds-1125044
3Jason SarneyChris Carson O 69.5 rush yds-1122525
3Jason SarneyTarik Cohen over 3.5 receptions-1102525
3Jason SarneyAaron Rodgers O 248.5 pass yds-1122525
3Jason SarneyAaron Rodgers O 1.5 pass TD-14237.537.5
3Jason SarneyJames White O 46.5 pass + rec yds-112000No bet, player injured
3Ben RolfeDet/Phi U 22.5 1stH-1102525
3Ben RolfeOak/Minn U 43.5-1102525
3Ben RolfeRams/Browns U 49-1102522.73
3Ben RolfeJets/Pats U 43.5-1102525
3Ben RolfeNO/Sea U 45-1102525
3Against the Spread PodcastBuff/Cin U44-1102522.73
3Against the Spread PodcastPitt/SF O44-1102500push
3Against the Spread PodcastMinn -8-1102522.73
3Against the Spread PodcastAri -2.5-1102525
3Against the Spread PodcastU 39 Tenn/Jax-1102522.73
2Chris SmithCar/U teaser-1203030
2Chris SmithMinn/Dal teaser-1202420
2Chris Smithmonster parlay11
2Chris SmithPats -11.5 1stH-1102320.5
2Chris Smith3q O 10.51202024
2Chris SmithKC/Den teaser-1202420
2Chris SmithPhi/Atl O 51-1102222
2Ryan GoslingCar/TB U50-1102522.73
2Ryan GoslingSea/Pitt O46.5-1102522.73
2Ryan GoslingDal -4.5-1102522.73
2Ryan GoslingIndy +10 U 51.5 teaser-1402517.86
2Ryan GoslingCin -1-1102525
2James AguirrePitt 1stH -3even2500yes
2James AguirreTB/Car U49-1102522.73
2James AguirrePitt over 25-1102522.73
2James AguirreDen +2.5even2525
2James AguirreDen/Atl 6 pt teaser-1202520.83
2James AguirreKyler Murray O pass yds-1152521.74
2James AguirreKyler Murray O pass TD1402525
2Ben RolfePhi/Atl O 51-1062525
2Ben RolfeBuf/NYG U 43.5-1102522.73
2Ben RolfeMin/Gb U 44.5-1102522.73
2Ben RolfeSea/Pitt U23 1stH-1052523.81
2Ben RolfeNo/LA O 52.5-1102525
2Jason SarneyO 97.5 total yds, Zeke-1085045
2Jason SarneyO 62.5 rush yds, Josh jacobs-1082522.5
2Jason SarneyO 71.5 rec yds, Evan Engram-1122525
2Jason SarneyO 70.5 rush yds, Sony Michel-1052523.81
2Jason SarneyAlex Mattison TD60055
2Jason SarneyO 53.5 rec yds, John Brown-1122522
1Chris SmithDen pick vs. Oak-1102222
1Chris SmithSF/TB O-1102222
1Chris SmithRavens/Chiefs parlay1222530.5
1Chris Smith9 team parlay11
1Chris SmithPanthers/Eagles teaser3025
1Chris SmithGB/Under teaser-1202420
1Ben RolfeTB/SF U-1102522.73
1Ben RolfeCle/Tenn U-1105050
1Ben RolfePitt/Ne U-1102522.73
1Ben RolfeAri/Det o 47-1102522.73
1Ben RolfeChi/GB U 46.5-1102522.73
1Aaron SuttonChi/GB U 46.5-110125113.64
1Aaron SuttonU 7.5 1stQ Chi/GB-1102522.73
1Aaron SuttonChi ML-1102020
1Jason SarneyHopkins anytime TD10555.25
1Jason SarneyStills TD390519.5
1Jason SarneyLatavius Murray O8 carry10855
1Jason SarneyFoles O pass yds-1152525
1Jason SarneyWestbrook O rec. yds-1155050
1Jason SarneyRidley O rec. yds-1155043.48
1Jason SarneyKyler Murray O rush yds-1152525
1Jason SarneyJ. Jackson O rush yds-1155043.48
1Ryan GoslingGB +3-1102522.73
1Ryan GoslingGB 1st half1352533.75
1Ryan GoslingRodgers O pass TD-1102525
1Ryan GoslingAaron Jones O rush yds-1102525
1Ryan GoslingOver GB/Chi-1102525
1James AguirreGB 1st half-1102522.73
1James AguirreInd +6-11025Yes
1James AguirreDen/Oak U-1102522.73