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Fantasy Football

NFL Weather Forecast & Report Week 12: Snow could impact the NFL

The NFL Week 12 weather forecast & report will help give you an edge over your fantasy opponents. Knowing this info might mean a win or loss.

NFL Weather Forecast & Report Week 12
JACKSONVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 22: Four F-16 jets perform a flyover before the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars on November 22, 2020 at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Fl. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Once we hit this time of year, it is rare to see multiple games impacted by weather conditions. However, it is 2020, and nothing makes sense. As with tradition, we break down the slate and see what the NFL weather forecast and report will look like for Week 12 and how it might impact your fantasy football team.

Please note that all times are Eastern Time, and the NFL Week 12 weather report will be updated if any changes happen from the time of writing this up to kickoff. The NFL weather forecast for Week 12 is based on reporting from National Weather Service. All betting lines are from William Hill Sportsbook.

NFL Weather Forecast and Report, Week 12
A chance for higher wind gusts

Los Angeles Chargers at Buffalo Bills -4.5 (52 o/u)
Sunday at 1:00 PM ET

When looking at the NFL weather forecast for Week 12, I am not overly concerned about this game but thought it deserved to be mentioned for those who have kickers and were on the fence about either player as a streaming option.

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It will look like a beautiful day on the TV thanks to sunny skies and 52-degree temperatures. However, we will likely see some higher wind speed when they start to gust. Expect to see sustained winds around 13 to 16 mph, which are right on the threshold we look for when finding potential trouble spots. The part that sticks out to me is the wind gusts during the time of the game that will be between 28 and 30 mph.

Worry-Free NFL Weather

Miami Dolphins -6.5 at New York Jets (44.5 o/u)
Sunday at 1:00 PM ET

When looking at the Week 12 weather report for the Dolphins vs. Jets game, expect 55-degree temperatures, 5 mph winds, and sunny skies.

Arizona Cardinals -2 at New England Patriots (49 o/u)
Sunday at 1:00 PM ET

Expect 53-degree temperatures, 4 mph winds, and sunny skies in Foxborough for the weather forecast in Week 12. 

Cleveland Browns -7 at Jacksonville Jaguars (48.5 o/u)
Sunday at 1:00 PM ET

When looking at the NFL weather report, look for cloudy skies, 6 mph winds, and 76-degree temperatures. 

New York Giants -6 at Cincinnati Bengals (44 o/u)
Sunday at 1:00 PM ET

Don’t expect any adverse weather conditions for this game, as we should see 53-degree temperatures, sunny skies, and light winds.

New Orleans Saints -14.5 at Denver Broncos (36.5 o/u)
Sunday at 4:25 PM ET

Expect 39-degree temperatures, sunny skies, and 5 mph winds for the Week 12 weather forecast in the Saints vs. Broncos game.

Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (56.5 o/u)
Sunday at 4:25 PM ET

When looking at the Week 12 NFL fantasy weather forecast for this game, expect 81-degree temperatures, partly sunny skies, and 6 mph winds.

NFL Weather Report, Week 12
Early Indoor Games

Because these NFL games are indoors, the weather conditions can be controlled, and as such, the only forecast and reports are that it will be optimal playing conditions for these teams. The passing and kicking game will not be affected.

  • Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings -3 (Sunday 1:00 PM) – 50 o/u
  • Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts -3 (Sunday 1:00 PM) – 51.5 o/u
  • Las Vegas Raiders -3 at Atlanta Falcons (Sunday 1:00 PM) – 53.5 o/u

NFL Weather Report, Week 12
Late Indoor Games

The San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams (-6.5 44.5 o/u) game on Sunday at 4:05 PM ET is indoors, and as such, they will be playing in optimal conditions. The passing and kicking game will not be affected.

NFL Weather Report, Week 12: Snow Tuesday night?
Primetime Matchups

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers -9.5 (44 o/u)
Sunday at 8:25 PM ET

For the weather in this game, I have this listed just as I do for Buffalo’s conditions. It will be a chilly 30-degree clear night at Lambeau Field with 11 mph sustained winds. It is the gusts we are looking at, and right now, they are forecasting 23 mph gusts.

If one of those hits while the ball is in the air, things can get squirrely. It’s not dropping my projections on players but is worth noting when looking at the NFL Week 12 weather report.

Seattle Seahawks -5.5 at Philadelphia Eagles (49 o/u)
Monday at 8:15 PM ET

Out of all the games on the Week 12 slate, this is the one that has me really concerned. Well, the Pittsburgh game does, too, but that is for a reason other than just the weather. 

Sometimes playing on Monday Night Football is nice as it gives you an extra day of rest in the game prep. For the Seahawks and the Eagles, moving the game one day puts them directly in the middle of a storm that will dump water over the city of Brotherly Love. 

Starting in the early AM, the rain will begin to fall and strengthen in intensity as the day goes on. In total, we could see up to an inch of rainfall before the 8:20 PM kickoff. We could see another tenth of an inch fall on Lincoln Financial Field during the course of the game but the severity will decrease as the game goes on. 

The current chances of precipitation are 90%. Wind will not play a massive factor in this forecast is the timing holds. Expect to see 7 to 10 mph winds during the game alone, with temperatures around 58-degrees.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (No line currently)
Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET

Let’s start with the weather for this game. If this game had been played on Thursday or even Sunday, the weather wouldn’t be an issue for Week 12. However, on Tuesday, winter weather is hitting the Steel City.

Temperatures will cool off down to 32-degrees, accompanied by 8 to 11 mph winds. The interesting part of this is the forecasted wintery mix or snow reported for Week 12. Starting early in the morning on Tuesday, a snowstorm will move into the Pittsburgh area, dropping between 2-3 inches of snow in total. With this being so drawn out, the impact on the game is reduced as we might only see two-tenths fall from whistle to whistle. It will make for some sloppy conditions but nothing that these teams are unfamiliar with playing in the AFC North. Interestingly, the field is heated from below, using a mixture of antifreeze and hot water, to keep the field at around 62 °F (17 °C) in order to keep the grass growing year-round. The ground not being able to freeze impacts the snowfall and typically keeps us from seeing large accumulations unless a large storm hits and it can’t keep up.

As we get closer and get more confident models, I will make sure to keep this game updated, so long as we have a game to update in the first place.

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