NFL Teams Start Teases of Viral NFL Schedule Release Videos

Ahead of the official 2024 NFL schedule release, teams offered teases of their viral schedule videos. Here are six of our favorites.

We’re almost there, NFL fans. Somehow, some way, the NFL schedule release has become an actual thing. Fans sit on the edges of their seats waiting to learn the whos, wheres, and whens for their favorite teams (you can follow our live tracker for help with that).

And then there are the videos released by each franchise’s social media department. Each year, teams engage in an unofficial competition to see who can create the best schedule release video that takes the internet by storm. Some teams started teasing their final videos early Wednesday afternoon, and we’ve already picked out some favorites.

NFL Schedule Release: 6 Best Teases for Viral Schedule Release Videos

Jaguars Channel ‘X-Men ’97’

Drawing inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t exactly an original idea. But few Marvel-related shows are cooler than the original 90s X-Men series, and “X-Men ’97,” currently airing on Disney+, is the best MCU product in years. Here’s hoping the Jacksonville Jaguars’ social media team found a cool way to blend all these elements.

What’s Up With the Seahawks’ Cryptic Logo?

This also might be a Marvel reference, but we can’t be sure. The Seattle Seahawks seemingly invoked the polarizing Multiverse saga, which has been a near-total flop for Marvel. Or maybe this has nothing to do with comic books, movies, or TV shows. Either way, we’re intrigued, so mission accomplished for Seattle’s social media team.

Packers Tease Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne isn’t nearly as relevant as he once was, and his foray into sports commentary has been a dud. Still, we’re curious to see what the Green Bay Packers put together for one of the most accomplished rappers of all time.

Bills’ Construction Project

Buffalo clearly is referencing the ongoing construction of its new stadium, which is expected to be completed in time for the 2026 season. Maybe this viral video will be a construction update. Maybe it’ll offer a look at new concept art. Maybe Josh Allen will mess around with some tools.

One request: Get Tim Allen involved.

Dolphins’ Involving Tyreek Hill

If Tyreek Hill is involved, the Miami Dolphins’ video should be entertaining. Maybe, in a nod to Hill’s game-breaking speed, they’ll just make a schedule release video that starts and ends in, like, five seconds. Regardless, we’re looking forward to it.

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Patriots Going Throwback?

Everyone knows the New England Patriots’ current uniforms are total trash. Everyone knows their red throwback “Pat Patriot” uniforms are way better. The Patriots wore the iconic uniforms in two games each of the last two seasons, so maybe their schedule release video will announce an increase in throwback games.

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