When Is the 2024 NFL Schedule Released? Dates, Opening Night, and More

When is the 2024 NFL schedule set to be released? After weeks of anticipation, we finally have an official date for NFL's next big event!

The NFL Draft is over, and while there are still some notable free agents available, most teams are done making moves. Before we know it, it will be September and we’ll all be getting ready for Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season.

Before that, though, we need to know which teams will be facing off and when. When will the NFL schedule be released, and what do we know now?

When Does the NFL Release the Schedule?

After weeks of guessing, the NFL schedule release has reportedly been revealed.

According to Ben Fischer from Sports Business Journal, the NFL sent a memo to teams revealing that Wednesday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET, will be the official reveal date.

Due to precedent, most were expecting the schedule release to be during the week of May 6. Last year, the NFL revealed a number of key games ahead of the actual reveal date, but all was silent this time around.

With the official date now being a week later than expected, the NFL has the time to feed into the spectacle of the event.

What We Know About the NFL Schedule So Far

Typically, the Super Bowl champions host the first game on opening night in Week 1, and this season is no different: the Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting the Baltimore Ravens for the first game of the 2024-2025 NFL season.

Two of the league’s biggest stars, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, will be under the bright lights on Thursday, September 5, as the Chiefs begin their attempt at winning their third Super Bowl in a row.

We also know the NFL is expanding further into international markets in 2024, with five NFL teams hosting a game outside of the United States.

The Carolina Panthers will be hosting a game in Munich, Germany, while the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and Minnesota Vikings will host games in London, U.K.

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Rounding out the five host teams is the Philadelphia Eagles, who will be the home team in São Paulo, Brazil. The Eagles will play the Green Bay Packers on Friday night, a day after the opening game in Week 1.

Could Netflix Broadcast NFL’s 2024 Christmas Day Games?

WFAN’s Boomer Esiason, who previously starred in the league as a longtime quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals and other franchises, turned some heads Wednesday in discussing the league’s upcoming Christmas Day broadcast plans.

Esiason raised the topic during his daily weekday morning radio show and said he would not be surprised if Netflix is ultimately involved in streaming the games.

“I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am,” Esiason said. “Do not be surprised if the NFL and Netflix get in bed for a nice little Christmas Day football games. I would not be surprised.”

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Roger Goodell Comments on the Future of the NFL Schedule

There have long been reports that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in favor of an 18-game regular season. The discussions of an expanded season go as far back as the last time the league added a game.

The 2020 CBA allowed for an expansion of the regular season to 17 games. Team owners voted in March 2021 to institute the expanded schedule beginning with the 2021 season. Could we now be on our way to 18 games?

After the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, Goodell spoke with ESPN’s Pat McAfee and shared his thoughts on the idea.

“I’d rather replace a preseason game with a regular-season game any day,” Goodell said. “If we got to 18 [regular season games] and two [preseason games], that’s not an unreasonable thing.”

Goodell highlighted the fact that an expanded 18-game season would essentially push everything back a week — the offseason, draft, playoffs, and, you guessed it, the Super Bowl.

Why is that such a big deal? Well, that would mean the league’s biggest game of the year would fall on the Sunday of Presidents’ Day weekend, meaning NFL fans would no longer need to worry about working Monday morning after staying up late to watch the Big Game.

“That ends up on Presidents’ Day weekend, which is a three-day weekend, which makes the [Super Bowl on] Sunday night, and then you have Monday off,” Goodell said.

While Goodell has floated this idea, these changes would have to be collectively bargained with the NFL Players Association.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, NFL owners are backing the idea and could attempt to get the NFLPA to agree to it before the current labor deal expires.

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“The league and owners have not initiated a new set of formal discussions with the NFL Players Association on the topic … But some owners and league leaders have been contemplating such an effort for months,” said Maske.

The current collective bargaining agreement runs through March 2030, with the NFL’s current TV deals running through 2033. There is an option for the league to opt out of most TV deals following 2029, though, and ESPN/ABC after 2030.

Past NFL Schedule Release Dates

  • 2023 – May 11
  • 2022 – May 12
  • 2021 – May 12
  • 2020 – May 7
  • 2019 – April 17
  • 2018 – April 19
  • 2017 – April 20
  • 2016 – April 14
  • 2015 – April 21
  • 2014 – April 23
  • 2013 – April 18
  • 2012 – April 17
  • 2011 – April 19
  • 2010 – April 20
  • 2009 – April 14
  • 2008 – April 15
  • 2007 – April 11
  • 2006 – April 6
  • 2005 – April 13

A List of Every Team’s 2024 Opponents

While the NFL schedule hasn’t been released, we do know each team’s 2024 opponents. Here’s a look at each team’s home and away matchups for the upcoming season.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

Home: Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Jaguars, Titans, Chiefs, Cardinals, 49ers
Away: Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Texans, Colts, Ravens, Rams, Seahawks, Lions

Miami Dolphins

Home: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Jaguars, Titans, Raiders, Cardinals, 49ers
Away: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Texans, Colts, Browns, Rams, Seahawks, Packers

New England Patriots

Home: Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Texans, Colts, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks
Away: Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Bengals, Titans, Jaguars, 49ers, Cardinals, Bears

New York Jets

Home: Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Texans, Colts, Broncos, Rams, Seahawks
Away: Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Jaguars, Titans, Steelers, Cardinals, 49ers, Vikings

AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars

Home: Texans, Colts, Titans, Patriots, Jets, Packers, Vikings, Browns
Away: Texans, Colts, Titans, Dolphins, Raiders, Bills, Eagles, Bears, Lions

Houston Texans

Home: Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Bills, Dolphins, Ravens, Bears, Lions
Away: Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Jets, Patriots, Chiefs, Packers, Vikings, Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts

Home: Texans, Jaguars, Titans, Dolphins, Bills, Steelers, Lions, Bears
Away: Texans, Jaguars, Titans, Jets, Patriots, Broncos, Giants, Packers, Vikings

Tennessee Titans

Home: Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Patriots, Jets, Bengals, Packers, Vikings
Away: Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Dolphins, Bills, Chargers, Bears, Lions, Commanders

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Home: Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Broncos, Raiders, Bills, Eagles, Commanders
Away: Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Chiefs, Chargers, Texans, Cowboys, Giants, Buccaneers

Cleveland Browns

Home: Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Chiefs, Chargers, Dolphins, Cowboys, Giants
Away: Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Broncos, Raiders, Jaguars, Eagles, Commanders, Saints

Cincinnati Bengals

Home: Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Broncos, Raiders, Patriots, Eagles, Commanders
Away: Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Chiefs, Chargers, Titans, Cowboys, Giants, Panthers

Pittsburgh Steelers

Home: Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, Jets, Giants, Cowboys
Away: Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Raiders, Colts, Eagles, Commanders, Falcons

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

Home: Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens, Bengals, Texans, Saints, Buccaneers
Away: Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, Steelers, Browns, Bills, Falcons, Panthers, 49ers

Denver Broncos

Home: Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Browns, Steelers, Colts, Falcons, Panthers
Away: Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens, Bengals, Jets, Saints, Buccaneers, Seahawks

Los Angeles Chargers

Home: Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, Ravens, Bengals, Saints, Buccaneers, Titans
Away: Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, Browns, Steelers, Patriots, Falcons, Panthers, Cardinals

Las Vegas Raiders

Home: Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Browns, Steelers, Jaguars, Falcons, Panthers
Away: Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins, Saints, Buccaneers, Rams

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Home: Giants, Eagles, Commanders, Saints, Buccaneers, Lions, Ravens, Bengals, Texans
Away: Giants, Eagles, Commanders, Falcons, Panthers, 49ers, Browns, Steelers

Washington Commanders

Home: Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Falcons, Panthers, Bears, Browns, Steelers, Titans
Away: Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Saints, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Bengals, Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles

Home: Giants, Cowboys, Commanders, Panthers, Falcons, Packers, Steelers, Browns, Jaguars
Away: Giants, Cowboys, Commanders, Rams, Saints, Buccaneers, Bengals, Ravens

New York Giants:

Home: Commanders, Cowboys, Eagles, Saints, Buccaneers, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals, Colts
Away: Commanders, Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, Steelers, Browns

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Home: Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Giants, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, Steelers
Away: Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers, Commanders, Eagles, Vikings, Broncos, Raiders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Home: Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Eagles, 49ers, Commanders, Ravens, Broncos, Raiders
Away: Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Chiefs, Chargers

New Orleans Saints

Home: Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers, Eagles, Commanders, Rams, Broncos, Raiders, Browns
Away: Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers, Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Chiefs, Chargers

Carolina Panthers

Home: Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Giants, Cardinals, Chiefs, Chargers, Bengals
Away: Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers, Eagles, Commanders, Bears, Broncos, Raiders

NFC North

Detroit Lions

Home: Bears, Packers, Vikings, Buccaneers, Rams, Seahawks, Jaguars, Titans, Bills
Away: Bears, Packers, Vikings, Cowboys, Cardinals, 49ers, Texans, Colts

Minnesota Vikings

Home: Bears, Lions, Packers, Cardinals, 49ers, Falcons, Texans, Colts, Jets
Away: Bears, Lions, Packers, Rams, Seahawks, Giants, Jaguars, Titans

Chicago Bears

Home: Lions, Packers, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Seahawks, Jaguars, Titans, Patriots
Away: Lions, Packers, Vikings, Cardinals, 49ers, Commanders, Texans, Colts

Green Bay Packers

Home: Bears, Lions, Vikings, Cardinals, 49ers, Saints, Colts, Texans, Dolphins
Away: Bears, Lions, Vikings, Eagles, Rams, Seahawks, Jaguars, Titans

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams

Home: 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Eagles, Bills, Dolphins, Raiders
Away: 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Lions, Bears, Saints, Patriots, Jets

San Francisco 49ers

Home: Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks, Bears, Lions, Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, Chiefs
Away: Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Bills

Arizona Cardinals

Home: 49ers, Rams, Seahawks, Bears, Lions, Commanders, Patriots, Jets, Chargers
Away: 49ers, Rams, Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Panthers, Dolphins, Bills

Seattle Seahawks

Home: Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, Packers, Vikings, Giants, Dolphins, Bills, Broncos
Away: Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, Bears, Lions, Falcons, Patriots, Jets

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