In their debut episode of the AFC North and Goal podcast, co-hosts Travis Yates and Dennis Sosic talk about the newly released NFL schedules. What does it mean for the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the AFC North? What does it mean for the rest of the league? They also talk about their favorite and most hated draft picks in the NFL Draft over the past five years.

The NFL schedule is finally released! What does this mean for the AFC North?

For their debut episode, Travis and Dennis struck gold with the release of the NFL schedules. For the Cleveland Browns, as Dennis states, they have the most primetime games they have had in recent memory. The Browns have four, yes you read that correctly, FOUR primetime games in their first 11 weeks. Multiple people (including one of our recent podcasts) have talked about the number of egos that will need good coaching within Cleveland. The pressure now doubles for a newly promoted Browns team, and they will need to live up to it. Travis and Dennis finish off the segment by detailing the strength and weaknesses for every team in the division. They also talk about potential matchups towards the tail end of the schedules.

NFL Draft Season!

We are one week away from the number one holiday in the world, the NFL Draft. It’s Christmas in April for most NFL fans. There will be crying, laughter and joy as soon as the commissioner walks up to the podium. For now, we say that the 2019 AFC North and Goal debut is officially open! Jokes aside, it’s NFL Draft season, and Travis and Dennis take a look back at the 2018 NFL Draft for the AFC North. Last year it seemed that Sam Darnold was the number one pick for the Browns. Well, the Browns and GM John Dorsey decided to pick someone who wakes up feeling dangerous. Baker Mayfield brought the Browns out of the ashes and back to the spotlight. Travis explains why Cincinnati Bengals fans should have faith in wideout John Ross. Dennis however, justifies his hatred towards Justin Gilbert.

Questions to think about during the show

Should the Browns have been awarded four primetime games? What is your top five great and worst picks in the last five years?

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