NFL World Reacts to Dak Prescott’s Hilarious PSA for Colon Cancer Screening

Cowboys' Dak Prescott teamed up with actor Ryan Reynolds to pass along an important message using humor as the vessel to do so.

If the reigning Walter Payton NFL Man of The Year award winner, Dak Prescott isn’t out on the field putting together an MVP candidate-worthy season, he’s usually out there using his platform for good. A man who is known for doing good in his community is once again using his voice to speak up for a cause that is near and dear to his heart.

Many know that Prescott lost his mother, Peggy, to cancer when he was at Mississippi State. What some may not know is that it was colon cancer that took her life. In this latest advertisement, Prescott teamed up with actor Ryan Reynolds to spread the importance of early detection to save lives and did so with a bit of humor.

Dak Prescott’s Hilarious Colon Cancer Screening PSA

The ad was written and directed by Reynolds, who is well known for his role as Deadpool, a superhero movie that is filled with witty humor and hilarious moments. Reynolds used that same humor and teamed up with Prescott to show the importance of why those should be screened early for colon cancer.

Prescott opens the ad by making a valid point about his profession. “As a starting quarterback, I get a lot of s***. … And I get it, when you are not a fan of something, s****ing on it can make you feel good,” Prescott continued.

Prescott then proceeded to describe how the process worked and used stickers alluding to some of his biggest rivals’ mascots to get the message across.

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The ad campaign used humor, big-name stars, and a direct message to show the importance of their product as it pertains to early detection and saving lives.

Naturally, with Prescott being involved, the NFL world had its takes on the ad.

NFL World Reacts to Prescott’s PSA

The ad is an important one, and when you combine humor with it, the message is well received.

While Prescott is known for being a great guy off the field, not many seem to give him the credit he deserves on it as well. Not only has he continued to be the quality person that won him the Walter Payton NFL Man of The Year award last year, but his play on the field has helped change his public perception as well.

Whether it is on or off the field, right now it seems like Prescott can do no wrong.

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