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NFL Mock Draft 1.0 and Kyler Murray still number one (Any Given Friday Podcast)

This week, host Eric Wiedeke gives his own full first-round mock draft and what he thinks of quarterback Kyler Murray. What will that mean for Josh Rosen? Eric also talks about his blessing of recording during the first round of the NFL Draft next week and details his excitement about it.

Eric W. NFL Mock Draft V1.0

Mock drafts are being made every day from writers, podcast hosts, or twitter personalities. Most, including Erics, have Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray being drafted number one overall. For most, it won’t be a shock, and it will be something QB Josh Rosen will have to look forward to. Having job security in any workplace is what you always strive for. Rosen, a first-round pick last year, doesn’t have that. Eric talks about why he thinks Rosen will have face the music if the Arizona Cardinals pick Murray. During the pod, Eric mentions that Rosen will have to man up and win the job is Murray is drafted.

Will Eric get his picks right?

It is well known that a week before the draft, the media and fans are finally catching up to the NFL. Guys that the media did not see as first rounders start coming out of nowhere. This leaves people scrambling to make new mock drafts every day. With this being said, will Eric get most of his picks correct? This is his first mock draft of the year, and he’s in a prime position to nail some sleeper picks. With info everywhere right now, Eric feels confident he will ace his picks.

Questions to think about during the show

Are mock drafts overrated? Will Eric tank like the Dolphins or nail his picks like Bill Belichick?

New to the show?

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