In fantasy football and gambling with NFL odds, just like in life, timing is everything. However, in the world of real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location.” Let’s get to the theme of this week’s “Easier Money” guide to profitability in 2019 NFL odds and fantasy football prop betting.

Timing is, of course, being those first lucky thousand or so to place some green on the teams or players you want to ride with during the football season. Grabbing futures and hoping that these season-long plays will help put your bankroll back into the black at the end of the year. Depending on your location, making a futures bet can be as easy as opening an app and picking a team or player.

Location, Location, Location

For residents of certain states, such as myself in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I have the blessing (or curse) of having a brick and mortar book a few miles down the road. We also have access to sites like and Both popular daily fantasy sites have online sportsbooks pending the geographical location you reside in.

For those with the ability to hop on a desktop or open your phone while commuting to work, here are some season-long “Easier Money” plays. Hurry up and grab these because time is running out to get these favorable odds. If you have access to an online book or any of the daily fantasy sites with those sportsbook sections, have some fun fishing around for what may be some massive profits come December.

“It’s a Lock, Jerry! A LOCK!”

If you have had “issues” with wagering in the past, like televisions all-time greatest comedic character Cosmo Kramer, you know how tasty those “locks” look.  I am not talking about smoked fish with a New York City Bagel and your favorite spread. I’m preaching the locks of the land here, and spread that cheese all over these tasty plays!

To kick things off, would you say it’s safe to assume that Kansas City, New England, New Orleans, and the L.A. Rams will all make the playoffs in 2019? NFL Odds are a tricky thing, but when I see these four “locks” to make the post-season like this quartet of teams, that +160 line seems laughable. If you put 100$ on this play “KC, NE, NO, LAR All to Make the Playoffs” the +160 will earn you a whopping 160$.

Ask yourself, is it likely one of these teams do not make the playoffs?  Frankly, I’d love to see the odds of them all winning their divisions. This is literally taking candy from a baby. Let’s pretend the baby in this analogy is both virtual and off-line sportsbooks. Play this confidently, and bearing major or significant injuries, these four teams will be in the tournament. However, as I will tell you in a few minutes, they are not my “final four.”

Sticking with the location mindset, the real estate in Los Angeles is some of the most pristine and costliest in the world. FanDuel has Los Angeles, the NFC version, at +120 to win over 10.5 games. Eleven wins should hit for the Rams as they clearly have Super Bowl talent. I don’t believe the hangover will be anything more than a rough few hours in the morning so-to-speak. The Rams may not get back to a Super Bowl, although they could, I see a division crown likely and 11 wins will do it.

Seattle will challenge, but the Niners and Cardinals can’t come close to the Rams talent. The division can get them four or five wins alone. This team, led by coach Sean McVay, will be playing angry this season after being embarrassed in last years finale at the hands of the Patriots.

Take the Rams to win 11 games or more at +120.

The Bears and the Saints are also in the plus area with their NFL odds for win totals. The Saints are on a mission to get Drew Brees back to a Super Bowl and were nearly there last season. Then the controversial pass interference call in the NFC Championship halted that aspiration.

The NFC South is loaded, but the Saints are as well and have talent in every phase of the game. This division could be a black-and-blue one, but the Saints home field is one of the top three in football. They could win seven or eight at home with ease.  Can they go at least .500 in their travels? I believe they can and will. $100 with +110 odds works for me here and should for you as well.

Another division contender in the plus ledger with their NFL odds to win more than 9.5 games are the Chicago Bears. The Bears have the defense and ground game to win and win late in the season. Their division is tough, for sure, but home games late in the year for this team will be terrifying for their opponents.

Khalil Mack anchors a league-leading defense and the ground game is stellar, potentially, with the two-pronged attack of Tarik Cohen, and a workhorse in the making, rookie David Montgomery. Take the Bears at over 9.5 wins with that tasty +120 spread, and dance all the way the to bank in December.

When The Saints Go Marching Out

Yes, the Saints are a team I am going “all-in” on. This is Drew Brees‘ potential swan-song season, and I think he ends in a similar fashion as Peyton Manning. He walks into retirement a two-time Super Bowl Champion.

If you want to focus on the Saints simply making it to the Miami Super Bowl in February, that will payout at a cool +420. Those NFL odds are enticing, to say the least. I love that figure as I truly believe there are simply four teams who are built to make a legit Super Bowl push from the NFC. If you want to get a bit bolder, and why not, the predicted outcome for said Super Bowl has a tremendous pay-out, while fairly realistic. Juicy, to say the least!

Hollywood Can’t Write This Potential Script

When it is all said and done on that Sunday night on February 2nd in Miami, the New Orleans Saints will defeat the Los Angeles Chargers 38-30 in an epic masterpiece of a contest.

Brees, will take his current team and defeat his former team. Doing so in the home of the team he could have played for. Brees will retire a champion, and the scene in Miami at around 9:30-10:00ish on that Sunday will be Oscar-worthy. The odds of the Saints beating the Chargers in the Super Bowl will pay handsomely at +7000 if it hits. So, putting down a C-note tonight, tomorrow, or next Tuesday on this would return $7,000.

Jason Sarney is a writer and podcaster covering gambling for PFN. You can find him on twitter at @JSarney_PFN365.