Week 17 NFL Player of the Week: Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and Cameron Jordan all return winners

The NFL Player of the Week for Week 17 features three names that have already won the award at least once in the 2021 season.

The NFL Player of the Week for Week 17 looks somewhat similar to last week. However, unlike Week 16, we had to double the orange and the “Who Dey” written in graffiti around the building. In fact, all three awardees already saw themselves on the Player of the Week list in 2021. And two of the awardees did it dramatically.

NFL Player of the Week | Week 17

This is where I’d talk about the competition — if the top players this week had any! Seriously though, this was the most leisurely week of choosing winners yet.

I want to shout out Chuck Clark, who single-handedly almost beat the Los Angeles Rams and, more specifically, Matthew Stafford. However, the Ravens came up short, and our NFL Defensive Player of the Week had a monster game in a win.

NFL Quarterback of the Week | Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow might already be a top-five quarterback in the NFL. If he can get away from some of his worst interceptions, we’re discussing an MVP-level season from Burrow, despite him having to deal with massive holes on Cincinnati’s offensive line.

He casually put up another 450-yard performance against a defense that carried the Chiefs to eight consecutive wins before their fateful matchup on Sunday. On a third-and-27 with 3:19 left on the clock, Burrow dialed up another back-shoulder fade to Ja’Marr Chase to convert, get the ball into field goal range, and keep possession and the ball away from Patrick Mahomes. That was enough to earn the NFL Player of the Week again in Week 17.

Burrow has thrown for 971 yards, 8 TDs, and 0 INTs in the last two games. That’s a heck of a way to finish out the season.

NFL Offensive Player of the Week | Ja’Marr Chase

I have to give Charvarius Ward credit. He really did go out there and make Chase angry by trying to do The Griddy after a pass breakup in the end zone. Ward is given the Bart Simpson ceremonial “AT LEAST YOU TRIED” cake.

Two plays later, Chase big-brothered him on a back-shoulder fade for a touchdown. That was one of Chase’s 3 scores in the game. Now, I’ve already apologized for being wrong about Chase — but I did add the caveat of saying he was in a great situation in Cincinnati with his college quarterback. I’ll sleep better at night, thank you for letting me work through that.

Yeah, what Chase has, that plays anywhere. Anybody who can take a slant 70 yards is universal. And he’s going to win a boatload of NFL Player of the Week awards throughout his time.

He’s the strongest receiver in the game, and his ability to create separation while contested without having offensive pass interference flags attached to him is outrageous. Chase is so adept at using his frame and strength to open windows late in the process along the sideline. Additionally, he has the vision and jets to make plays after the catch. And he’s also so explosive and dense that he’s almost impossible to tackle on first contact.

NFL Defensive Player of the Week | Cameron Jordan

The entire New Orleans defensive line had a date with Sam Darnold at some point during the game, but Darnold must have enjoyed Jordan’s company the most because he invited him back 3.5 times in the game.

The sacks weren’t all necessarily high quality, but with one minute left in the game, Jordan hit Carolina’s right guard with a club and swim move on the outside that disintegrated the block and gave Jordan a free pass to Darnold.

But that wasn’t the only impact he made. He also made multiple stops — tackles resulting in a failure for the offense — in the game. Jordan is still playing at an incredibly high level at age 32. That’s a testament to his style, which is predicated upon power and hand usage.

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