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    Jury Deliberations Begin in NFL ‘Sunday Ticket’ Trial: Everything You Need To Know About the Class-Action Lawsuit

    The NFL "Sunday Ticket" trial could be nearing its end as the jury is expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday, following closing arguments.

    While the NFL strives to dominate the media market all year long, the league has made headlines for a controversial reason this offseason, as it continues to battle a class-action lawsuit involving the league’s “Sunday Ticket” package.

    Subscribers have made two massive claims against the NFL regarding the exclusive service. Fans can soon see the result of the trial as the jury is expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday.

    The Latest on the NFL ‘Sunday Ticket’ Trial

    According to Joe Reedy of the Associated Press, the jury involved with the infamous “Sunday Ticket” trial is expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez will give final instructions to the jury before final arguments begin.

    The jury for this case includes five men and three women, according to Reedy. Throughout the trial, they’ve heard from several notable members of the NFL, including Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

    As the case nears its end, the NFL’s final witness was Stanford economics professor B. Douglas Bernheim. Defending the NFL’s stance, Bernheim’s testimony began last Thursday and concluded on Monday morning. He stated that the NFL created level competition and helped fans by selling out-of-market Sunday afternoon games to several networks.

    Conversely, the plaintiffs had a rebuttal witness, Harvard professor Einer Elhauge. He stated quite the opposite, believing the NFL didn’t create a competitive balance by putting restraints on the “Sunday Ticket” package to make it a premium service.

    While there are certainly valid arguments being made by both sides, the decision is ultimately up to the jury. They are expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday, with a potential ending to the trial shortly thereafter.

    Timeline for a Verdict

    While the jury is set to begin deliberations on Wednesday, that doesn’t necessarily mean the case will be ending anytime soon. The losing side in the case is expected to appeal to the Ninth Circuit and then possibly to the Supreme Court.

    This lawsuit was originally filed in 2015 and has worked its way through various levels of the justice system. Still, each side will have 70 minutes to make its final argument in court on Wednesday. The opposition will have 20 minutes to rebuttal as well.

    Once the final arguments have concluded, the figurative football will be in the jury’s possession. The jury will then begin to deliberate and reach a final verdict, although, as previously mentioned, their verdict likely won’t be the end of this nearly decade-long battle.

    If the NFL is found guilty of breaking antitrust laws, the jury could award a whopping $7 billion in damages. Yet that number could be tripled and reach $21 billion because antitrust cases can triple damages.

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    The NFL is loaded with money, but they don’t want to deal with paying that amount in damages. This is exactly why the case is likely far from over and will continue shortly, regardless of the jury’s final verdict.

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