NFL MVP odds 2022-23: Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes highlight betting favorites

The "old guard" of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have great odds for the 2022 NFL MVP. But who else is a good bet before the season starts?

It’s definitely time to be thinking about the upcoming NFL season and all the possible twists, upsets, and record-setting performances that could happen. For gamblers, season-long prop bets take center stage. And no prop is as popular as the Most Valuable Player Award. So how do the 2022 NFL MVP odds look at the moment?

NFL MVP odds for 2022

Nine of the past 10 MVPs have gone to a quarterback (way back to 2012), and for the most part, the best betting sites think that’s going to be the case again. According to FanDuel Sportsbook, the current MVP odds are shaping up to feature five QBs at the front:

  • Josh Allen: +700
  • Patrick Mahomes: +700
  • Tom Brady: +800
  • Aaron Rodgers: +1000
  • Justin Herbert: +1000

The obvious choices

There’s a decent chance a few offseason bets may have already paid off depending on the over/under of how long Tom Brady’s so-called retirement was going to last. Nevertheless, the soon-to-be 45-year-old QB is definitely a frontrunner for the award.

And generally, you can’t get away with mentioning old yet still incredibly talented and reliable QBs without Aaron Rodgers’ name falling into the hat. A 69% completion rate and over 4,115 yards thrown isn’t too shabby for a 38-year-old, and more than a few sportsbooks have him close to the top for a third MVP award in a row and a good chance to tie Payton Manning at five total.

Strong contenders

Since getting to the NFL, Patrick Mahomes has stamped his claim as one of the best, and even though he threw 13 interceptions last season, he still logged 4,839 yards in the air. Plus, let’s not forget that Mahomes has legs to help boost his numbers, which could help his 2023 NFL MVP case.

For another excellent choice, look at Josh Allen. The Bills QB is riding high after a really solid season, even though they fell a bit short in the playoffs. No doubt Buffalo will come out swinging this season to continue their string of great seasons. Who knows, maybe a return to championship form is also possible if Allen can put together an MVP season.

Dark horses

Justin Herbert is certainly a worthy dark horse candidate with enticing 2022 NFL MVP odds. Herbert was the only QB aside from Brady to throw for over 5,000 yards in the 2021 season. He also had 38 touchdowns and a 66% completion rate.

Can you win if you don’t throw the ball?

Of course, it’s pretty hard to deny that the fulcrum of any offense in the NFL is the QB, so it makes a certain amount of sense that they generally get the nod for MVP. But that doesn’t need to be the case, and there are some decent choices for non-QB players to win, albeit with some long odds.

Cooper Kupp: +7500
Derrick Henry: +5000
Jonathan Taylor: +5000
Deebo Samuel: +10000
Justin Jefferson: +15000

We weren’t joking when we said long odds here. But Cooper Kupp took home the Super Bowl MVP award after an incredible season, so he’s not a bad longshot wager considering he led pretty much all stats for receivers last year.

All in all, there are a number of solid bets for the NFL MVP award this year, especially if you think a QB will take home the award … again.


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