NFL’s Super Bowl Gambling Policy Explained: League Makes Rules Clear as Big Game Heads to Las Vegas

Ahead of Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas, which parts of the NFL's gambling policy did the league feel they needed to re-emphasize?

The Super Bowl is the latest NFL event to head to the home of gambling, Las Vegas. Being in the biggest gambling center in the world has meant that the NFL felt the need to remind players of certain elements of its gambling policy. Let’s examine the elements of the gambling policy the NFL has clarified and what it means for players either playing in the game or those heading to the city for the game and surrounding festivities.

What’s the Gambling Policy the NFL Put in Place for Super Bowl 58?

The overall NFL gambling policy has evolved over time as different situations and circumstances arose. Therefore, with the biggest game in the league calendar heading to Las Vegas, the NFL felt the need to provide a reminder of the key points on the policy.

The latest communication also adds clarity to the rules for players partaking in the game versus those there for either leisure or corporate appearances.

The first part of the NFL’s Super Bowl Gambling Policy reminder emphasizes the biggest part of the overall policy: Players may never bet on the NFL or anything associated with it.

That means that even a player just visiting Vegas this week, or any other week, cannot place a bet on the Super Bowl or anything surrounding it. From a potential inside information point of view, this is a policy that can have no wiggle room for obvious reasons.

For the same reason, NFL players have been reminded that they may not participate in any “daily” or short-duration fantasy football games. DFS blurs the line between fantasy football and sports betting. This provision ensures that players cannot capitalize on anything they know ahead of the game that may not be public knowledge.

One of the more interesting parts of the NFL Gambling Policy is that no player, whether playing in the Super Bowl itself or not, may enter a sportsbook until the game ends. There is a provision for players to be allowed to pass through sportsbooks for access to other areas of the hotel, but the long and short of it is that an NFL player should not be seen in a sportsbook this week.

Other rules that have been re-emphasized for this week are that players must not accept a gift larger than $250 from a gambling entity, and they cannot promote gambling in any form unless approved in advance by the league office itself.

The final part of the message from the NFL definitively differentiates players on the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers from those not playing a part in the game. Chiefs and 49ers players are considered to be on “business travel” at all times between leaving their home city and the end of the Super Bowl. This includes players with any roster status, including those on injured reserve.

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For those players, there is to be strictly no gambling of any form until after the game. This includes bets placed on websites or apps, as well as casino table games or anything similar. In contrast, players not playing in the Super Bowl are eligible to gamble on their own time.

Any players fulfilling sponsorship obligations or club-related business must not participate in any form of gambling while serving those duties.

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