This week co-hosts Zach Wolchuk and Eric Chiofalo talk about the rule changes that were made at this years NFL owners meeting, introduce the NFL quick hits segment, and Wolchuk talks about his beef with NFL Networks Charley Casserly.

Each year, the NFL owners meet to discuss possible rule changes as well as general information surrounding the NFL. Although we would all love to be in that room with all those powerful people, we are left to hear what NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport and ESPN’s Adam Schefter have to tell us. So what did we learn? We learned that the onside kick rule will not be put into place and that we did have a 32-0 vote from the NFL head coaches on more replay that went into effect with approval from the owners. During the pod, Zach and Eric discuss the latest rulings and give their opinions on both the failed rule for onside kicks and the new replay rule.

NFL Quick Hits

During their new segment on the pod, Eric gives us updates surrounding the Rob Gronkowski retirement, Phillip Rivers’ new kid, and Cam Newton practicing abstinence. The main point was Phillip Rivers and his wife introducing their newborn. Eric and Zach talk about how the Rivers family is just short of a full NFL offensive team. Could the Rivers family get to that magic number?

Wolchuk, Casserly, and Gase

As our avid listeners would know, the two boys down in Dallas love to joke around. Well, this week Wolchuk goes past the joking and takes jabs at his personal beef with NFL Network’s Charley Casserly. During this exchange between Eric and Zach, Eric tries to defend Charley while Zach details why “Charles” should not have a job with the NFL Network and his general dislike towards him. How does this involve Adam Gase? Apparently, he feels like poop in the morning.

Questions to ask yourself during the show

Will more replay be a bad thing for the NFL? Are the Rivers family crazy? Do you feel like poop in the morning?

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